AI in Sales: Statistics, Future And Trends in 2023

AI in sales has changed the way sales teams work. AI technology is becoming increasingly involved in many aspects of sales, from automatic scheduling to AI-generated reports and AI customer service tools. AI has improved the customer experience for many businesses by reducing costs and increasing leads. 

According to a Salesforce State of Sales report, AI adoption rate in marketing and sales is expected to increase faster than any other technology, with 79% of survey respondents agreeing that it has helped to increase business revenue. 

As AI capabilities progress, it would be safe to assume that AI will continue revolutionizing the world of sales.

AI in Sales Statistics

  • A Harvard Business Review study found that companies using AI for sales increased leads by more than 50%, reduced call time by 60-70%, and reduced costs by 40-60%. 
  • 79% of survey respondents believe AI in marketing and sales has increased revenue.
  • AI in sales improves customer service analytics and segmentation.
  • 57% of successful firms use AI. 
  • At 11 CARG, the sales market for AI is expected to reach 4 billion by 2027. 
AI in Sales

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How does AI affect sales?

A Harvard Business Review study showed that businesses utilizing AI to help with their sales process have experienced boosts of over 50% in leads – an incredible result.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to help manage and predict customer behavior so that companies can target the right people with the right products according to Tim White who is editor for 

And not only does AI create more leads, but it has also been reported to improve close rates by improving productivity, which allows companies to get more done in less time according to and Marketing AI  institute. 

All in all, AI is revolutionizing the way we do business.

AI In Sales Example (Use Case)

#1.Demand forecasting

Organizations can gain powerful visibility into customer buying patterns and anticipated levels of demand for their products by leveraging AI-driven insights, according to analysis done by

This enables them to better estimate stock requirements, allowing them to respond rapidly to changes in market conditions and adjust inventory accordingly, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, AI tools can even provide real-time recommendations on promotional strategies that maximize profits while keeping customers engaged. Benefits like these have resulted in AI becoming an increasingly critical technology for sales success.

Future Of AI In Sales

The future of AI in sales is an exciting one. According to a recent press release on GlobeNewsWire reported that, the sales market for AI will reach 4 billion by 2027, bringing a radical shift to how sales are conducted. 

sales market for AI will

Instead of relying solely on people to handle customer interactions and outreach, AI can automate a large portion of the process, which in turn improves productivity and reduces work. 

AI has the capacity to make huge leaps in helping businesses create successful strategies – it’s just a matter of tapping into its potential.

AI In Sales Forecasting

AI in sales forecasting is revolutionizing how businesses make decisions about their future. 

AI In Sales Forecasting

According to GeekyAnts, an app design and development studio, AI can analyze historical data and accurately predict future trends by utilizing the power of machine learning technology, offering much greater precision than a human could ever provide. 

As a result, you may make more educated judgments about when and how much to invest, resulting in fewer costly mistakes down the road.

According to the Engati Team, AI also provides valuable insights to your staff by going through data and providing observations and suggestions that would otherwise be missed. 

All it takes is a few extra steps and soon AI will become an essential part of your business strategy.

AI Sales Assistant

AI sales assistants are computer programs designed to assist sales reps in their duties. They use sophisticated algorithms and complex logic systems to optimize processes like lead qualification, customer relationship management and outreach automation. 

AI sales assistants can help streamline different key duties by automating them, freeing up sales people’ time to focus on higher-value activities like building meaningful relationships with customers and striving towards goals.

AI sales assistants also introduce an exciting new dimension to the knowledge held by individual sales reps – they can analyze customer behavior trends and anticipate buyer preferences faster than any one human could ever do. 

Businesses now have a larger chance to boost productivity and promote growth in their organisation through automated data-driven solutions with AI sales assistants.

Here is the list of some AI sale assistant 

  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • Drift
  • Pipedrive
  • Hellorep

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