I’ve compiled a list of insightful B2B personalization statistics; a brief overview is provided below.

B2B Personalization Statistics: Key Figures

  • Personalization can lead to a 20% increase in user engagement in B2B marketing.
  • Personalization in B2B sales can lead to a 1.4x revenue growth.
  • 77% of B2B buyers won’t make a purchase without personalized content.
  • Over 50% of business recipients receive B2B marketing emails that don’t even apply to their needs
  • 67% of B2B marketers see personalization as fundamental or increasingly important for customer engagement
  • 63% of B2B e-commerce companies are investing in improving their user experience by adding new personalization features
  • 51% of organizations have a documented personalization strategy for their B2B eCommerce channels and digital outreach
  • 83% of B2B Buyers Prefer Ordering or Paying Through Digital Commerce
  • 73% of B2B executives firmly believe that personalizing marketing efforts is essential due to the increased expectations of their audience.
  • 77 percent of B2B sales and marketing professionals believe that personalization builds better customer relationships

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More Data on Personalization Statistics For Marketers:

#1. Personalization Boosts User Engagement by 20% in B2B Marketing

Source: gitnux

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Gitnux, Linkedin, Ft Strategies, Veza Digital, Mckinsey & Company, Market Tailor, Heinz Marketing, Hubspot, Iron Paper and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Prioritize PersonalizationDrives user engagement, pivotal for successful B2B marketing.
Emphasize User ExperienceEnhances user satisfaction, increases likelihood of engagement.
Target B2B Market NicheSpecific marketing allows precise personalization, fosters engagement.

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#2. Personalization Spurs 1.4x Revenue Growth in B2B Sales

Source: gitnux

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Gitnux, Mckinsey & Company, Accolite, Kearney, Red Cloud Technology, Mediafly, Alexander Group, Klue, Nice Reply and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Implement Personalization in B2B salesPersonalization drives revenue growth, enhancing customer experience and engagement.
Strategize towards 1.4x revenue targetIncorporating personalization is a proven strategy to significantly increase revenues.
Adopt a customer-centric approachAligning with customer needs through personalization fosters stronger business relationships.

#3. 77% of B2B Buyers Insist on Personalized Content for Purchase

77% of B2B buyers won't make a purchase without personalized content

Source: Heidi Cohen

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Gartner, Half Pastnine, Steel Croissant, Pitcher, Trendemon, Customer Think, Drip, Linkedin and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Personalized content is a necessityMajority of B2B buyers require personalized content for purchasing decisions.
Invest in content personalizationIt’s an essential factor affecting B2B buyers’ purchasing behavior.
Evolve sales strategies with personalizationIgnoring personalization can result in lost sales opportunities.

#4. Over 50% of Business Recipients Receive Irrelevant B2B Marketing Emails

Source: Instapage

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Hubspot, Linkedin, Zen Media, Informa, Noble Studios, Funnel Bud, Insta Page and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Refine email marketing strategiesCurrent B2B marketing emails are often irrelevant to recipients’ needs.
Prioritize personalization in emailsHalf of business recipients are receiving non-applicable marketing emails.
Improve understanding of customer needsUnderstanding customer needs can enhance relevance and effectiveness of marketing emails.

#5. 67% of B2B Marketers Rank Personalization Vital for Customer Engagement

Source: Instapage

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Gitnux, Linkedin, Mckinsey & Company, Launchedtech, Shopify, Hubspot, Customer First Academy, Forbes and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Emphasize personalization strategiesMost B2B marketers view personalization as key to customer engagement.
Align with industry trendsMajority of industry counterparts deem personalization as vital or growing in importance.
Boost customer engagement through personalizationIt’s a widely accepted principle that personalization enhances customer engagement.

#6. 63% of B2B eCommerce Firms Enhance User Experience with Personalization

Source: Adobe Experience Cloud

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Linkedin, Clerk, Uppler, Bigcommerce, Sana Commerce, Oroinc, Tech Target and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Enhance user experience with personalizationA significant number of B2B ecommerce companies are investing in this direction.
Join trend of investing in personalizationIt’s a common strategy among B2B ecommerce companies to improve user experience.
Personalization is key to staying competitiveMajority of competitors are focusing on enhancing personalization features.

#7. 51% of Organizations Implement Documented Personalization Strategy for B2B eCommerce

51% of organizations have a documented personalization strategy for their B2B eCommerce channels and digital outreach

Source: B2B marketing

Significance of the Data: Medium

Mentioned By: Linkedin, Instapage, Soocial, Startup Bonsai, Content Stack, Clerk and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Formulate a documented personalization strategyIt’s a standard practice among more than half of the organizations.
Align B2B eCommerce channels with personalizationMore organizations are integrating personalization into their eCommerce strategies.
Prioritize digital outreach personalizationThe trend highlights the importance of personalized outreach in digital platforms.

#8. Digital Commerce Preferred by 83% of B2B Buyers for Ordering, Payment

Source: Gartner

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Gartner, Linkedin, Demand Gen Report, Read It Quik, Commercetools, Ibexa and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Focus on digital commerce capabilitiesThe majority of B2B buyers prefer digital commerce for ordering and payment.
Prioritize digitization in B2B salesDigital commerce is preferred by a significant portion of B2B buyers.
Optimize digital channels for buyer convenienceThe trend emphasizes the importance of easy digital access for buyers.

#9. 73% of B2B Executives Consider Marketing Personalization Essential

Source: Veza Digital

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Veza Digital, Pathmonk, Shopify, Shopify, Linkedin, Clerk, Content Marketingin Stitute and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Personalize marketing effortsA strong majority of B2B executives see it as essential due to audience expectations.
Align with executive insightsMajority of B2B leaders underline the need for personalization in marketing.
Meet increasing audience expectationsPersonalizing marketing efforts is deemed vital to meet growing audience needs.

#10. Better Customer Relationships Tied to Personalization by 77% of B2B Professionals

Source: Business Wire

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Business Wire, Small Business Trends, Linkedin, Zoominfo, Hubspot, Folloze, Demand Gen Report, Cazoomi, Mckinsey & Company and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Use personalization for stronger relationshipsThe majority of B2B professionals view it as a tool for better customer relations.
Align with B2B professional insightsMost professionals in the field agree on the impact of personalization on customer relations.
Meet relationship-building goalsPersonalization is considered a key strategy to enhance customer relationships.