7+ Instagram Commerce Statistics & Shopping Trends [Update]

Instagram has rapidly transformed into a key platform for online shopping. Every month, 130 million people interact with shoppable posts on the platform. 

It’s noteworthy that 44% of active users find themselves shopping on Instagram weekly. This has resulted in a noticeable 42% jump in sales for businesses that utilize Instagram’s shopping features

Let me share the most crucial Instagram commerce statistics and shopping insight data that you should be aware of right away. πŸ“ΈπŸ›οΈπŸ’‘

Instagram eCommerce Statistics: Key Findings

  • 130 million people engage with shoppable Instagram posts monthly.
  • Instagram shoppable posts increased website traffic by as much as 1,416%.
  • 42% increase in sales from Instagram after using the shopping feature.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand or company.
  • 100% increase in revenue from Instagram after using the shopping features.
  • 72% of users say they made a purchase based on something they saw on Instagram.
  • 35% of Instagram users will make a purchase on the platform in 2023.
  • 44% of active users shop on Instagram on a weekly basis.
  • 70% of Instagram users open the app in order to shop.
  • 81% of Instagram users research new products and services on the platform.
  • In 2023, 35% of Instagram users will make a purchase on the platform.
  • 130 million people engage with shoppable Instagram posts monthly.
  • Instagram users spend $65 per checkout cart, Facebook $55 and Twitter $46.
  • 83% of consumers say they use Instagram to find new products or services.
  • 72% of Instagram users base their purchasing decisions on the content they see on the platform.
  • 46% make an online or offline purchase after seeing a product or service on the platform.
  • 75% of users who visit a website, search, shop, or tell a friend after seeing a business post.
  • 90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business.
  • 44% of people surveyed use Instagram to shop weekly.  
  • Brands report 1,416% traffic and 20% revenue from Instagram shopping.

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How Many People Shop on Instagram

The number of people who use instagram shops is around 130 million

This is because it is a convenient way to see what friends are wearing, and to buy things without having to leave the app.

It is also a popular platform for retailers because it offers a visual way to market products and connect with customers. Instagram also has a large user base, so businesses can reach a lot of people through the app. 

And since it’s owned by Facebook, businesses can use Facebook Ads to target specific users based on their interests and demographics.

Number of people use Instagram to shop weekly

Recent consumer surveys have revealed some fascinating insights into the social media marketing and e-commerce industries. More than that, though, it seems to suggest very strong potential for growth for businesses using Instagram as a marketing tool. 

Given the considerable power and breadth of Instagram’s reach, it appears to be a worthwhile investment for companies to consider in order to broaden their reach and grow their online sales.

As for the bottom line, there seems to be plenty of proof that Instagram is a growing shopping platform.

Purchase Decisions Based On Instagram Content

When 72 percent of users use their phones to make purchasing decisions based on material they find on Instagram, it’s difficult to ignore the siren song of the social media platform.

Business owners are well aware of this, which is why Instagram has grown to be such a strong tool for reaching audiences and generating new leads for businesses of all kinds in recent years.

It is likely that you are missing out on a large market of users and ardent purchasers if you are not still on Instagram. It may be worthwhile to take a deeper look at the app, especially if it is not currently a part of your social media marketing strategy.

130 Million Users Engage with Shopping Posts Monthly

Important takeaway:

Social commerce is risingMillions of users are interacting with shopping posts.
Demand for online shoppingConsistent interaction indicates users’ interest in e-commerce.
Potent advertising platformHigh user engagement suggests effective promotional strategy.

Source: Instagram Business

72% Users Cite Instagram as Key to Purchase Decisions

Important takeaway:

Instagram influences purchasing decisionsMost users buy items they’ve seen on the platform.
Marketing on Instagram is effectiveIts visual nature aids consumers’ buying choices.
Necessity to focus on Instagram contentHigh user influence justifies brand presence.

Source: Retail Touchpoints

35% Instagram Users Predicted to Shop on Platform in 2023

Important takeaway:

Prioritize eCommerce integration on InstagramWith 35% of users ready to buy, an integrated buying experience can significantly boost sales.
Invest in Instagram advertisementsUser purchase intent shows Instagram is an effective platform for product promotion.
Optimize product visual presentationOn Instagram, a visually-driven platform, appealing product images could improve sales.

Source: Hootsuite

70% ‘Shopping Enthusiasts’ Discover New Products on Instagram

Important takeaway:

Leverage Instagram for product discoveryA majority of “shopping enthusiasts” use Instagram for product discovery, promising substantial visibility.
Create engaging, innovative contentNovel and appealing posts can attract these enthusiasts looking for new products.
Collaborate with influencersInfluencers can introduce your products to their followers, many of whom could be “shopping enthusiasts”.

Source: Instagram Business

44% Active Users Shop on Instagram Weekly

Important takeaway:

Maintain regular product updatesWith 44% of users shopping weekly, frequent updates can increase sales.
Create consistent engagement strategiesRegular interaction can cater to the weekly shopping habits of active users.
Offer weekly promotions or dealsThis strategy could incentivize these frequent shoppers, potentially driving increased purchases.

Source: Instagram Business

90% Instagram Accounts Follow a Brand or Business

90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one brand or business

Important takeaway:

Develop a strong brand presenceHigh brand following implies Instagram as a valuable platform for brand exposure.
Interact frequently with followersRegular interaction can foster customer relationships and brand loyalty.
Use Instagram for customer retentionWith most users following brands, it’s a powerful tool for keeping customers engaged.

Source: Capital One Shopping

Instagram Holiday Shopping a Trend Among 87% of Gen Z

Important takeaway:

Target Generation Z in holiday campaignsMost of Generation Z uses Instagram for holiday shopping, indicating high potential returns.
Offer holiday-specific promotionsGen Z users could be more inclined to buy with exclusive holiday deals.
Utilize seasonal and festive contentFestive visuals and posts could appeal to Gen Z’s holiday shopping habits.

Source: Retail Dive

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