There is no such thing as free lunch but is there free money apps to earn sign up bonus.

Who doesn’t love free money? But the question still remains: How? 

Even though you might think this is impossible, businesses are utilising this strategy to acquire new members or customers for their entities by simply offering a sign up bonus to new users.

It is extremely effective in the business world, and as a result, almost all businesses offer some sort of free incentive to entice users to sign up with them.

As a user, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity and receive some quick cash right away.

Quick Note: However, even though you will receive free sign up money, some of the businesses have a minimum payout requirement and others simple requirements, which will be discussed in detail for each of the app and site. 

How to Earn Sign Up Bonus From Free Money Apps

I am fully aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, in this post, I will attempt to provide some apps and websites that provide free sign up bonuses that anyone can obtain by meeting a few requirements.

Here is a list of the most popular sign up bonus apps and websites that are currently available to you to choose from.

#1. Ibotta

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $10 to $20 dollars depend on promotional period.
  • Use the Ibotta referral code and redeem at least 1 offer.

In order to qualify for the ibotta sign up bonus, you must first download the app, then register for an account using the ibotta referral code, and then redeem one offer from among the thousands of offers available through the app.

Users of Ibotta can earn cashback from thousands of retailers and brands, which is yet another app that allows users to earn cashback. Ibotta offers users the ability to earn bonuses through both its app and browser extensions.

The bare minimum payout is $25 dollars, which is not difficult to obtain given the large number of offers to choose from in this category.

Ibotta has affiliate relationships with a variety of retailers, including Walmart, Uber, and many others.

#2. Cash App

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $5 to $15 dollars
  • You must enter the Cash App Referral CodeS4V5NSR” and Send minimum of $5 dollars to anyone within 14 days of entering the referral code. 
Cash App

Essentially, the way the sign up bonus works is that you must first download the app, register for accounts, and verify those accounts with your phone number before you can receive the bonus.

Enter your Cash App referral code into the app and, within 14 days, send a minimum of $5 dollars to anyone who has been connected to your Cash App accounts.

Cash app is a money-transfer application that operates within cash app networks. This means that you will be able to send money to other members of the network.

The Cash app is now available on almost every smartphone, and almost everyone has it downloaded.

#3. Dosh

  • Available Sign Up Bonus: $10
  • Use the Dosh Referral Code: MOSTPM1 and verified your accounts with valid credit cards

Users of Dosh can receive automatic cashback for their everyday purchases made at a dosh affiliate store through the use of the app.

In order to qualify for the dosh sign up bonus, you must sign up with a valid phone number and enter valid debit or credit cards into the app during the registration process.

In addition, you must complete at least one transaction with a dosh affiliate site using a debit or credit card that you have registered in the Dosh app.

So, the minimum payout requirement is $25 dollars, which is easily met if you are actively using the cards for everyday purchases.

Dosh has partnerships with major brands and retailers, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and a slew of others.

#4. Rakuten

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $30 to $40 depend on the promotions
  • Use the Rakuten Referral link to Sign up with the platform. 

Rakuten is yet another excellent platform for earning discounts on everyday purchases, as well as earning cashback and other rewards. In order to make the process go more smoothly, Rakuten apps and extensions are available.

After you have downloaded the app or installed the browser extensions and created an account, make a purchase of at least $25 to $35 from the Rakuten affiliate store, depending on the promotion period, in order to qualify for the promotion.

It is a well-known platform with which major retailers such as Walmart, Ebay, Target, Kohl’s, Bed and Bath Beyond, and many others are affiliated, including Walmart and Ebay.

#5. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is yet another popular app that rewards users for simply snapping receipts from any grocery or retail establishment. Among the other sign up bonus apps, this is the one that is the most straightforward in terms of obtaining the bonus and cashing it out.

The process is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is download the app, enter the Fetch referral code, and take a picture of one of your receipts to be eligible for the sign up bonus.

Note: You can also download the 7 eleven app and 1000 point sign up bonus by using the code “rqclkb”.

The bare minimum payout is 3500 points, which you can earn by snapping 2 to 3 receipts from any store. The maximum payout is 50000 points.

You can redeem your points for gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Target, Walmart, and a variety of others.

#6. Fluz

Fluz, a reputable company, delivers a cutting-edge cashback app empowering users to reap financial rewards on purchases made using a one-time Fluz card.

This dynamic card is accepted online and in-store wherever Mastercard is recognized, providing users with impressive cashback returns of 1.5% to 25%. Furthermore, users can boost their earnings by referring friends to the app.

Fluz goes beyond cashback by featuring a digital wallet for users to effortlessly send and receive funds from friends, share expenses, and manage cash deposits and withdrawals.

Security is paramount for Fluz, as each transaction generates a new one-time card, bolstered by advanced safety measures including FaceID, TouchID, and 2-Factor Authentication. Experience the advantages of Fluz today.

#7. GetUpside

  • Available Sign Up Bonus: .20c gallon on first gas fill up to 50 gallon.
  • Use the GetUpside referral code 85W58 to earn the bonus.

GetUpside is a free gas app that allows users to earn cashback at each gas station they go to.

#8. Uber Eats

  • Available Sign Up Bonus: $20.
  • Use the Uber eats referral code “eats-q38jr1u9wj” at checkout to get $20 off your first UberEats order of $25 or more.

#9. Shopkick

  • Available Sign Up Bonus: 250 Kicks
  • Use the shopkick promo code “WIN003944” to get the 250 kicks sign up bonus.

#10. Topcashback

  • In order to get a topcashback signup bonus, you need to use this link topcashback $20 sign up bonus for new members, and make sure to verify your email address.
  • Available Sign Up Bonus: $20.

#11. Netspend

  • Available Sign Up Bonus: $20
  • To earn $20 bonus credit then use the netspend referral code “8861802236“.

#12. Swagbucks

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $10 dollars
  • Use the Swagbucks Referral code and get the sign up bonus

In exchange for completing various tasks such as taking surveys, shipping online, watching videos, playing games, and a variety of other simple tasks on the Swagbucks website, you can earn gift cards and cash.

Earning points with Swagbucks is simple because the activities you perform on the internet on a daily basis will be converted into points.

And for the minimum payout, there is no minimum payout requirement that exists with swagbucks. 

You can cash out your money using PayPal and gift cards, among other methods.

#13. Inboxdollars

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $5 dollars
  • Use the Inboxdollar referral code  and receive the sign up bonus

To earn money from Inboxdollars, members must complete a variety of simple tasks such as completing surveys, playing games, surfing the web, reading emails, and many more.

Despite the fact that you will receive a $5 sign-up bonus for creating an account and verifying your email address, the minimum withdrawal amount is only $30 USD.

That is, in my opinion, a little too much of the bare minimum payout amount.

If you are looking for a way to make extra money and are willing to stick with the platform and earn an additional $25 dollars in order to receive your payout, then go ahead and begin working on your payout…..

#14. SurveyJunkie

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $10 dollars 
  • Use the SurveyJunkie Sign up Link and get the $10 quickly added to your account

A market research company, Survey Junkie, is constantly adding new members to its database in order to solicit their opinions in exchange for rewards.

In order to meet the public’s demand for opinion, they offer sign up bonuses to new members in order to entice them to sign up and begin participating in surveys as soon as possible.

The good news is that the minimum payout amount is $10 dollars which is great because you are able to cash out quickly to your PayPal or get gift cards. 

#15. MyPoints

  • Available Sign up Bonus: $5 dollars 
  • Use the MyPoints Sign up Link and earn $5 dollars easily

#16. BeFrugal

#17. Lyft

  • Available Sign Up Bonus:
  • Use the

#18. Uber

  • Available Sign Up Bonus:
  • Use the

Final Thought

By now you know and you don’t have to search for the terms “sign up and get free money instantly” in google anymore.

By now, I hope you understand why the company wants to provide new customers free money in exchange for signing up for their platform.

Because the cost of advertising to acquire new customers without offering a free gift or cash is significantly higher than the cost of advertising to acquire new customers with offering a free gift or cash.

Furthermore, when a website or app provides something for free, the website or app receives free advertising through social media platforms such as YouTube, blogs, and other similar platforms.

For those looking to get a sign up bonus and make some extra money in 2022, the website and app I’ve listed above are your best bet.

I will continue to provide updates, as well as new apps and websites that offer free money in exchange for signing up for their services.


What apps give you free money for signing up?

It is possible to collect free sign-up money through apps or websites; in fact, almost all well-known apps provide some form of free money to users in order to entice them to sign up with their applications.

The Cash App, Dosh, Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, InboxDollars, and plenty of other money-making apps are available, as are websites.

All you have to do is  that you meet their minimum payout requirement, which is in most cases very simple to obtain and complete.

Because so many apps are employing this strategy to acquire millions of users for their app and become popular, it is highly likely that future apps will offer a similar free sign up offer, and I will continue to update this post to reflect the most recent free sign up offer available.

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