According to SBA, there are over 32.5 million small businesses in the US, and they account for 64% of all new jobs. Approximately 30.57 million small businesses use social media for business purposes such as marketing, communication, and more. 

But, how many small business use youtube?

The latest data show, only 9% of small businesses use Youtube to reach out to new customers which are approximately about 2.93 million small businesses.

Let’s deep dive into some of the surprising statistics on small businesses using YouTube.

How Many Small Businesses on Youtube?

The number of small businesses on YouTube is truly impressive, and it’s only set to continue growing in the future. According to the latest figures from the data we collected, there are now over 2.93 million small businesses in the US using YouTube, with that number continuing to grow every day. Globally, that figure is an estimated 29.97 million small businesses currently using YouTube; a stunning figure!

Not only do these numbers indicate a huge surge in usage of this popular social media platform among business owners across all industries and sizes, but they also reflect its versatility as a powerful tool for communication and marketing solutions.

Utilizing YouTube can allow entrepreneurs to reach potential customers outside their demographic area at no cost, plus it can help create brand awareness.

YouTube has become one of the leading resources for connecting entrepreneurs with audiences worldwide. Businesses have also done well by using social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to spread their message and build brand awareness across multiple channels at the same time.

Therefore, they experienced higher clickthrough rates than any single channel alone could provide them with, a higher ROI, and better engagement.

Why Use YouTube for eCommerce: Here are 6 Statistics and Facts

  • 68% of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision.
  • Over 40% of shoppers around the world who were surveyed said they bought something they saw on YouTube. 
  • More than 33% of shoppers say they have bought something they saw on YouTube.
  • 80% of shoppers who watched a YouTube video about a product they were planning to buy did so at the beginning of the shopping process.
  • 50% of internet users looked for videos about a product or service before going to a store.
  • More than 50% of consumers claim to watch online video while making in-store purchases.

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Youtube Daily Active Users

Did you know that Youtube has over 122 million daily active users according to data we collected from Global Media Insight? You read that correctly! And the most current research indicates that YouTube is now the world’s number two most popular search engine with an average person spending around 29 minutes.

Because of this, if you are not utilizing YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, you are passing up a significant potential to grow your business.

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What Percentage Of Businesses Use Youtube?

When it comes to businesses using YouTube, it might be surprising to hear that only 9% of them do. That’s according to the data gathered from reliable sources such as Nasdaq, BrandWatch, Cazbah, and Invideo. 

This low percentage does reveal a massive potential for future growth when it comes to utilizing YouTube as a platform for business operations.

At any rate, though, YouTube can still end up being an immensely beneficial tool when used correctly by smaller businesses, especially those focusing on offering niche services or targeting specific types of customers that may not be as easily reached through other channels.

What Percent Of Small Businesses Advertise On Youtube?

A recent survey has found that out of 2.93 million small businesses worldwide that use YouTube, 54% actively advertise on the platform in order to create brand awareness and generate new sales. 

More specifically, 72% of these small businesses chose YouTube as a means of creating brand recognition among their target audience, while 66% used this platform in hopes of generating new sales leads or expanding their customer base.

Is Youtube Good For Small Businesses?

Absolutely. YouTube is an incredibly powerful and effective tool for small businesses looking to reach potential customers dynamically and cost-effectively. 

Despite a large number of video hosting platforms out there, YouTube stands out as one of the most popular sites for small businesses, with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. This means that any content published by a business on YouTube can be seen by millions around the world, making it a very viable marketing channel to promote products or services. 

Apart from its massive user base, there are many other advantages that make YouTube ideal for small business owners. Firstly, setting up an account on YouTube is completely free, so it’s easy on your budget while allowing you to get started right away.

Additionally, it’s easy to use too, you simply upload your content quickly and start getting feedback in no time at all.

Since videos are highly engaging compared to plain text material like blog posts or ebooks, they tend to grab more attention from viewers, thus helping your business gain more exposure online.

YouTube also makes great use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meaning you’re far more likely to have potential customers searching online for products/services related to yours be directed toward your video content if it’s properly tagged using keywords relevant to what they might be searching.

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How Businesses Are Using Youtube?

Businesses are finding tremendous value in utilizing YouTube for their marketing efforts. By creating compelling video content, businesses can reach a wider audience than ever before and effectively engage with them in an entirely new way. 

One of the most popular ways that businesses use YouTube is to promote their products or services. When companies create videos about their offerings, they can showcase how they work and how they can benefit potential customers.

Many businesses have found success with this method as they gain online visibility and brand recognition.

YouTube can also be a great platform to create educational content related to your industry or product line. This approach allows businesses to position themselves as experts in their field by providing valuable information such as step-by-step tutorials or deep dives into complex topics within the industry’s umbrella.

This type of video material fosters confidence among viewers, who are more willing to buy from organizations that exhibit knowledge in the field in which they are looking for answers.

How Did Youtube Change The Marketing Industry?

YouTube has led to a monumental shift in the way companies market their products and services. Before YouTube, traditional methods of advertising involved costly television commercials and magazine ads; however, YouTube provides an inexpensive and easier way to reach potential customers around the world.

First and foremost, YouTube has given marketers access to a global audience. With just one click of the mouse, you can have your video viewed by millions around the globe.

Plus, it’s easy to track viewing metrics via the insights provided on each channel, so you can see which videos are performing well with your target demographic.

You’re also not limited by time limits, as is the case with traditional media clips, because YouTube allows for far lengthier content, such as half-hour specials or hour-long documentaries, as well as shorter snippets that grab attention rapidly.

Also worth noting is how YouTube blurs the line between professional branding and more casual forms of engagement. According to research from Google/Ipsos & Oracle Data Cloud’s “Brand Lift Studies” (2017), 78% of consumers felt more connected when brands were authentic in their messaging on social media platforms like Youtube compared with other mediums such as TV or print ads.

How Do I Market My Small Business On Youtube?

Here are three key tips that will help you make sure your YouTube marketing efforts pay off: 

1. Create compelling content: To effectively market on YouTube, you need engaging content that will capture people’s attention and encourage them to interact with it.

Videos should be informative and entertaining, but they should also provide viewers with something of value, such as how-to instructions or practical advice related to your product or service. Your videos should also have keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags to help them appear in search results.

2. Optimize Your Videos For Search: Just like any other type of online content, Google pays close attention when ranking videos in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Therefore, optimizing your videos using targeted keywords is essential if you want them to appear higher up in the SERPs, where potential customers are more likely to look for answers related to their needs or interests.

Tips: Use a keyword research tool like Google Trends to help you determine popular search terms related to your product or service and include them in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. Here are 8 Simple YouTube SEO Tips from Worstream to Rank Your Videos Higher in Search.

3. Promote Your Videos: Once a video is created, there are several ways you can help spread the word about it across multiple platforms. Encourage people to like and comment on your films, share them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, embed them in blog articles, and share them with industry influencers.

By taking the time to market your videos, you will be able to increase views and interaction, which will eventually assist enhance your SERP ranks.

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