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As there are increasing document workflows, security concerns, and the need to reduce waste, businesses require efficient print management solutions.

Xerox Managed Print Services, a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their print infrastructure, achieve better control over their printing environment, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance security.  

Xerox Managed Print Services

Key Features of Xerox Managed Print Services

Key FeatureDetailsImportance Score
Comprehensive SecurityAdvanced security features integrated with ConnectKey Technology to protect documents, devices, and data from potential threats.10
Cloud InfrastructureScalable, low-touch IT infrastructure enhancing capabilities and solutions, ensuring seamless integration with cloud-based services.9
AnalyticsConnected and intelligent workplace analytics to optimize print infrastructure and uncover improvement opportunities.8
Digitization and AutomationStreamlining processes for seamless collaboration and increased productivity, transitioning businesses from paper-based to digital workflows.9
SustainabilityReducing power consumption, paper usage, and operational costs to increase both sustainability and profitability.8
Workplace AssessmentsEvaluating and optimizing the efficiency and sustainability of your print infrastructure.7
Device ManagementProactive management of print devices to maximize uptime and improve overall performance.9
Print ManagementEstablishing print budgets, allocating costs, and providing intuitive dashboards, user portals, and reporting to track device usage and performance.7
Workflow AutomationIdentifying and automating paper-intensive workflows to enhance productivity and minimize potential for errors.8
Mobile and Remote Workforce SolutionsSecure, flexible print, scan, and storage solutions for employees working remotely or on-the-go.8
Seamless IntegrationConnectKey Technology integration to automate processes, optimize and manage devices remotely, and assist help desks with built-in tools, while achieving sustainability goals.9
Industry RecognitionNumerous accolades and awards for innovative approach to print and print-related services, including remote monitoring, content capture, and data protection.7

Xerox Managed Print Services for Different Industries

Here is a list of Xerox managed print services tailored for different industries:

  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Legal 
  • Financial Services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail 
  • Government 
  • Nonprofit 
  • Small and Medium Businesses 
  • Enterprise¬†


Is Xerox a managed service provider?

Xerox offers managed print services and managed IT services, but it is not explicitly stated whether Xerox is a managed service provider (MSP) in general.

How do Xerox Managed Print Services enhance ROI?

Xerox Managed Print Services enhance ROI by consolidating devices, proactively managing infrastructure, tracking usage, providing performance updates, and establishing budgets.

What are Xerox Managed Print Services’ key features?

Key features include security, cloud technologies, analytics, digitization, sustainability, workplace assessments, device and print management, and digital transformation capabilities.

How did Xerox Managed Print Services benefit UDC and the City of New York?

UDC achieved 82.96% reduction in print overages and reduced wait times. The City of New York reduced equipment by 51%, increased uptime to 99.8%, and saved $58M.

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