According to recent studies by Buffer which stated in their State of Social Reports , 93 percent of small businesses use Facebook as a marketing tool. 

Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users. As of June 2022, there were over 200 million business pages on Facebook.

Let’s take a look to find out how many businesses are on Facebook and some vital business on facebook statistics.

How Many Businesses are on Facebook

The number of small businesses on Facebook is about 200 million. This is because it’s a great platform to reach customers and grow your business.

How Many Businesses are on Facebook

Facebook has 2 billion active users, so there’s a big potential audience for your business. You can create a page for free, and then post updates and photos to engage customers. 

You can also use Facebook Ads to target specific customers and drive traffic to your website or store.

How Many Businesses Advertise On Facebook

Facebook currently has 3 million businesses advertising on the platform.

How Many Businesses Advertise On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be an effective way to reach out to new customers and grow your business. With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, your target market is likely already using the site.

Ads are customizable and you can target specific demographics, interests, and even locations.

Facebook also offers a wide range of ad formats, including Page Post Ads, Sponsored Stories, and Mobile App Install Ads.

You can also use Facebook Ad Manager to measure the effectiveness of your ads and refine your targeting for better results.


How Many Businesses Use Facebook Messenger

There are around 40 million businesses actively using Facebook Messenger. This makes the platform one of the fastest-growing channels to reach and engage with consumers. 

How Many Businesses Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is particularly popular among small businesses in the US. In addition to being a hub for business, Facebook Messenger is also where almost one-eighth of the world’s population hangs out(Hootsuite). 

According to Facebook, over 2.9 billion people worldwide make use of the Facebook Messenger app monthly. Additionally, 64% of Facebook users also use the messenger platform.

Facebook Messenger statistics reveal that 20 billion messages are exchanged every month between businesses and customers (FB). The platform has over 300,000 messenger bots. 

Additionally, 85% of brands reported they use Facebook Messenger regularly(MobileMonkey).

How Many Facebook Business Pages Are There

There are currently 60 million Facebook business pages. This number is growing rapidly as businesses of all sizes and industries recognize the value of having a presence on the platform.

How Many Facebook Business Pages Are There

What Percentage of Businesses Active on Facebook

A report by Buffer found that 93% of all businesses with a Facebook page were actively using the platform.

of businesses are active on Facebook

Facebook has been working hard to make it easier for businesses to use its platform, with features like boosted posts and lead ads. 

The company has also made it a goal to develop more ad products exclusively for small businesses. As a result, an increasing number of businesses see the value in advertising on Facebook.


On this page, you are going to find business on facebook statistics and specifically this topic below.

Business on Facebook Statistics (In general)

  • 93% of businesses are active on Facebook (Buffer)
  • Over 200 million businesses use Facebook’s apps and free tools (Facebook)
  • 81% of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook(Buffer)
  • ⅔ of Facebook users visit a local business Page at least once a week (Facebook)
  • 48.5% of B2B decision makers use Facebook for research(Hootsuite)

2.Over 200 million businesses use Facebook’s apps and free tools

million businesses use Facebook's apps and free tools

More than one billion people are now connected by Facebook. If you’re one of the more than 200 million businesses that use Facebook’s apps and free tools, listen up: it’s time to pay attention to Facebook. 

Forget about your Twitter or Google+ accounts for a few minutes, because Facebook has important changes on the way worth your time.


3.81% of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook

of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook

In a nutshell, Facebook video works for brands. It tends to be more engaging than other types of content such as text posts and photos, and is able to stand out in newsfeeds due to increased screen space on desktop. 

And even if nine out of ten businesses would recommend it, you don’t have to listen to them – try it with no risk yourself. After all, it’s free!

(Buffer )

4.⅔ of Facebook users visit a local business Page at least once a week

of Facebook users visit a local business Page at least once a week

Consumers are clearly embracing this new avenue for buying local, with nearly a third of Facebook users visiting their favorite local business Page on the social network at least once a week. 

With this kind of support, local businesses on Facebook may be able to transcend the digital medium and really impact consumerism in their communities. 

The new realm of social media marketing allows them to tap into a sphere that they traditionally haven’t been able to affect in the past, causing people to spend money straight out of their Facebook newsfeed.

(Facebook )

5.48.5% of B2B decision makers use Facebook for research

of B2B decision makers use Facebook for research

In an analysis conducted in 2016 by Forrester Research, it was discovered that 48.5% of B2B decision makers use Facebook for finding new vendors. 

Furthermore, 48.1% of B2B decision makers consider Facebook to be an essential part of their B2B research process.

 As such, businesses should optimize their presence on this social network if they wish to improve their chances of being found and discussed by potential customers or business partners.

(Hootsuite )

6.18.3% of U.S. adults made a purchase through Facebook in the last year

of U.S. adults made a purchase through Facebook in the last year

The popularity of Facebook commerce is undeniable. It has offered businesses a way to reach customers that they never would have gotten in touch with otherwise, and it has given customers a way to buy from their favorite brands even faster than ever before. 

At this point, if you’re not offering customer support through Facebook, you’re not providing them with the best possible experience.

(eMarketer )

7.42% of businesses on Facebook are based in the suburbs

This statistic surprised me. I would have guessed that businesses in the suburbs would have a more modest share of Facebook fans than those in major metropolitan areas, but 42% still seems like quite a lot. 

This stat could be attributed to a few factors. First, suburban residents might have an increased access to the internet since many social media sites are primarily accessed online. 

Second, suburban businesses may have the resources and funds available to market their business on social media websites. I suspect that both of these reasons are at play among the 42% of companies with Facebook pages based in the suburbs.

(Fb Meta)

8.36% of people get news from Facebook

Most people get their news from social media and most people get their news from Facebook. 

Facebook has many features that allow you to tailor the kinds of information that you receive, which may help reduce the frequency of “fake news.” However, it will be interesting to see how Facebook continues to evolve its strategy with regard to news.

( Digitalnewsreport)

9.There are 10 billion messages sent between people and businesses on Messenger every month

If you can determine a way to make your service stand out on Messenger, you could be on to something big. As businesses look for new ways to deliver customer service or market their products, it will be crucial to understand what’s working elsewhere and how Messenger might be the perfect avenue for your efforts as well.

I expect that Facebook Messenger’s popularity will continue to rise, as more people and businesses adopt the platform. After all, Messenger is a rather convenient communication tool that allows you to connect with others using text or video.


10.15% of people using Facebook are actively seeking out products, which bodes well for businesses

What does this mean for brands? The news is good. People are literally on Facebook to buy what you’re selling, which means that if you use your time on this platform wisely, you can turn it into a veritable money-making machine. 

Promoting your products and services on Facebook is fairly easy, too – just track the best performing ads, replicate their success and improve upon them over time. In other words, don’t be afraid to get started!

Facebook may be useful for brands as a way to have a highly visual brand identity, but it also doesn’t hurt to have such a large community of users you can reach out to. After all, what better place to sell than the world’s largest social network?

( eMarketer)

11.86.8% of United States marketers plan to use Facebook for social media marketing

In a recent poll conducted by eMarketer , 86.8 % of United States marketers who participate in social media plan to use Facebook for social media marketing, while 78.7% plan to incorporate Twitter into their strategies. 

Though online surveys yield a limited number of responses, the findings provide insight into how small and large businesses are utilizing Facebook – and its emphasis on video and stories – to build relationships with new and existing consumers.


12.Messenger adds about 100 million new users every five to six months – which is a whole lot of people to add to your list of potential customers

So could Messenger be the next great place to sell your products? In a very short time, it has already proven itself as an effective web-based advertising tool. It’s certainly worth trying out your next promotion to see how well it works for you – and with 100 million new customers every five or six months, it’s hard to pass up on this free marketing chance.

Statistics like this are always impressive, and there’s a good chance that a sizeable percentage of your potential customers are now on Facebook – particularly if you’re marketing to people in the US, the UK, or Canada. Even if they’re not all on Messenger, shouldn’t you at least be considering it?

(Facebook )

Final Thought

Facebook is the platform of choice for marketers and small businesses. Considering that 93% of businesses are active on Facebook, it’s critical to include social media in your marketing plan. 

Businesses should be encouraged to join Facebook because it has such a vast user base. The chances of not finding someone interested in your services are too slim to ignore.

Furthermore, research appears that businesses with a strong Facebook presence make more money as a result of increased interaction. If you need more marketers, go no farther than the world’s largest social networking site.








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