The advent of click-and-collect services is reshaping retail experiences, with projections suggesting 10% of all sales will be fulfilled by this method by 2025.Β 

Currently, click-and-collect contributes to 9.1% of all retail eCommerce sales and is anticipated to witness robust growth, with sales in the United States poised to reach $154.30 billion by 2025. 

To detail the prevalence and growth of this service, let me share the most crucial click-and-collect statistics you should be aware of right away. πŸ“¦πŸ›οΈ

Click And Collect Statistics: The Key Data

  • 10% of all sales will be fulfilled by click and collect by 2025.
  • 67% of consumers in the United States have used click-and-collect.
  • Click-and-collect shoppers visit stores 2.5 times more frequently than non-click-and-collect shoppers.
  • Click-and-collect accounts for 9.1% of all retail eCommerce sales.
  • 34% of retailers have seen an increase in in-store sales since implementing click-and-collect.
  • 67 percent of click-and-collect customers who pick up their orders in-store purchase additional items.
  • In 2023, US buyers will spend $113.19 billion on click and collect, an 18.1% increase year on year (YoY).
  • 23% of online shoppers prefer click and collect to home delivery.
  • 42% are now more likely to use click and collect services.
  • Click-and-collect sales in the United States will reach $154.30 billion by 2025.
  • In May 2020, in-store pickup increased by more than 554% year on year.

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Forecast 2025: Click-and-Collect to Command 10% of All Sales.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Significant growth in click and collectThe forecast suggests a shift towards customers preferring this method, showcasing its rising importance.
Retailers need to invest in infrastructureA rise to 10% means businesses must bolster their systems to meet this demand, ensuring seamless processes.
Changes in customer shopping behaviorThe move towards click and collect reflects evolving consumer preferences and the importance of adapting to these changes.

Source: Kibo Commerce

Majority Move: 67% of U.S. Consumers Opt for Click-and-Collect.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Vast majority adopts click-and-collectThe percentage reflects a significant embrace of this method, suggesting it has become a primary choice for many.
Traditional shopping methods are challengedWith two-thirds opting for click-and-collect, other purchasing methods may be experiencing a decline.
Retailers need to prioritize this serviceSuch a high adoption rate implies that not offering click-and-collect could result in missed business opportunities.

Source: Insider Intelligence

Store Frequency Doubles: Click-and-Collect Users Visit 2.5x More.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Click-and-collect amplifies in-store visitsThe frequency at which these shoppers visit indicates a direct correlation with this service.
Non-click-and-collect users lag in store engagementTraditional shoppers are potentially missing out on the benefits and convenience of the service, resulting in fewer store visits.
Retailers stand to gain from promoting click-and-collectEnhancing and marketing this service can drive foot traffic, increasing potential sales opportunities.

Source: Cnbc

Ecommerce Evolution: Click-and-Collect Captures 9.1% of Sales.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Click-and-collect captures a significant market shareWhile it might seem a single-digit percentage is small, in the vast world of eCommerce, 9.1% is notably substantial.
Retailers can’t overlook the click-and-collect nicheDespite the dominance of direct delivery methods, there’s a solid consumer base relying on click-and-collect.
Growth potential in integrating click-and-collectAs it represents a sizeable chunk of eCommerce, there’s potential for retailers to further capitalize on this trend.

Source: Insider Intelligence

In-Store Boost: 34% Retailers Report Rise Post Click-and-Collect Integration.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Click-and-collect boosts in-store salesA third of retailers witnessing an uptick underscores the tangible benefits of offering this service.
Click-and-collect is more than just an eCommerce strategyIt’s not merely about online sales; integrating the service can indirectly rejuvenate physical store performance.
Early adopters of click-and-collect reap benefitsThose retailers who’ve integrated this method are already seeing its impact, implying a competitive edge for early movers.

Source: Barclay Card

Upsell Success: 67% of Click-and-Collect Users Make Additional In-Store Purchases.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Click-and-collect serves as a sales catalystOver half of customers using the service make additional purchases, revealing its power to drive impulse buying.
Stores benefit from dual-channel shoppersThe service not only facilitates online shopping but also increases foot traffic and in-store sales.
Merchandising strategies can target click-and-collect usersGiven the high rate of additional purchases, retailers can tailor in-store displays to entice these specific customers.

Source: Icsc

2023 Trend: U.S. Click-and-Collect Spending Surges 18.1% YoY to $113.19B.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Click-and-collect is an accelerating trendThe substantial 18.1% YoY growth underlines the swiftly expanding popularity of this shopping method among US buyers.
Retailers are reaping rewards from click-and-collectThe whopping $113.19 billion expenditure highlights that integrating this service can significantly bolster revenues.
Consumer behavior shifts towards convenienceThe rising figures suggest buyers are valuing the blend of online convenience with the immediacy of in-store pickup.

Source: Insider Intelligence

Shoppers’ Choice: 23% Prioritize Click-and-Collect Over Home Delivery.

23% of online shoppers prefer click and collect to home delivery

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
A sizable fraction chooses click-and-collect over deliveryNearly a quarter of online shoppers are leaning towards the convenience of store pickups rather than home deliveries.
Home delivery is not the unanimous preferenceDespite the surge in online shopping, a significant segment still values the experience or immediacy of in-store pickup.
Retailers need a dual approachCatering to both delivery and click-and-collect is imperative to tap into diverse consumer preferences.

Source: Bbc

Growing Traction: 42% Show Elevated Likelihood to Use Click-and-Collect.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Nearly half are gravitating towards click-and-collectThe notable 42% inclination showcases a transformative shift in consumer behavior towards this shopping modality.
Traditional shopping dynamics are being redefinedWith a significant segment leaning towards click-and-collect, retailers must recalibrate their strategies accordingly.
The retail landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rateSuch a swift uptake emphasizes the need for businesses to stay agile and adapt to consumers’ evolving preferences.

Source: Divante

Future Insight: U.S. Click-and-Collect to Surge to $154.30B by 2025.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Click-and-collect is set to dominate the US marketA staggering figure of $154.30 billion underscores the profound impact and growth trajectory of this service.
The future of retail hinges on hybrid shopping solutionsThe projected sales emphasize the seamless merger of online and offline shopping experiences as the new norm.
Retailers must recalibrate for a click-and-collect futureWith such a sizable market cap on the horizon, businesses must gear up to cater to this burgeoning demand.

Source: Business Insider