The 2023 Cash app referral code right now is S4V5NSR which gives you the maximum Cash app referral bonus. After signing up with the code, pay $5 to anyone to qualify. This unique code gives you the maximum Cash App sign up bonus.

To enter the Cash app referral code, click on the human icon (👤) in the top right corner of the Cash app, slide all the way down, click or tab on the text that says “Enter Referral Code,” then enter the code S4V5NSR and submit. (Look at the picture below.) 

You can also use this Cash App Link, so the Cash app bonus code will apply automatically.

📗 Cash App Referral CodeS4V5NSR 
Cash App Referral Code 2023 Bonus

After you have signed up using the code, all you have to do to qualify is pay $5 to anyone. With this unique code, you will earn the maximum Cash App sign up bonus. 

Note: Cash app referral codes are a way for the Cash App to encourage users to invite their friends to join the app and to promote the app to new users. As far as we know, the Cash app only gives new users a $5 bonus, and anyone claiming anything other than the $5 bonus amount is simply incorrect.

Here is the list of free cash app referral codes for 2023 to qualify for the maximum bonus.

StatusReferral CodeAmount
Not Active:DLSBFJS$5
Not Active:WHWQRGK$5
Not Active:JRBCNNH$5
cash app referral code 2022
Cash App Referral Code

The Best Referral Code For Cash App

The free Cash app referral code at the moment is S4V5NSR. So take advantage of it and quickly earn a $5 Cash App referral bonus added to your account once you send $5 to anyone.

To enter the referral code in your Cash app account, follow the instructions in the image below.

Cash App Referral Code 2023 Bonus

How To Sign Up For Cash App Account

Step 1: Search for a Cash app from Apple or Google play store and download the app

Step 2: Once you downloaded, open the app to sign up for account

Step 3: Either enter your phone number or email address.

enter your phone number or email address on cash app

Step 4: Get verification code from the email address or phone and submit to cash app

verification code from the email address or phone and submit to cash app

Step 5: Add a bank using your debit card (Optional)

Add a bank using your debit card

Step 6: Enter Your Name

Enter Your Name

Step 7: Choose a Cashtag

Choose a Cashtag

Step 8: Enter your zip code

enter zip code cash app

Step 9: From Home page click on human icon as shown on the image

click on human icon from home page cash app

Step 10: Scroll down little bit then you find a text called “ Referral Code” and click on it

scroll down to text called referral code

Step 11: Pop up screen will appear and asking you to enter referral code, make sure to use the referral code “ “ to earn maximum sign up bonus

enter a referral code on cash app

Step 12: Send $5 dollars to anyone who is connected to a cash app within 14 days to qualify for the bonus. 

Send $5 dollars cash app

Step 13: Congratulations!!! You have done it.

What is a Cash App Referral Code?

The Cash App has a referral program that allows users to earn a sign up bonus by using the referral code S4V5NSR to earn the maximum bonus offered by Cash App.

After you completed the sign up process using the referral code, send $5 dollars to any Cash App users to qualify for the bonus.

Free Cash Bonus Code 2023

CashApp new members can utilize Free Cash Bonus Code “S4V5NSR” to gain a bonus when they send $5 to friends, family, or anybody in the cash app network.

Use the CashApp bonus code 2023 to get the most free cash.

Free Cash Bonus Code 2022

Disclaimer: Cash App bonus amount range of $5 as per our knowledge. Some Cash App users are pushing their referral code and stating it will provide a $30-$800 bonus, which is not possible online. Cash App offers no extra referral code. Cash App gives a $5 bonus when you add a referral code and transfer $5 to everyone who joins the network.

How to Enter Referral Code on Cash App?

First of all, you need to download the cash app from the app store and sign up for a new account.

Once you have completed the sign up process then make sure to verify the account via phone number text message system to confirm that this account belongs to you. 

Once you finish that, then get to the settings page by clicking on the human icon on the right top corner of the app then scroll down the page and you will find a text called “Enter Your Referral Code”.

Then just click the text and a pop up will appear then enter the cash app referral code to get the maximum bonus that is offered by the cash app for a specific time period that you sign up.

It is very important to enter the best code which allows you to earn a maximum bonus.

The cash app referral code will activate until you have entered a code which is a good thing because if you forgot to enter a referral code when you sign up for an account, then still you have a way to enter the code and receive the referral rewards.

In order to receive the free money, you need to send a minimum of $5 dollars to unlock the referral bonus that you wanted.

Cash App Referral Programs

Like many other apps that offer referral programs, Cash App is also one of the apps that offer  referral programs, which gives up to users $30 dollars for every person they refer to the app.

Cash App Referral Programs

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to promote Cash App’s referral program. First, the program is only available to U.S and UK residents 18 and older.

Second, you can earn between $15- $30  per person you refer; there’s no limit to how many people you can refer.  This is a great and easy way to earn some extra money. If you have a social media account or blog then you can use it to promote your Cash app referral code to others.

How does Cash App referral code work?

There are just a few things that need to be done in order to qualify for the cash app bonus. Here is a step-by-step approach to obtaining the bonus that you have been looking forward to receiving.

  1. Download the Cash app from App store or google play
  2. Using your phone number to sign up for account
  3. After the sign up process complete, use the referral code “S4V5NSR” and hit submit
  4. Send minimum of $5 dollars to your friend or family member or anyone else that using the cash app
  5. Then you see the bonus in your app. 
  6. That’s all about it get the referral bonus.

Note: This bonus applies to new users only. Since the sign up bonus requires your phone number and email, you are only eligible to open one account per individual and so a duplicate account is against their terms and conditions.

If you try to create a duplicate account then the chance of getting your account blocked or deleted is very high and the bonus will also be taken back as it is against the guideline.

Cash App Referral Code Hack

In order to receive free cash app money, you need to download the Cash app and complete the signup process and enter Cash App referral codeS4V5NSR ” to earn maximum bonus currently offered by Cash App in December 2022.

Cash App Referral Code Hack

You must add your bank accounts and debit or credit and send a minimum of $5 dollars within 14 days of entering the referral code to earn the bonus.

Once the 14 days period passed, you won’t be eligible for receiving the sign up bonus even if you send $5 or more dollars to anyone.

How to Use Cash App

The process of sending and receiving money is pretty simple and easy to do. All you need to do is just press the pay button to send money and press the request button to request payment from anyone who uses the Cash app.

For more details on how to send money with a cash app, please watch this video for more guidance.

Is there a Cash App Referral Code Glitch?

Currently, there are legitimate way you are eligible for cash app referral bonus by using the referral code “S4V5NSR ” to earn between $5-$15 dollars depending on the promotion period.


How do I use a referral code for the Cash App?

Cash app referral codes make money easy. To get the referral bonus, add a referral code like “S4V5NSR” and pay $5 to cash app members.

Open the Cash app and touch the menu in the top right corner to share your referral code.

Choose “Invite Friends.” You can then SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or post your code to friends and family. You’ll each get $5 when they sign up and deposit $5 or more.

How do you get the $15 referral on Cash App?

Unfortunately, Cash apps do not offer a $15 sign up bonus for new users. Once you download the app for the first time, use the referral code, and then send $5,  you can get $5 from Cash App as a referral bonus.

If you want to earn $15 dollars, then you need to refer others to join the platform, and once they use your code and send $5 dollars, Cash App automatically adds $15 dollars to your account.

Does Cash App give money for referrals?

Yes. Cash apps do provide money for both the referral and the person who refers. The usual amount ranges from 15 to 30 dollars for people who refer others, and people who use the code, usually get $5 dollars.

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