The Importance of Product Packaging – 7 Statistics And Data

Product packaging is a game-changer for any product, shaping how consumers see and buy it. Great packaging boosts brand recognition, keeps the product safe, and can sway purchasing decisions. 

But just how much of an impact does packaging have on business growth and customer loyalty? 

With that in mind, let’s dive into seven key stats and data points that show why product packaging is so important for businesses.

Importance of Product Packaging (Infographic)

The Importance of Product Packaging – Key Numbers

  • 81% of consumers have bought a new product because the packaging caught their eye.
  • 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence purchasing decisions.
  • 30% of companies report a revenue increase after improving product packaging.
  • 63% of consumers have repurchased a product because of its packaging design.
  • 52% of customers are more likely to purchase from an online retailer again if they receive their items in premium packaging.

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Influence of Packaging Design on Purchasing Decisions

Packaging design seriously impacts how consumers choose what to buy, shaping our perceptions and choices. Check out these stats that show just how much design and materials matter:

  • 72% of consumers believe that packaging design can influence purchasing decisions.
  • 67% of consumers said packaging materials influenced their purchasing decisions.
  • 52% of customers have switched brands due to packaging.
  • 81% of consumers pay extra attention to packaging when buying gifts.
  • 81% of shoppers have tried out a new product simply because its packaging stood out to them.
Impact of Packaging Strategy on Customer Purchase Decision Statistics

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Product Packaging and Consumer Behavior

Packaging has a huge impact on consumer behavior, affecting what we buy and how we feel about brands. Check out these stats showing how important good packaging really is:

  • 52% of people are more likely to be repeat customers for online retailers if their purchases arrive in high quality packaging.
  • About 63-67% of U.S. shoppers think that products look pricier when they come in cardboard or paper packaging.
  • 40% of shoppers post photos of products with unique packaging on their social media accounts.
  • 63% of shoppers have bought a product again specifically because they liked its packaging design.

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Eco-Friendly Product Packaging Statistics

Eco-friendly product packaging is making a huge impact, with impressive stats showing how it’s changing consumer behavior and boosting business success. These numbers reveal the rising demand for sustainable options and a willingness to pay extra for eco-friendly packaging:

  • Ecommerce platforms have seen a 15% rise in conversion rates thanks to eco-friendly packaging practices.
  • 39% of consumers think the environmental impact of packaging is very or extremely important.
  • 82% of consumers, regardless of age, are now willing to pay more for sustainable products, an increase of 4 points since 2022 and 8 points since 2021.
  • 90% of Gen-Z consumers have expressed a readiness to spend more on products with sustainable packaging.
  • 80% of consumers said they would buy products with refillable packaging to reduce their environmental impact.
Consumers See Need for Eco-Friendly Packaging

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