The prevalence of social media in modern society is undeniable, with approximately 4.76 billion users worldwide engaging with various platforms. 

As a result, the average time spent on social media has become a significant aspect to consider when assessing our digital consumption habits. Catherine Hiley, mobile expert at, remarked, “We are so subconsciously immersed in our digital lives that this research really highlights how much of our time is spent in front of a screen.” 

In light of these findings, it is essential to examine the average time spent on social media as well as the average time spent on a specific social media platform to get better insight on where businesses should focus their marketing efforts.

Average Time Spent On Social Media in General

  • There are approximately 4.76 billion social media users worldwide.
  • On average, people spend 147 minutes, or two hours and twenty-seven minutes, on social media daily.
  • Americans spend more than an average 1,300 hours on social media per year. 
  • The typical working-age internet user spends more than 2.5 hours per day using social platforms.
Platform Time
Facebook35 minutes
Twitter20.45 minutes
Youtube29 minutes and 37 seconds
TikTok95 minutes
Linkedin 17 minutes
Reddit15 minutes
Snapchat 30.1 minutes
Instagram 53 minutes
Whatsapp 37.2 minutes

Average Time Spent On Facebook

  • The average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • American adults spend an average of 33 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • Users spend an average of 19.7 hours a month on Facebook.

Based on the statistics provided, it is clear that Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms, with American adults spending an average of 33 minutes per day on the site and users spending an average of 19.7 hours per month. 

This represents a significant opportunity for businesses to reach a large and engaged audience through targeted advertising and social media marketing strategies. 

However, it is also important for businesses to understand the changing nature of social media usage and adapt their approaches accordingly to remain relevant and effective in this dynamic landscape. 

By leveraging the insights provided by these statistics, businesses can better understand and engage with their target audiences on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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