32+ Promotional Product Statistics You Must-Know in 2024

Promotional products can have a significant impact on business sales, brand loyalty, brand recall, and consumer engagement. 

But how impactful are these promotional products in boosting business growth?

To answer that question, let’s look at a range of promotional product statistics and numbers.

Promotional Product Statistics

Promotional Product Statistics: The Key Data

  • In 2022, the promotional products market was worth $20.6 billion and was growing at a rate of 0.7% per year.
  • Promotional products can increase sales by 27% compared to coupons. 

Consumer engagement with the advertiser increased by 30%

after receiving promotional product.

Sources: PPAI

  • Promotional products increase referrals by 22% compared to sales without promotional products. 
  • Consumers are nearly 2.5X more likely to view promotional products favorably than product Internet advertising.
  • 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product.
  • 88% researched a company after receiving a promotional product from it.
  • 90% of people who receive a promotional product can remember the name of the brand.
  • 83% of people said they would be more loyal to a brand if they received a promotional product.
  • 50% of consumers are more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them the promo bag
  • 46% of consumers like an advertiser more if the promo product is eco-friendly.

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Promotional Product Industry & Market

  • American promotional product distributors generated approximately $26.1 billion in revenue in 2023, a figure just over 2% higher than the 2022 total.
  • The market size of the promotional products industry inched up by 0.3% throughout 2023.
  • An average yearly decline of 1.1% was recorded in the U.S. promotional products industry between 2018 and 2023.
  • The global promotional items market was valued at an estimated $86 billion in 2022.

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Product sampling statistics

  • 73% of consumers say that if they try a product, they are likely to buy it.
  • Product sampling can increase sales by 41.6% over non-sampled products.
  • 24% of customers who tried a sample product said it specifically replaced an item they were planning to buy.
  • 80% of consumers bought because the brand let them try it first.
  • 65% of consumers purchase a product or service promoted at an event.
  • 47% of customers are willing to buy a sampled product in the future.
  • 35% of customers who try a sample will purchase the product during the same shopping trip.
  • 58% of survey respondents said they would buy the product again, suggesting sampling could build customer loyalty.
  • Product sampling costs marketers more than $2 billion per year.

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Impact on Brand Recall Statistics

Promotional products are a great way for businesses to make sure people remember their brand better than traditional ads.

  • 9 out of 10 consumers can recall the company’s name or logo on a promotional item.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers recall the advertiser of promotional products that they received in the past two years.
  • 88% of consumers can remember the advertiser’s name after receiving a promotional product.
  • Research indicates that 70% of consumers recall getting two or more promotional items in the last year.
  • 76.1% of consumers remember a company’s brand through promotional items received in the past year, compared to just 53% for print or TV ads in the past month, and a mere 27% for online ads.

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Relationship with Advertiser & Business Impact 

  • Prior to receiving promotional items, 55% of consumers had engaged with the advertiser, but this figure rose to 85% after receiving the products.
  • Promotional products led to an 11% increase in business from consumers who had never done business with advertisers before.
  • 88% of consumers recognized the advertiser prior to receiving promotional items.
  • Almost 60% of consumers received promotional items from businesses or during events like trade shows, conferences, or conventions.
Impact of Promotional Items on Consumer Engagement

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