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You must enter the Dosh referral code “MOSTPM1” during the sign up process in order to receive the Dosh sign up bonus.

Alternatively, you can apply it automatically through the Dosh referral link.

After you have completed the registration process, you must make a purchase from one of the Dosh affiliate merchants in order to qualify for the bonus.

What’s unique about the dosh app is that you can get cashback automatically from online or retail stores like Walmart, Target and many many others retailers. 

đź“ś Dosh Referral CodeMOSTPM1
đź’° Referrer GetsMaximum Bonus
📆 Get PaidInstantly (After buying from any merchant)

What is Dosh Referral Code

Dosh referral code “MOSTPM1” is a promotional code that any new dosh app member can use to get the sign up bonus in 2023.

This works when you link your card, verify your email address, and make a purchase with your linked card to get the DOSH bonus.

DOSH Referral Code

Note: In order to receive the $1 Dosh sign up bonus you need to connect verified credit or debit card and receive any amount cash back from over thousands of dosh participating merchant that are offered in the Dosh App.

What is Dosh?

Dosh is a cashback app that allows you to get money back on purchases made online or in-store, without having to do anything extra like click on a link or use a discount code.

dosh sing up bonus and dosh referral code

You can add your debit and credit cards to the app, and Dosh will automatically give you cashback when you make qualifying purchases with those cards.

Dosh has hundreds of affiliate partners, including well-known companies such as Walmart and eBay.

You can earn up to $200 in cashback when you buy or book a hotel through Dosh.

As a bonus, you can also earn money by referring friends to sign up for Dosh.

Find out Dosh is legal or Scam

Dosh is a completely legal cashback app, as it is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It’s also PCI-compliant, meaning all information sent through their app is encrypted for safety and security.

Dosh also does not share any personal or financial information with its affiliates, which means your data stays safe and secure.

Dosh provides several layers of protection and has excellent trustworthiness as it verified by many agencies such as BBB.

This means you can use the app with confidence that your money is safe and secure.

You can also read customer reviews on Trustpilot and other third-party websites to make sure Dosh is right for you.

Dosh Vs Rakuten(Ebates)

In reality, both Rakuten and Dosh are legal businesses that give their customers cash back on the goods they purchase on a regular basis.

Possibly, you’re wondering which of these two platforms is the superior choice. It’s the same as if you were asked a really intriguing question that was tough to answer.

So, Rakuten is one end of the spectrum, and Dosh is the other. Let’s have a look at how these two cashback systems compare in general, with a focus on in-store buying first, and then online shopping second and so on.

Rakuten and Dosh are two of the largest online retailers in the world. Both are fantastic, and they may effectively supply you with free money on the basis of your day-to-day purchases.

Rakuten and Dosh are well-known brands that are also legal. The majority of students choose to use their money on in-store purchasing.

Students are pleased with how quickly they get cash back after completing a purchase, and they like how simple it is to take advantage of special deals while earning 5 percent cash back.

Rakuten is a dependable alternative with a better line-up that is dependent on the lives of students, what they buy, and how much they spendit is entirely dependent on them and their choices.

Possibly as a result, students aren’t as aware of Rakuten in-store promotions as they should be.

Because they are so commanding on the internet, they most likely should be. Student cash back is attracted to the Rakuten browser extension as if by magic, and the extension is continuously attracting new students. People would very certainly have lost out on the savings if they had not installed it. So what are you waiting for? Drop whatever you’re doing and download it on your smartphone to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Since, at this point, students choose Rakuten for online buying and Dosh for in-store shopping because they don’t have to think about how they’re going to make money anymore.

But as previously said, Dosh came up with their relatively recent modifications on that issue, and it has shown to be very effective. For the reason that Dosh has a long way to go in order to accelerate Rakuten’s online store roster; nevertheless, if they can expand their line-up and continue to utilize your registered card system completely, it might be a game changer.

Which is the superior option? It’s very tough to determine which is the superior option. The truth is that, in order to earn large amounts of cash back, you must utilize both platforms on a regular basis, just as others do, in order to earn ever-increasing amounts.

Finally, both Rakuten and Dosh are legal services that may be helpful to you in many ways. You should definitely download and install both applications, as well as the Rakuten browser extension, and then test them out to see which one you prefer. Whichever option you choose, you will only be receiving cashback on items that you were already planning to purchase.

Dosh Participating Stores

Here are a handful of the participating shops that I have discovered in the Dosh network, which are as follows. I hope you find this collection of information to be useful and informative., Target, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, JCPenney, and Old Navy are just a few of the retailers that provide free shipping.

There is a Dosh cashback offer available.

This is not the end of the list; there are a plethora of local restaurants, stores, and travel services accessible under the umbrella of the Dosh participating network; these are just a few samples to give you an idea of what is available.

In addition, you can easily find small businesses in your town that you would not expect to be included in other cashback networks, but Dosh has the ability to carve out a niche for itself by making local shops and restaurants available for cash back earnings for the convenience of its users, rather than the other way around. Please refer to the Dosh app for information on participating deals and participating locations.

Walmart Grocery is now accessible on Dosh, allowing you to save valuable time by browsing the large and diverse selection of groceries and other household items online. Simply schedule your pickup or delivery day and time, and you’ll get cash back on all of your purchases from Walmart. Simply follow these simple instructions for Walmart to save money on your next purchase.

  • Make use of the Dosh cashback App.
  • Make Walmart’s pricing as close to yours as possible.
  • Purchase online and pick up in-store using the same manner.
  • Install the Walmart App and you’ll be able to take advantage of the savings catcher without restriction.
  • End caps must be checked for any clearance objects.
  • Make use of coupons.
  • Purchase made at an inconvenient moment.
  • Purchase the baked goodies from yesterday.


The good news is that if you shop at Target and also have the Dosh app, then you are in luck. You may earn 1.5 percent cashback on every transaction you make. You won’t have to sit around waiting for your money for an extended period of time, which may rapidly add up.

Best buy

If you shop at Best Buy and have Dosh, you may earn up to 0.8 percent cash back on your transaction. Additionally, there are other deals available on the app that can undoubtedly assist you in saving money on fixed goods. Televisions, sound systems, and other such things are examples of such products. Every time they reform their deals, which is a benefit for you, make sure to check back every time you have a shopping trip planned.


Have Dosh on hand if you want to make a purchase at Nordstrom Rack online. Dosh will provide you with 2.2 percent cashback in this situation. Additionally, they provide free delivery to their valued clients, as well as discounts of up to 70% off fixed goods, and there is much more to discover.

Banana Republic

When you buy at Banana Republic via Dosh, you may earn up to 1.5 percent cash back on your purchases. But wait, that’s not the end of it; there are additional deals available, such as percentage discounts on certain products or a dollar amount off your entire purchase. It’s important to remember, though, that their offerings are always changing.


When you shop at JCPenny, you may earn up to 2.2 percent cash back via Dosh rewards programs. Additionally, if you are shipping online, you may take advantage of discounts of up to 70% on select products, as well as free delivery.

Old Navy

If you decide to shop at Old Navy with Dosh, you will save money. As a result, you may earn up to 3 percent cash back, as well as free shipping deals and discounts of up to 50 percent off certain models.

Dosh App Customer Services

Dosh offers amenities via customer service for the convenience of its consumers, and it makes its customer service accessible through every available media.

Dosh offers cash customer service services such as a phone number, email, social media, live chat, log in, and complaint links, as well as a cash customer care phone number. It is a free cashback software that allows users to manage their money when shopping, eating out, and filling up at thousands of shops and brands throughout the country. The Dosh cash business was founded in 2016, and its headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, in the United States. Aspects of the company’s expertise include the provision of services such as card-linked cashback consumer applications, performance-based advertising platforms, and predictive analytics. If anybody need further contact information, Dosh has provided a link for their convenience.

Dosh also available on social media like

FACEBOOK: @doshapp

TWITTER: @doshapp

INSTAGRAM: @doshapp

LINKEDIN: @doshapp plus


How To Delete Dosh Account

You can now delete your Dosh account by yourself through the Dosh App by following these simple steps.

  1. Open your Dosh app and tap the three bars in the top left corner of the main screen.
  2. Select “Support & Help”. 
  3. Tap “Help” in the upper Right as shown below.
  4. Scroll down to the option “Want to terminate(delete) your account?” as shown below
  5. Tap on it.

Keep in mind:

You may easily deactivate your Dosh account by following these five easy steps: 1. However, make certain that your Dosh app is up to date. If you are unable to locate this option, you may download the most recent version of the application from your cellphone’s app store.

In order to delete your account, you must first complete a few of forms, following which you may submit your request. In the next step, you will be asked to confirm your deletion request. Please keep in mind that you will forfeit any remaining wallet amount in your account at the moment of deletion.

If you wish to continue, you may do so by clicking on the terminate button. You will then receive a notice stating that your account will be canceled within seven days. Your account will be deleted 7 days after you get an email confirming the termination of your account.

You should be aware that you will not be allowed to self terminate your account if you have $25.00 or more in money in your account or if you have a pending transfer in your account. Furthermore, if you change your mind and decide not to move, you must contact the support staff in order to have your account terminated prior to the 7-day timeframe expiring.

Alternatively, if you have any difficulties utilizing the self-termination option, or if you decide to change your mind, please send a ticket to their customer service team along with the termination request form. They will without a doubt assist you.

Dosh Alternative 

All alternatives of Dosh are as follows

Drop,, saving star, groupon, shopkick, trunow, freebird, pei,upromise, checkout51,receipt hog, cosign, capital one shopping.


A 3.8 rating on Google and a 4.6 rating on the App Store indicate that it is a generally well-received app. You may eliminate the hassle of submitting store receipts after each purchase you make by using the Drop app. Alternatively, you can connect your debit or credit card to the Drop app, and anytime you buy at your favorite retailer, the program credits your account with points.

If you take a short glance at the app, you will get the impression that it is affiliated with a number of well-known companies such as Nike, Uber, Lyft, Starbucks, and Amazon, among others.

Making a account will allow you to quickly search for refunds from your local grocery shops and merchants, among other places. is a mobile application that provides both printed and digital coupons. If you buy at one of the participating shops, you may scan your receipts to get automatic cash back on the purchases you make. Alternatively, if you do not want to scan your receipts, you may link your shop loyalty card to your account in order to get cash back automatically each time you make a transaction. Your rewards will be paid straight to the PayPal account that you have connected to your account. The amount you may withdraw from your account is not limited to any specific amount. It only has affiliate programs to offer.

Saving Star

Saving star has received four positive reviews on Google and a 4.1 rating on the App Store, which is encouraging. It is a free and simple-to-use software that works in the same way as Ibotta. To use it, just select an offer that interests you, buy it, and submit your receipt. This software makes it possible for you to save money on certain nutritious foods such as bananas, apples, and tomatoes, among others. The app has more than 7 million users and collaborates with major stores such as Safeway, Walmart, Target, CVS, Food Lion, Walgreens, and more than 100 supermarket chains situated across the United States of America.


Only the App Store has received any feedback. Through the Snap by Groupon app, Groupon offers you the opportunity to save $1000 at the establishments where you shop. You may quickly and simply download the snap app, search for coupons at your favorite stores, and then click on the link to take advantage of the deals. Snap by Groupon works with a variety of non-grocery retail chains, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Under Armour, and Express, among others. To save money, you just need to display the coupon.

Shop kick

At its inception, Shopkick was designed to reward users for doing things like going into shops and scanning barcodes for goods they had bought. However, it now offers a broader range of options for obtaining monetary reimbursement. The rewards programs Shopkick and Ibotta are quite similar, with the exception that Shopkick enables you to earn points for submitting receipts, viewing videos, and doing online shopping.


Trunow offers its customers cash back on gas station purchases as well as discounts on fuel, food from restaurants, and other goods from stores and stores. With Trunow, you can now get 1 percent cashback and 2 percent rewards on your purchases. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and upload it on the app to receive and enjoy a cashback. Plus, you have the option of using the cashback for rewards or money; the decision is entirely up to you.


If you are a frequent user of Uber or Lyft, you can arrange your trip via the Freebird app and earn cashback in the process. Because if you’re going to a restaurant or pub with whom you’ve formed a relationship, some organizations may even provide you with a free trip. Freebird also has a partnership with Lyft. If you are using separate applications, you may utilize Freebird in conjunction with Uber or Lyft without experiencing any difficulties. You need to explore restaurants that provide cheap rides on the app, so instead of selecting these applications, choose Freebird, which provides you with excellent discounts and allows you to enjoy your life more completely.


Pei is a new cashback application that operates in the same way as Dosh and Drop. All that is required is that you connect your card and wait for the cashback to begin accruing. So you must give this app a try since it provides a cashback of one percent on all transactions. However, this is not the end of the story because as your confidence in Pei grows, you will be able to save even more money by taking advantage of unique deals that are exclusive to Pei. Remember that your data is secure with Pei since, as opposed to Dosh, they employ 256-bit encryption to protect and unidentify your personal information, with the exception of sharing it with others. When you purchase anything from Pie, you can simply get your cashback in the form of a bank transfer or in the form of Bitcoin.


Upromise operates in the same way as other cashback applications, but it offers a few additional features to assist with student debt repayment and 529 plan financing, among other things. This has the benefit of not imposing any obligations on you in terms of using your earnings for this purpose. It enables you to earn 5 percent cash back at participating merchants and 2.5 percent rewards at thousands of restaurants that participate in the program. With the Mastercard provided by Upromise, customers may receive 1.25 percent cash back on every transaction, no matter where they buy. This is possible regardless of where the user shops. A 15 percent bonus is also received if they connect your account to a 529 savings plan. Additional benefits include:


Take a photo of your receipt and upload it to Checkout 51 to claim an offer. You will get cashback into your account after you have completed the process. Every Thursday morning, they refresh their offer list, which means that there are always new deals to select from when you visit. When your cash-back total reaches $20, you may request a check, which will be processed within a few days. Checkout 51 does not allow you to redeem in conjunction with PayPal or other digital alternatives. If you share your link with a friend and he or she joins up using your link, your buddy will earn an additional $2 and you will receive $10 in your account as a reward. Alternatively, if customers submit a copy of their purchase receipt, they will get an additional $1 incentive, up to a maximum of $5.

Receipt hog

It works in the same way as Ibotta, which is to scan receipts. However, users may earn cash back on a variety of products other than groceries via this app. The Receipt Hog app allows you to shop for all of the goods and then scan your receipt to be credited with the coins. Costco, McDonald’s, and Ulta are just a few of the companies that have joined as partners


What is Dosh Referral Code

DOSH Referral Code

Use the Dosh referral code “MOSTPPM1” once you have downloaded the app and sign up for an account. You can get Cashback automatically by using the app.

Can an individual use more than one app?

Yes, a person may easily utilize several applications since one program operates independently of the others. People that fulfill the requirements correctly may receive credits for the receipt, and there are a large number of users who do so. However, bear in mind that you should not submit the same receipt to the same app more than once.

If I could not afford to purchase household items. Are these apps beneficial?

If you cannot afford to buy household items then these apps are not for you. 

How do I change my referral code in dosh?

At this moment, you can’t change the dosh referral code once you enter it in the dosh app and submit. So make sure to use a good referral code to get the maximum bonus you can get. If you need a code then use the code MOSTPM1 to get maximum bonus.

How do I find my dosh referral code?

You can find the dosh referral code in the “refer” section in the app. Just tap on the refer text and then find the referral code to share with your friend and family. 

Final Thoughts

According to my opinion, Ibotta is the greatest app for receipt scanning hands down, and if you don’t want to scan receipts, Dosh is the best app for you to use instead. All three have the finest and most extensive selection of deals for their clients, and as a consequence, they get the best customer feedback. You should be fine if you only use Dosh and nothing else because you are not in a bind.

Whatever you do, no matter how frugal you are, you will almost always have to spend money on food and home goods. There are numerous food refund and cash-back applications available, many of which promise to help you save money. Nevertheless, not all of these apps will be useful to you.

These applications, on the other hand, are excellent for getting cash back on groceries. It’s important to remember that you may utilize several apps at the same time. So choose one of them and live a stress-free life for a while

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