Fetch Rewards Referral Code: UB18YF To Earn Maximum Points Sign Up Bonus in 2023

What is Fetch Rewards Referral Code for maximum bonus?


Last Checked: July, 2023

If you are looking to get Fetch Rewards Referral code to receive the biggest Fetch Rewards sign up bonus.

Then there is a fetch referral code 2023 “UB18YF” to receive a up to 2000 points fetch rewards sign up bonus when you scan your first receipt. Is that simple enough?

Note: Recently, Fetch Rewards has changed the referral bonus frequently, and the bonus now ranges from 100 to 750 points in my experience.

Fetch Rewards Referral Code in 2022

Or, if you sign up for Fetch rewards through this link, the rewards code will be applied automatically. So you don’t have to worry about losing the rewards that you are eligible for.

📗Fetch Referral CodeUB18YF
💰 Referring Getsup to 2000 Points
📆 Get PaidMinimum 3500 Points Required

If you want to know how to enter a referral code on Fetch Rewards then I suggest you check out this post as it offers an exact step by step guide on how to get the referral rewards. 

Latest Offer Updated: January 18, 2023 at 5:39 PM.

Fetch Referral Code 2023

To get the maximum bonus, the fetch referral code 2022 is a UB18YF to earn the highest sign up point as of September 15, 2022.

fetch referral code 2022

Note that this offer is only applicable for new customers and that any receipt, such as one from the grocery store, will suffice.

Earning points and redeeming them for gift cards is a quick and straightforward procedure. Here are some quick features that you should be familiar with instantly.

  • Earn rewards for each snap receipts
  • Receipts can be from any store 
  • E-receipts also earn you rewards which is good news for online shopper
  • You will earn point no matter what you purchase
  • You can choose from hundreds of gift cards such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many others which you can able to find on the fetch rewards apps
  • It has more than 5M+ download on google play store and has rating of 4.5 which is amazing
  • In apple app store, it currently rank #7 in the shopping category and has 4.8 star rating out of 1.2M reviews. 
  • It offered bonus point for referring friends 
  • One of the best apps to earn savings while shopping in any store.

Fetch Rewards Redeem Code

Fetch Rewards Redeem Code 2022
📗Fetch Rewards Redeem CodeUB18YF
💰 Referring Gets2000 Points
📆 Get PaidMinimum 3500 Points Required

Simply, the fetch rewards redeem code and fetch rewards referral code are the same code that offer new user sign up bonuses. So use the fetch rewards redeem code “UB18YF” to earn maximum signup bonus.

Fetch Rewards Code For Sign Up Bonus Details

As of September 2022, the fetch rewards referral code is “UB18YF” to get 2000 points upon signing up for an account. Here the Fetch Rewards sign up bonus using the code. 

  1. Download the Fetch Rewards app
  2. Sign up with Email or Choose account such as Facebook, Google, or Apple
  3. Enter your Personal Details  such as Name, Email, Password and Hit sign up button
  4. Enter your Date of Birth and Gender
  5. Enter your Phone Number and State that you live in and Click on Save button
  6. For Enable Notifications, You can choose Okay or Maybe Later 
  7. For Enable Location, You can choose Okay or Maybe Later
  8. And then Finally, Enter the Referral code “UB18YF” to get up to 4000 points. 

Details Explanation for Each Step

Step 1 Comments: depending on your phone, you have to download the fetch app from google play or apple app store. 

Step 2 Comments: you have two options for signing up. Either use the email address that is active and working or account you have such as Facebook, apple or google account. I recommend you to use the sign up with email option since it makes it a lot easier to sign in and out and easy to remember. 

Step 3 Comments: make sure to have an accurate email address because you need to use that email and phone number to verify your account.

Step 4 Comments: even if it is your personal information, it is required to provide this information because it helps fetch regards apps to provide customized offers in your app so you can maximize the earning as well as saving. 

Step 5 Comments: again, as I have mentioned earlier that a phone number is required to verify your account and so that the fetch app can minimize the duplicate account and provide accurate location will enable fetch rewards to provide local offers in your app. 

Step 6,7,8 Comments: Enable both options will help fetch apps to provide notification regarding current offer and enable locations will provide apps to offer special offers that only specific locations are eligible for. 

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The good news is that it will not affect your earning from Fetch Rewards or any other cashback or rewards apps. 

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Fetch App Promo Code

📗Fetch Rewards Promo CodeUB18YF
💰 Referring GetsUp to 4000 Points
📆 Get PaidAfter Received 3500 Points
Fetch Rewards App Promo code

Using the fetch rewards promo code “UB18YF” will allow you to receive a bonus of 2000 points when you sign up for the Fetch app. Please keep in mind that fetch rewards referral codes and fetch rewards promo codes are the same thing when it comes to receiving the signup bonus at fetch rewards.

The app may provide you with promotional coupons from time to time, which you can then share with your social media network.

The first time your friend signs up using that promo code, you will receive bonus points for referring your friend to the apps.

To obtain your Fetch referral or promotional codes, please visit this page.

What is Fetch Rewards? And How Fetch Rewards Referral Code Work? 

A kind of cashback, Fetch Rewards is a type of reward that you may earn when you buy at large retailers or via a variety of cashback chrome extensions or apps.

Cashback extensions reward you with points for each purchase you make from a certain retailer. You then use the cash you’ve earned to make your next purchase after redeeming your points.

It is completely free to use Fetch Rewards, which rewards you with points and savings on your next shopping spree. It is distinct in that you must submit your receipt via the app in order to get various points and discounts.

Every time you obtain a receipt, you will get points from the fetch rewards applications. When you have accumulated enough points, you may exchange them for gift cards from your favorite retailers.

And by just submitting your receipts, you may earn a substantial amount of money through Fetch incentives.

Fetch rewards are more simple to use than cashback apps/extensions, which require you to scan barcodes, wait for deals to begin, and sometimes miss the deadlines, resulting in your promo codes expiring.

In the case of Fetch reward, there are no such restrictions; you just need to redeem your points for cash or gift cards at any time of year, regardless of the season in which you earn them. There are no expiration dates associated with it.

Fetch Rewards Features

Fetch rewards has the following features Its app is available for both android and IOS users. However, It doesn’t have a browser extension.

  • It can be used both online and offline. 
  • Its minimum cash out limit is $3. 
  • Sign up bonus for fetch rewards is 2000 points + 1000 points when the first receipt is being scanned. 
  • Any receipt can be scanned on it. There’s no limitation for specific purchases. 
  • If you stay inactive on the fetch app for a longer duration (for three months or longer), your bonus points/rewards will be automatically expired. 

How to use the Fetch Rewards app: 

The fetch application is very simple to use. Anyone may utilize it and earn points by simply submitting his or her purchasing receipts, and anyone can do so.

You may submit any of your shopping receipts to the fetch app and earn points no matter where you shop or what you purchase.

You can save a lot of your money by redeeming those points in cash. Follow the following steps to Fetch apps 

  • Download the Fetch app into your mobile
  • Activate the app by signing up with your original email 
  • Verify your email address 
  • Enter your basic information i.e, birthday, gender, phone number, and city/state.
  • Click on the Save button
  • Click okay if you want to enable notifications of fetch rewards.
  • Enter referral/promo code if you have any. 3000 bonus points will be given when you add a referral/promo code. 
  • Upload/scan shopping receipt from any store on the Fetch app. Remember that shopping receipts should not be older than 14 days. 
  • Once you upload your receipts, you will get points 
  • Redeem points into gift cards
  • You will earn points faster when you shop with brands that are partnered with fetch rewards. 

How to Get More Points on Fetch Rewards

There are some tips and tricks that will help you to earn more points. 

First and foremost, take advantage of the fetch rewards referral program, which allows you to earn between 2000 and 4000 points simply by referring new friends to the app. In return, your friend will also receive the sign up bonus, which ranges between 2000 and 4000 points, resulting in a win-win situation for both of you.

Seconds, more receipts equal more points; if you’re shopping in a store and purchasing multiple items, try to divide your purchase into two or three transactions, which will give you a couple of extra receipts, which will result in more points.

Third, check the fetch rewards app for specific offers that will earn you more points. For example, if you find a scott bathroom tissue offer that will earn you 1000 points, then the next time you go to buy bathroom tissue, buy the recommended brand to earn additional bonus points.

Fourth, take advantage of other cash back apps, such as ibotta and other well-known ones that pay you for scanning receipts, so that you can submit a single receipt to multiple apps and earn more points and cash without having to purchase additional products.

Fetch Rewards Referral Points and Bonus

It was previously mentioned that you can increase your points to a high level without even having to submit your receipts from your purchases, which is another advantage of using Fetch Apps, as was previously stated.

All that is required of you is to spread the word about the Fetch Apps throughout your social media network. You will receive bonus points for each new member who joins as a result of clicking on your referral link. No matter that your friend will receive 3000 points for signing up and scanning his first receipt on the Fetch application, you will receive 3000 points for your referral.

The simple act of recommending it to your friends has the potential to earn you a significant number of points. You will be able to convert those points into cash or gift cards at a later date.

If someone signs up for the fetch app using your referral link, you will receive a bonus of 2000 points for your efforts. You can obtain your referral code by selecting “earn more points” from the app’s main screen.

Benefits of Using the Fetch Rewards App

The use of Fetch rewards will give you the following benefits 

  • Receipts of any store can be uploaded on the Fetch app. 
  • Because there is no restriction on the purchase of a particular product, you may earn a significant number of points just by submitting all of your receipts.
  • When you submit a receipt from a linked shop, you will get bonus points for your efforts. Fetch Rewards has collaborated with almost 250 different companies.
  • On the app, you may purchase a variety of gift cards. Which you may get by exchanging your points for cash.

There are probably hundreds of cash back or earn rewards apps that simply offer money for scanning receipts or use the app link to purchase the product online. Among the apps Rakuten, Dosh, Ibotta, Fetch Rewards are popular. One of the unique benefits of using the fetch rewards app is that you can scan any receipt to earn points.

Fetch Rewards Codes

When signing up for fetch, use the fetch rewards codes UB18YF to earn up to 4000 bonus points, which is the maximum amount possible.

This offer is only valid for new users who have used the code after downloading the app and completing the registration process but still didn’t scan single receipts to fetch the app. 

As a result, make sure to use the fetch rewards codes before scanning a receipt and earning points that can be redeemed against gift cards.

Also, keep in mind that there are no other fetch rewards codes available for use other than the referral code to qualify for the one-time bonus.

You can only earn bonus points through the referral codes, and the only other ways to earn bonus points are by scanning your receipts and referring new friends to the platform.

Fetch rewards VS Ibotta 

It is precisely the same way as Ibotta and Fetch incentives operate. However, there are certain parallels and variations between the ways in which the two applications function.

Similarities between Fetch Rewards and Ibotta

  • Both Fetch rewards and Ibotta are completely free to use and install. There is no charge for downloading or installing these applications. You are just a sign-up away from earning points and incentives from these applications, so get started now.
  • Both will give you points on scanning receipts of your shopping. 
  • It is possible to earn points on both applications by scanning either an electronic or a physical receipt.
  • Gift cards, cash, and charity contributions are all options for converting your points into cash or gift cards in both applications.. 
  • When you share your referral/promo codes with your friends or family circle, you will get extra points from both applications.

Difference between Ibotta and Fetch rewards

  • Fetch rewards does not have a browser extension while Ibotta has. 
  • Fetch rewards enables you to scan receipts from any shop, while Ibotta only accepts receipts from businesses with whom it has a partnership, such as grocery stores.
  • Unlike Ibotta, where you can convert your points into cash, there is no way to convert your points into cash in Fetch rewards, with the exception of gift cards. 
  • The lowest cash out limit for Fetch rewards is $3, while the minimum cash out limit for Ibotta is $20. 
  • If there are no deals available at Ibotta-partnered shops when you scan your receipt, you will not be able to earn any points. In Fetch rewards, you get points for every purchase you make, and you may earn even more points for purchases that include additional offers.
  • In fetch rewards, there is no need to scan barcodes, while in Ibotta, barcode scanning is required.

Fetch Rewards Fake Receipts

No, there is no such thing as a fake receipt that you can generate or obtain from anywhere that can be used to obtain the points. A high probability exists that your account will be terminated if you make an attempt to obtain it.

As a result, it is not recommended to use that method. Furthermore, if you tried it and were banned, it would be extremely difficult to get your account back again. Essentially, the phone number and email address that was used to create the account will be flagged, and you will be unable to open a new account using the same phone number or email address.

However, you can use some of the techniques that I have shared in this post will help you to earn more points and cash.

Final Words:

When Fetch rewards are compared to cashback apps/extensions, it is clear that they are far more useful and simple to use in comparison. It takes receipts from any purchase and awards points based on the transaction value.

Using the Fetch Rewards app, you can earn points by uploading receipts (both physical and electronic) to your account. Every receipt that you submit will allow you to accumulate points. 

More points can be earned by recommending friends or using promotional discounts supplied by Fetch.

Gain access to your Fetch Rewards points from this page, and then use them to redeem gift cards based on the number of points you have earned.


Below I discussed some questions about the Fetch reward app and referral program. 

What is the minimum cashout on Fetch Reward? 

The minimum cashout is $3 on Fetch Reward. 

Does Fetch reward redeem points into cash? 

No, the Fetch rewards does not redeem your points into cash. Your Fetch points will be redeemed into gift cards, charitable donations, and sweepstakes entries. 

How many points will I get when someone signs up using your referral code? 

You will get 2000 points when someone signs up with your referral code. Your friend will also get 2000 bonus points when he uploads his first receipt on Fetch rewards. 

Is there any limit to using Fetch Rewards? 

Yes, You can not upload receipts on Fetch rewards which are 14 days or older. 

Is there any fee for using Fetch rewards? 

No, it is totally free of cost that saves you tons of money on grocery shopping, online shopping and many other ways you can earn points to redeem for gift cards.

Is there any fee to get the Fetch rewards referral code? 

No, there is no such fee to get the referral code.

Can I submit a receipt of any kind of purchase on Fetch Rewards? 

Yes, you can submit any shopping receipt on Fetch rewards to earn points. 

Where can I share my Fetch rewards referral code? 

You can share your referral code on any social media platform. 

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