The Power of Customer Testimonial Statistics in Marketing

I’ve compiled a list of the power of customer testimonial statistics in marketing; a brief overview is provided below.

Customer Testimonial Statistics

  • On average, testimonials on sales pages can boost conversions by 34%. 
  • Using customer testimonials on a regular basis can increase revenue by 62%.
  • Customers are more likely to spend 31% more with a company that has positive customer feedback.
  • 9 out of 10 people trust what a customer says about a company more than what the company says about itself.
  • Positive testimonials and reviews increase consumer trust in a business by 72%.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.
  • Customer testimonials have the highest content marketing effectiveness rating of 89%.
  • Customer testimonials placed alongside more expensive items increased conversion rates by 380%.
  • 97% of business-to-business customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most trustworthy type of content.
  • 77% of people who have seen a brand’s testimonial video say it helped them decide to buy their product or service.

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#1. Sales Page Testimonials Boost Conversions by 34% on Average.

Source: VWO

Significance of the Data:Very High

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What does the data SuggestJustification
Incorporate testimonials on sales pages.Testimonials foster trust and reassure potential customers.
Prioritize high-quality, genuine testimonials.Authenticity can significantly elevate conversion rates.
Regularly update and refresh testimonials.Fresh feedback ensures relevance and resonates with new customers.

#2. Utilizing Testimonials Yields 62% More Revenue for Companies.

Source: Strategic Factory 

Significance of the Data:Very High

Mentioned By: Snappa, BigCommerce, Boast, Neal Schaffer, MarketreachResults, StrongTestimonials, Kitchen, and more. 

What does the data SuggestJustification
Actively seek and display customer testimonials.Leveraging testimonials can significantly boost revenue streams.
Integrate testimonials into marketing strategies.Their influence directly correlates with increased financial gains.
Regularly update testimonials to remain contemporary.Continuously showcasing new positive feedback ensures sustained growth.

#3. Positive Testimonials Lead Customers to Spend 31% More.

Customers are likely to spend 31% more with a business that has good customer testimonials

Source: Invesp

Significance of the Data: High

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What does the data SuggestJustification
Prioritize the collection of positive customer testimonials.Favorable feedback has a direct impact on customer spending.
Feature testimonials prominently in business touchpoints.Demonstrated customer satisfaction can lead to higher sales.
Invest in maintaining excellent customer service.Positive experiences translate to glowing testimonials, driving revenue.

#4. 49/10 Trust Customer Claims Over Business Advertisements.

Source: Wyzowl

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Wyzowl, Buyapowa, Help Scout, Zendesk, Oberlo, Usetrust, Market Business News, HubSpot, and more. 

What does the data SuggestJustification
Elevate the presence of customer reviews and testimonials.Most individuals trust peer reviews over brand messages.
Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences.Their endorsements carry more weight than self-promotion.
Refine marketing strategies to incorporate authentic voices.Customers resonate more with genuine experiences than crafted narratives.

#5. Positive Testimonials Elevate Business Trust for 72% of Consumers.

Source: BigCommerce

Significance of the Data:Very High

Mentioned By:Search Engine Land, Marketreach Results, Snappa, Wyzowl, Boast, Linkedin, Digital Strike, Cube Creative, and more.  

What does the data SuggestJustification
Prioritize collecting and showcasing positive testimonials.Trust is a significant factor in purchasing decisions.
Integrate positive reviews into marketing collateral.A majority of consumers value peer experiences to validate choices.
Continuously improve customer service to ensure positive feedback.High-quality service naturally yields trusted testimonials, fostering loyalty.

#6. 84% Equate Online Reviews with Friends’ Recommendations.

Source: Word Tracker

Significance of the Data:Very High

Mentioned By: Linkedin, Inc, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Buy Apowa, Big Commerce, The Magneto Effect, Call Source, and more.

What does the data SuggestJustification
Emphasize and prioritize online review management.The influence of online reviews parallels personal recommendations.
Encourage customers to leave reviews post-purchase.Given their equivalence to friend suggestions, online reviews drive trust.
Ensure prompt and professional responses to all reviews.Engaging with reviews, positive or negative, showcases commitment and integrity.

#7. Testimonials Top Content Marketing Effectiveness at 89%.

Source: Social Fresh

Significance of the Data:Very High

Mentioned By: My Outreach, Host Papa, Wyzowl, Vocal Video, Hub Spot, Spectoos, Trustmary, Ireland Online, and more.

What does the data SuggestJustification
Embed customer testimonials in content marketing strategies.They outperform other forms of content in generating results.
Actively seek testimonials from satisfied clients.High-rated content is pivotal for credibility and influence.
Optimize marketing collateral around genuine customer feedback.Capitalizing on its effectiveness can elevate brand resonance and conversion.

#8. igh-priced Items with Testimonials See 380% Conversion Spike.

Source: Power Reviews

Significance of the Data:Very High

Mentioned By: ResearchGate, Spectoos, Snappa, Linkedin, Boast, Neal Schaffer, Wide Wail, Graphics Zoo, Indy Business Promotions, and more.

What does the data SuggestJustification
Position testimonials alongside premium products.They considerably alleviate purchasing hesitations for pricier items.
Prioritize gathering feedback for high-ticket items.Positive testimonials can be a transformative tool for luxury purchases.
Refine product presentation with authentic customer endorsements.Strategically leveraging testimonials can catapult conversion rates.