90+ Small Business Statistics For 2024: The Ultimate Numbers & Data

The United States has established itself as a hub for entrepreneurship and economic development, with a notable 33.2 million small businesses scattered across the nation, according to the latest data.

These small businesses, despite operating at over 80% without any employees, have managed to provide jobs for 61.7 million individuals, fueling the country’s labor market. However, the road to success is fraught with challenges, as evidenced by the sobering statistic that approximately 19.6% of these small businesses fail within their first year, according to the BLS. 

The resilience and adaptability of small business owners remain crucial factors in navigating the complex landscape of the American economy. Let’s explore a comprehensive list of small business statistics to find out the true state of small business. 

Key Small Business Statistics: Must Know

  • In the United States, there are 33.2 million small businesses and there are currently around 334 million businesses in the world.
  • Over 80% of small businesses have no employees, and 61.7 million people are employed by small businesses.
  • Approximately 19.6% of small businesses fail within the first year.
  • Only 34.5% of businesses survive 10 years.
  • $26 trillion in economic developments contributed, when businesses decide to adopt green practices.
  • 93.79% of small businesses use social media which approximately 30.57 million businesses in the USA.

Small Business Formation Statistics

Here is some of most small business formation numbers that are important to consider.

  • An average of 4.4 million new businesses started every year.
  • On average 425,729 new businesses open every month in the United States in 2023.
  • Between January and June of 2023, nearly 2.7 million business startup applications were filed, up 5% from 2022 and 52% from 2019.

These statistics highlight the vibrant and robust nature of small business formation, reflecting a strong and enduring entrepreneurial spirit across the United States.

Small Business Survival Statistics

Here are some critical statistics on small business survival rates that are essential to understand.

Small Business Ownership Statistics

Small Business Employment Statistics

Small Business Social Media Statistics

Online & E-Commerce Business Statistics

Small Business Website Statistics

Small Business Cyber Attack Statistics

Businesses Use Social Media by Platform 

Platform Number of Businesses Use
Instagram200 million globally
Twitter118 million
Facebookabout 200 million
Whatsapp50 million businesses
Snapchat35 million businesses
Linkedin57.2 million businesses

Small Business Formation Statistics

Small Business HR Facts

  • HR software is used by 65% of small businesses in the United States.
  • 15% of small businesses intend to implement HR software within the next one to two years.

How Many Business Have Permanently Closed Due To Covid-19

But just how many business have permanently closed due to covid-19? This question has been asked many times since the pandemic neared its end.

In the United States, it is estimated that over 200,000 businesses have closed their doors permanently according to a study released by the economist at the Fed.

How Many New Businesses Are Started Each Year

The US Census Bureau reports that a significant 5,044,748 new businesses were launched in 2022, with an average of 4.4 million new businesses started every year.