Shopping has never been easier or more convenient for consumers. Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, or BOPIS, has made shopping faster and more efficient than ever before. 

Recent BOPIS statistics have shown that an overwhelming 67 percent of shoppers in the U.S have taken advantage of BOPIS in the past six months. 

Additionally, 61% of customers who pick up an online order make an additional purchase while in store – a clear testament to the popularity and effectiveness of this modern retailing trend. For businesses and consumers alike, buying online pickup in-store is a win-win solution.

Buy Online Pick Up In Store – BOPIS Statistics and Trends 2023

  • In the last six months, 67 percent of American shoppers used BOPIS.
  • 75% of shoppers who have used BOPIS say they are likely to make additional BOPIS purchases.
  • 50% of shoppers choose an online store based on whether they can pick up their order in-store.
  • 50% of adult consumers use BOPIS.
  • 49% picked click-and-collect to avoid shipping costs.
  • In 2020, US shoppers spent $72.5 billion on click-and-collect fulfillment—9.1% of all ecommerce sales.
  • BOPIS is preferred by 50% of shoppers due to its convenience.

Expert-recommended BOPIS Best Practices

BOPIS Best Practices

1.Your E-Commerce Store Should Push BOPIS

One of the top expert-recommended BOPIS best practices, according to Cam Elliott, Brand Manager at GMT, is for E-Commerce stores to encourage more customers to use Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS). 

They should allow their customers to filter products according to which ones are available for in-store or curbside pickup. Moreover, they should make it known on product and checkout pages that certain products can be picked up at a store nearby – thereby eliminating the need for shipping costs. 

Usabilla’s study found that high shipping costs were a major factor in online cart abandonment, so taking this into account and proactively offering an alternative via BOPIS could actually increase the likelihood of customers completing their purchase.

2.Make it Easy for the Customer

According to ParcelPending by Quadient, 61% of customers who pick up an online order in-store make an additional purchase. This demonstrates the potential benefits a business can realize when delivering a positive BOPIS experience to their shoppers. 

To ensure customers have an easy time picking up their orders, businesses should consider placing the pick-up counter near the front of their store. Additionally, special entrances and signage should be added, and designated curbside pickup parking spaces may also be beneficial. 

All of these best practices help demonstrate that customer satisfaction while engaging in BOPIS is key as it allows consumers to get what they want without having to endure a long and challenging shopping experience.

3.Invest in the right technology and software

According to Rhiân Davies, a digital marketing specialist, BOPIS strategies require an omnichannel approach for success. To ensure you have the best chances of success, investing in the right technology and software is key. 

A retail management tool or POS system that can handle synchronizing online and offline orders, combining sales data, and order management activities while automating workflows is included.

Without the proper tech stack, your BOPIS efforts may not meet their full potential. Investing in the right tools is vital to making it happen.

According to the expert, the advantages of BOPIS

1.No shipping and delivery expenses

According to Debufify, one of the major advantages of BOPIS (buy online pick up in store) is that customers don’t have to pay any additional costs for shipping or delivery. 

This means they can save money on their purchases that they would otherwise spend on shipping charges. Also, they can receive their orders considerably faster than if they had to wait a few days for the things to be delivered by mail.

In fact, according to surveys conducted in 2020, almost 10% of eCommerce sales in the US were made through BOPIS retail.

2. Increased store traffic and sales

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, BOPIS, or buy online, pick up in store, is becoming increasingly popular with adult shoppers.

Over 50% of adult shoppers use BOPIS and an even higher 67% of those people are likely to add additional items to their carts when they know it can be immediately picked up. 

As noted by Shopify’s Alexis Damen, content marketer, this increased store traffic and sales produced by BOPIS has proven to be a great advantage for business owners who want to increase their customer base and solidify their brands in the lower-cost ecommerce marketplace.






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