10+ Walmart Statistics: Customers, Stores, & More (Latest)

Walmart, a global retail giant, amassed $82 billion in global e-commerce sales in the fiscal year 2023, highlighting its significant online presence. 

Serving over 37 million customers per day, it’s a prevalent choice for shoppers, especially as it dominates with a 25.2% share of the grocery store chain market

To elucidate its market prominence, let me share the most crucial Walmart statistics you should be aware of right away. 🌎🛒

Walmart Statistics: The Key Data

  • Walmart serves over 37 million customers per day and over 230 million customers per week.
  • 57% prefer Walmart for groceries, compared to 15% who prefer Amazon.com.
  • Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with over 10,482 locations in 24 countries.
  • Walmart controls 6.3% of the US retail ecommerce market and 25.2% of the grocery store chain market.  
  • In fiscal year 2023, Walmart generated $82 billion in global e-commerce sales.
  • In the fiscal year ending January 31, 2023, Walmart’s worldwide revenue was approximately $611 billion.
  • 92% of Walmart customers are loyal.
  • Walmart Marketplace had over 151,820 sellers in 2022, a 60.21% increase from 2021.
  • Walmart Marketplace receives over 120 million unique monthly visitors.
  • Walmart’s online sales grew by 74% during the pandemic.

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How Many Sellers On Walmart Marketplace

The marketplace has seen a huge increase in sellers, now totaling over 151.82K sellers in 2022 which is a 60.21% increase from last year which stands at 91.41K, reported by Walmart.

How Many Sellers On Walmart Marketplace in 2022

How Many Walmart Plus Members are There

Walmart’s Plus membership program has almost 11.5 million subscribers.

Walmart has been on a roll lately with their new Walmart Plus membership. They have been steadily increasing the number of members, and we wanted to take a look at exactly how many there are and others vital facts.

Quick OverviewFacts
Store subscription nameWalmart Plus or Walmart+
Walmart plus launch dateSeptember 15, 2020
Walmart Plus Subscribers11.5 Millions (Aug 2022)
Walmart Plus Revenue2.2 Biliions
Walmart Plus Cost$12.95 a month or $98 a year

Walmart Draws 37M Daily Shoppers; 230M Weekly.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Staggering daily customer engagement.Serving 37 million daily emphasizes Walmart’s entrenched position as a retail behemoth with a vast reach.
Unrivaled weekly customer throughput.Catering to 230 million customers weekly showcases the unmatched scale of Walmart’s operations and its broad appeal to a diverse audience.
Constant need for efficient supply chain management.Such enormous customer numbers highlight the importance of a robust and streamlined supply chain to consistently meet demand.

Source: Walmart

Groceries: 57% Opt for Walmart Over Amazon’s 15%.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Walmart reigns supreme in the grocery sector.The 57% preference towards Walmart showcases its dominant position in the grocery landscape, likely due to its widespread physical presence and competitive pricing.
Amazon.com has a foothold but lags significantly.Despite being an ecommerce giant, Amazon.com trails Walmart in the grocery segment, indicating room for improvement or a different market focus.
Physical stores might still hold significant importance.The data could suggest that when it comes to groceries, many consumers still value the tangible shopping experience that brick-and-mortar stores offer.

Source: Super Market News

Walmart Tops Global Retail with 10,482 Outlets in 24 Nations.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Unquestionable global dominance in retail.Being the world’s largest retailer underscores Walmart’s unparalleled influence and reach in the retail sector across continents.
Expansive and diverse geographical footprint.With 10,482 locations spread across 24 countries, Walmart caters to a myriad of cultures, preferences, and demographics.
Adaptability to varied markets and consumer needs.Operating in such a wide range of regions implies Walmart’s capability to tailor its offerings and strategies to distinct market conditions.

Source: Corporate

Walmart Holds 6.3% US Ecommerce Share; Dominates Grocery with 25.2%.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Diverse market positioning with varying dominance levels.While controlling a significant quarter of the grocery store chain market, their presence in the ecommerce domain is comparably smaller, indicating a diverse strategic focus.
Unwavering leader in the traditional grocery landscape.At 25.2%, Walmart’s command over the grocery chain market underscores its established trust and preference among US shoppers for in-store grocery purchases.
Potential growth opportunities in the ecommerce sector.The 6.3% share in the US ecommerce space, although substantial, suggests room for Walmart to further amplify its online retail operations and strategies.

Source: Statista

Fiscal 2023: Walmart’s E-commerce Sales Reach $82B Globally.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Formidable player in the global e-commerce arena.Achieving $82 billion in e-commerce sales emphasizes Walmart’s strong digital footprint and its competitive stance in the online retail landscape.
Tangible returns from digital investment and expansion.Such significant sales figures indicate that Walmart’s strategies and investments in bolstering its online platform are yielding robust outcomes.
Sustained relevance in the evolving retail ecosystem.While rooted in brick-and-mortar beginnings, this e-commerce achievement underscores Walmart’s adaptability and resilience in the modern retail paradigm.

Source: Forrester

Walmart’s 2023 Revenue Soars to a Staggering $611B Worldwide.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Undisputed titan in the global retail sector.A revenue figure nearing $611 billion cements Walmart’s position as a paramount force in the worldwide retail landscape.
Demonstrative of consistent growth and expansive reach.Such an immense revenue signifies Walmart’s continuous growth trajectory and its ability to cater to diverse markets and consumer demands across the globe.
Reinforcement of strategic diversification.This substantial revenue reflects not just sales from physical stores, but also from e-commerce, indicating a successful multi-channel retailing approach.

Source: Statista

Loyalty at Peak: 92% of Walmart Shoppers Stay True.

92% of Walmart customers are loyal

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Overwhelming customer allegiance to the brand.A staggering 92% loyalty rate underscores Walmart’s unparalleled ability to foster trust and satisfaction among its customer base.
Testament to consistent value delivery and trust-building.Such high loyalty implies that Walmart continuously meets or exceeds customer expectations, reinforcing its value proposition.
Crucial foundation for sustained market leadership.With a majority of its customers showcasing unwavering loyalty, Walmart possesses a formidable advantage in retaining its dominant market position.

Source: Statista

Walmart Marketplace Surges: 151,820 Sellers in 2022, Up 60.21% from 2021.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Meteoric rise in third-party seller engagement.The 60.21% surge signifies a rapidly expanding platform, illustrating Walmart Marketplace’s escalating appeal for third-party sellers.
Testament to Walmart’s expanding e-commerce strategy.Such a significant influx of sellers indicates Walmart’s deliberate efforts to fortify and diversify its online marketplace beyond its core offerings.
Positive feedback loop for increased product variety.With an ever-growing number of sellers, customers can expect a wider product assortment, further bolstering the platform’s attractiveness and competitiveness.

Walmart Marketplace Captures 120M Unique Monthly Views.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
A powerhouse in e-commerce traffic generation.Attracting over 120 million unique monthly visitors firmly places Walmart Marketplace among the top echelons of global e-commerce platforms.
Indication of high consumer trust and platform visibility.Such substantial traffic signifies not just effective marketing, but also a deep-seated trust and recognition from consumers seeking online retail.
Fertile ground for sellers seeking exposure.With a vast and varied audience, Walmart Marketplace offers sellers an unparalleled opportunity to gain visibility and convert visits into transactions.

Source: Market Place

Pandemic Spurs Walmart Online Sales, Skyrocketing by 74%.

Important takeaway:

Insight from DataRationale
Exceptional adaptability in unprecedented times.A 74% surge in online sales during the pandemic showcases Walmart’s ability to pivot and cater to the dynamic needs of consumers in a challenging landscape.
Reinforcement of e-commerce’s essentiality.Such growth underlines the increasing reliance of consumers on online platforms, especially when traditional shopping avenues are disrupted.
A testament to robust digital infrastructure.Achieving such an exponential growth indicates that Walmart had the digital infrastructure in place to handle the surge in demand and execute seamless deliveries.

Source: Retail Dive

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