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Did you know that Google Shopping is a $75 Billion Dollar retail market??? According to Google’s statements, there are now 2 Billion Product Listings in the US.

And, there are 3 Billion searches for products each month at This means there are about 650 million search queries a month that are potential customers that can be monetized through product ads and Shopping campaigns.

We have compiled some google shopping statistics for you that can help you better understand it as a marketing channel.

Key Google Shopping Statistics & Facts

  • With Google Shopping ads driving 76.4% of all ecommerce ad spend, Google’s shopping platform generates 85.3% of all clicks on Adwords or Google Shopping campaign ads.[1]
  • Google Shopping accounted for about 36.4 percent of AdWords revenue.
  • Google Shopping has 1.2 billion monthly searches.
  • Google Shopping clicks are growing by 17.7% every year.
  • 85% of all product searches start with either Google or Amazon..
  • Google Shopping accounted for 36% of product discovery searches.
  • On average, 1.91% of Google shoppers make purchases after visiting a product page. 
  • On Google paid advertising, 60% of all clicks are for shopping ads.
  • On average, Google Shopping ads cost $0.66 each time someone clicks on them.
  • Shopping click-through rates vary widely across industries, averaging 0.86%.
  • The average cost per action (CPA) is $38.87 on Google.
  • The average monthly budget for shopping ads across all industries is $770.41.
  • Food & Drink had the highest conversion rate for paid search ads, at 9.74%. Sporting Goods experienced the lowest, at 2.68%.

Key Points:

How Many People use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping search volume

Google Shopping Conversion Rate

Google Shopping Conversion Rate

Did you know that on average, 1.91% of Google shoppers who visit a specific product page make purchases? 

Basically, it turns out that the people who look at product pages are more likely to make a purchase than those who simply visit Google search results. But don’t get too excited yet; “1.91%” might not sound like much, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. 

The real takeaway is this: better ads and sales page optimization can lead to bigger conversion rate.

It is all a matter of targeting the right audience and offering a great product or service with a super competitive price, so that can help to improve conversion rate highly.

Google Shopping Ads Statistics

Google Shopping is a unique and interesting form of paid advertising. While it’s not an organic search result, it still benefits from all the good things Google has to offer in terms of high-quality leads for businesses. 

We hope that these trends continue over the next few years, since Google Shopping seems like a useful, valuable tool for businesses.

Google Shopping Revenue

Google Shopping Revenue

Google Shopping, Google’s competitor to Amazon, could be a bigger source of ad revenue than people previously thought. It enables advertisers to bid on keywords that trigger ads that are displayed when users search for products in Google. 

As of the first quarter, these “shopping campaigns,” which are new ad formats that show product images and price in AdWords, were responsible for about 36.4 percent of the company’s advertising revenue, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Google Shopping Cost Per Click

Google Shopping Cost Per Click

The average cost of a click for Google Shopping is $0.66 . For every time someone clicks on an ad, each advertiser pays this amount. This may not seem like a lot, but remember that these clicks are coming from all kinds of different searches containing different keywords.

It is highly important to pay close attention to shopping analytics to find out what’s working and what’s not working. so you are able to optimize for better results and profits.

Final Thoughts

As a seller, Google Shopping gives you access to an audience of potential customers who are ready and willing to buy your products. In addition to the traffic brought through category pages, product details pages also drive a great deal of traffic to your sites. 

Some sellers see conversion rates as high as 9% and click-through rates from product details pages upwards of 6%. We hope we’ve given you a good sense of the value that is wrapped up in the Google Shopping platform. Those who use this free platform and optimize their product listings are sure to reap the rewards.



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