10+ Headless Commerce Statistics (Latest Data and Numbers)

The headless commerce market is making strides and is projected to attain $3.8 billion by 2032. 

Significantly, 64% of enterprises have adopted headless architecture, marking a 25% increase from 2019. Additionally, 82.91% of businesses that have transitioned to a headless CMS have noted enhancements in time, money, and productivity. 

Recognizing its growing relevance, let me share the most crucial headless commerce statistics you should be aware of right away. 🌐💼

Headless Commerce Statistics: The Key Data

  • The headless commerce market will reach $3.8 billion in 2032.
  • The headless CMS software market is expected to grow at a 22.1% CAGR through 2032.
  • 82.91% of businesses that switched to a headless CMS saved time, money, and productivity.
  • 61% of retailers have implemented or plan to implement headless commerce.
  • The average enterprise spent $2.6 million on headless architecture.
  • 64% of enterprises use headless architecture, up 25% from 2019.
  • 92% acknowledged that headless technologies have made it easier to deliver consistent content.
  • 62% of eCommerce leaders agreed that headless commerce could improve conversions and engagement significantly.
  • 74% of companies realize that failure to adopt emerging commerce solutions will hurt their business.
  • 31.4% of companies reported that switching to a headless CMS saved them time in content and project management.

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Headless Commerce Market Set to Reach $3.8 Billion by 2032.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless commerce is poised for substantial growth.A projection of $3.8 billion by 2032 indicates that headless commerce is becoming a major force in the e-commerce landscape.
Investment in headless commerce technology is imperative.Such a significant forecasted value highlights that businesses not considering headless solutions may miss out on pivotal market opportunities.
The next decade will witness a paradigm shift in e-commerce infrastructure.The predicted valuation underscores that headless commerce will be a central component in reshaping the e-commerce landscape over the coming years.

Source: Front Commerce

Headless CMS Market Projected 22.1% CAGR Until 2032.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless CMS is on a meteoric growth trajectory.A staggering 22.1% CAGR signals not only the sector’s current vitality but also its increasing dominance in the years leading up to 2032.
Adapting to headless CMS is no longer optional but essential.Given such an aggressive growth rate, businesses that overlook this trend risk being sidelined in an increasingly digital-first environment.
The coming decade will solidify headless CMS’s foundational role.A CAGR of 22.1% indicates a transformative period ahead, solidifying headless CMS as a core pillar in modern content management strategies.

Source: Future Marketin Sights

82.91% Businesses Report Savings with Headless CMS Switch.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Transition to headless CMS brings tangible benefits.With 82.91% of businesses reporting savings in time, money, and enhanced productivity, the effectiveness of headless CMS solutions is unequivocally established.
Businesses are realizing operational efficiencies.Such a high percentage demonstrates that the headless architecture not only addresses content management but also optimizes overall operational workflows.
Ignoring the shift towards headless CMS may be costly.Given the widespread reported benefits, businesses not considering a transition risk incurring higher costs and inefficiencies in the long run.

Source: Story Blok

61% Retailers Adopting or Eyeing Headless Commerce Solutions.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless commerce is rapidly becoming mainstream in retail.The fact that 61% of retailers have either implemented or are considering headless commerce signifies its growing importance in the retail sector.
Forward-thinking retailers prioritize flexible tech infrastructures.This adoption rate underscores a proactive approach by retailers to leverage scalable and adaptable e-commerce solutions for the future.
Retailers not exploring headless solutions risk technological stagnation.Given the prevailing trend, those not considering headless commerce may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in the evolving digital landscape.

Source: Teleport HQ

Enterprises Averaging $2.6 Million Spend on Headless Architecture.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Enterprises recognize headless architecture as a critical investment.An average spend of $2.6 million underscores the significance enterprises place on the strategic value of headless solutions.
The shift to headless signals a commitment to digital agility.Such a substantial financial outlay indicates enterprises are prioritizing scalable and adaptable digital infrastructures for future growth.
Enterprises not allocating resources towards headless may lag in digital transformation.Given the evident investment trend, those not directing funds towards headless solutions risk being outpaced in the digital evolution journey.

Source: Oracle

64% Enterprises Adopt Headless; 25% Rise Since 2019.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless architecture has seen meteoric rise in adoption.The 25% surge since 2019, resulting in 64% of enterprises now utilizing headless solutions, signifies a dynamic shift in enterprise tech strategy.
The 2019-2023 period marked a transformative tech pivot.Such a substantial increase in adoption over this short span indicates enterprises recognized and acted upon the imperative of digital agility.
Enterprises not yet on the headless journey risk obsolescence.Given the accelerating trend, those not embracing or considering headless architecture stand to miss the benefits and may fall behind in the competitive digital landscape.

Source: WP Engine

92% Confirm Headless Tech Boosts Content Consistency.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless technologies are pivotal for content consistency.An overwhelming 92% acknowledgment indicates that headless solutions are essentially redefining content delivery standards.
Businesses are experiencing a transformative shift in content management.Such a high percentage signifies that the traditional challenges of content consistency are being effectively addressed with headless technologies.
Those not leveraging headless solutions risk fragmented content experiences.Given the pronounced benefits reported by the majority, businesses bypassing headless technologies may struggle to achieve the same level of content consistency.

Source: Convert Cart

62% eCommerce Leaders: Headless Amplifies Conversions, Engagement.

62% of eCommerce leaders agreed that headless commerce could improve conversions and engagement significantly

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless commerce is deemed transformative for conversions.With 62% of eCommerce leaders in agreement, it’s evident that headless commerce plays a crucial role in optimizing conversion rates.
Enhanced engagement is intrinsically tied to headless solutions.The consensus among leaders suggests that the adaptability and flexibility of headless commerce directly translates to better user engagement.
eCommerce entities not considering headless risk diminished performance.Given the compelling endorsement from industry leaders, those not exploring headless commerce stand to miss out on significant conversion and engagement opportunities.

Source: Retail Touch Points

74% Warn Non-adoption of New Commerce Solutions Detrimental.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Embracing emerging commerce solutions is vital for competitiveness.The 74% acknowledgment indicates a broad consensus that being at the forefront of commerce innovation is critical for business success.
The landscape of commerce is rapidly evolving.Such a significant percentage underlines the urgency felt by companies to adapt to new commerce trends and technologies.
Non-adoption poses tangible threats to business health.Given the strong recognition among businesses, those delaying or avoiding adoption of emerging solutions may face strategic vulnerabilities and economic setbacks.

Source: PR Newswire

31.4% Companies Report Headless CMS Streamlines Content Management.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Headless CMS offers tangible time-saving advantages.The 31.4% of companies attesting to time savings highlights the operational efficiencies gained through adopting a headless CMS approach.
Optimizing content and project management is a key benefit.This percentage underscores the direct impact of headless CMS on streamlining content and project management processes.
Companies not transitioning risk inefficiencies.Given the reported time savings, businesses that remain with traditional CMS systems may endure slower processes and lag in operational agility.

Source: Experro

More Data: https://www.businessdit.com/ecommerce-statistics/

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