If you want to earn 35% cashback on Fluz App then use Fluz referral code “MY35” to earn 35% Fluz sign up bonus to start using the Fluz app. It is a completely free and easy to use app that allows its members to save money while purchasing food, gas, ride, clothes, and more.

You can use the Fluz Direct Link to Sign up for Fluz account where Fluz maximum bonus code apply automatically. 

📗 Fluz Referral CodeMY35
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fluz referral code
Fluz Referral Code

Note: This Fluz offer for new user only. Fluz only offer 35% off for new user and if you want continue to earn big cashback then you have to refer new member to Fluz to earn voucher and thats allow you to keep getting 35% discount of your purchase from list of store that can be found on Fluz app.

Fluz Sign up Bonus

There are literally thousands of apps such as Fetch Rewards and more that allow users to earn cashback from everyday purchases that people make to run their everyday life and Fluz is a cashback app that allows you to earn cashback from specific companies that they are affiliated with.

 In order to earn maximum of 35% cashback from any given store that are found on Fluz app, you require to have voucher and that’s voucher comes as referral first sign up bonus or by inviting your friends or anyone to use Fluz platform to make purchase. 

As new member of Fluz community, it highly recommended to use the referral code to earn voucher and thats allow you to get 35% off of your purchase from specified companies.

 Also it is important refer new friend as Fluz working very hard to make easy for its member to share your personal referral code to your circle of people or share social media or promote it to the personal blog to earn referral voucher that will help you continue to earn voucher and save ton of money on your everyday purchase such food, gas, etc.

So make sure to use the Fluz referral code or sign up code “BONUS35 ” to earn a voucher and that’s converted to  35% off.

Latest Fluz Refer Code March 2022

The latest Fluz refer code is MY35which offers the maximum of 35% off your first purchase and up to $3.50. 

I will keep updating this site with the most recent offers so you may save money on your shopping, food, and other purchases with the Fluz app.

Fluz Invite Link

Use this fluz invite link to earn 35% cashback on your purchases if you are looking for fluz invite link to sign up for account so that you don’t have submit the code into the app manually.

And, if for any reason the code did not apply to your account, you can use the code “BONUS35” to obtain the greatest discount and cashback possible on your purchase.

Now is the time to sign up and begin earning cash back from over 300 fluz affiliate merchants.

Cashback on Fluz

Earning cash back from Fluz is a simple and easy process. If you want to earn lots of cash back from Fluz then you must refer others to join the platform. The 35% discount work is that you have to earn a voucher to get that discount pricing and the way to earn a voucher is by referral code or by referring friends. 

Also, you can earn cashback base percent of 2.5% to up to 35% without earning the voucher. It is important to note that without getting a voucher, the chance of getting a 35% discount is pretty rare.

About Fluz App

Fluz app is a mobile application for you to earn cashback form companies like ubereats, nike and many many others product and service companies.

It is a free app that allows you to earn cashback and you can cashout the cash through PayPal or bank account with any hassle. It has the best referral program for its members to continue to receive the 35% discount of each purchase up to $3.50 dollars. 

It is a legitimate approach to generate passive income that you would expect to generate without the assistance of our program. This app’s potential are limitless, and earning money is free and simple.

Here’s how Fluz works:

It is highly important to understand how the Fluz app works because it is a little different cashback app platform. So we provide simple step by step guideline to better understand how the Fluz app work.

  • Step 1: Download the app and complete the signup process and verify your acocunt.
  • Step 2: Shop where you always shop – add item or serivce add to cart page and go to checkout
  • Step 3: Pay Fluz and Get Code – After ringing up your purchase, open Fluz, select the store you’re at & enter your exact checkout amount. Then pay Fluz to get a gift card code.
  • Step 4: Use the Fluz Code and Pay – Use the Fluz digital gift card to pay the merchant and earn cashback. Its that simple enough.

How to Make Use of Fluz

Fluz app is a cashback app that allows users to earn cashback and the main goal of Fluz app is to make the process super simple and easy. If you want to know how FLuz app works then check the section above this to know how Fluz app works.

Fluz Referral Program

We will discuss in great detail about its amazing referral program and how you can earn real money for just referring your friend or anyone by promoting through social media, blog, etc.

Fluz App Referral Code

If you are interested in saving from your everyday purchases, then use the fluz app referral code “BONUS35 ” to earn up to 35% cashback. 

Also, you can earn a $5 dollars bonus for just completing your Fluz app profile.

Fluz Customer Service

Fluz has business hours Monday to Friday 9am -7:30 PM. The phone number you can reach for any question or concern at 646-755-7665. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a great money saving app for you to earn passive income without doing anything. It has greta referral program that allow you earn even extra cash from your referral purchase that simple amazing that Fluz create such type of referral program. 

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