15+ Shoplifting Statistics That You Must-Know in 2024

Shoplifting is a major issue affecting retailers across the country. The numbers show that this crime happens more often than people might think.

But how widespread is shoplifting, and what impact does it have on businesses?

With that in mind, we’ll dive into the details of shoplifting statistics to understand the true reality. 🛍️📊

Shoplifting Statistics infographic

Shoplifting Statistics: Key Numbers

  • There are more than 500,000 shoplifting incidents occurring every single day.
  • 66.6% of all shoplifters were under 30 years of age.
  • 40% of people admitted to having shoplifted at least once.
  • 66% of everyone surveyed knows someone who has committed shoplifting.
  • 43% of women admitted to shoplifting in the past, compared to 37% of men.
  • 52% of people said financial issues were the biggest reason for shoplifting.
  • Just 1 in 48 shoplifting cases leads to someone getting arrested.
  • Shoplifting makes up 2% to 3% of all retail sales.
  • 69.4% of those arrested for shoplifting in 2019 were white, 26.6% were Black or African American, and 4% were from other races.

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Shoplifting Demographics

  • 66.6% of all shoplifters caught were under 30. Of those, 6.2% were kids under 12, 26.7% were teens between 12 and 17, and 33.7% were young adults between 18 and 29.
  • 43% of women admitted to shoplifting before, compared to 37% of men.
  • The 18-24 age group has the highest chance of shoplifting in the next two years, while the 55+ age group has the lowest chance.

Sources: (Express Legal Funding and SurveyMonkey, Office of Justice Programs)


  • Boost security in spots where young adults hang out the most.
  • Set up educational programs for teens and young adults about why shoplifting is a bad idea.
  • Train staff to be better at spotting and handling potential shoplifters, especially those in high-risk age groups.
  • Roll out marketing campaigns that specifically discourage shoplifting among younger people.

Shoplifting statistics by age

Age Distribution of Shoplifters Caught

Shoplifting Demographics by Race

  • 69.4% of those arrested for shoplifting in 2019 were white, 26.6% were Black or African American, and 4% were from other races.
Racial Demographics of Shoplifting Arrests in 2019

Shoplifting Statistics for Small Businesses

  • About 20% of small business retailers deal with shoplifting a couple of times a week.
  • Around 15% of small business owners report daily theft in their stores.
  • 75% of small business retailers report monthly theft losses ranging from $500 to $2,500.
  • 41% of small business owners say stolen goods in 2023 are worth more than in past years.
  • 56% of small business owners would report theft to their insurance, while 53% would notify the police.
  • 98% of small business retailers stated that they have put measures in place to prevent theft.
Reporting Actions of Small Business Owners in Response to Theft

Sources: (Statista, Forbes)


  • Upgrade cameras and have more staff on the floor to keep an eye out for shoplifters.
  • Connect with nearby businesses and the police to share tips and strategies for stopping theft.
  • Make your store rules about theft prevention and reporting crystal clear and stick to them.
  • Let customers know how theft affects everyone and encourage a culture of honesty in your store.

Motivation for Shoplifting Statistics

  • 52% of the people across different demographics said they stole because they were having financial problems.
  • 2.2. About 19% of those asked said they shoplifted mainly to experience a high or excitement.
Motivation for Shoplifting Statistics

Sources: (Express Legal Funding and SurveyMonkey)


  • Boost loyalty programs with cool discounts and perks to keep people from shoplifting.
  • Create fun, interactive store experiences that give people a thrill without stealing.
  • Amp up security, but keep the store vibe positive to discourage theft.