How Many Walmart Plus Members are There in 2023?

Walmart’s Plus membership program has almost 11.5 million subscribers.

Data Last Checked: February 21, 2023

Walmart has been on a roll lately with their new Walmart Plus membership. They have been steadily increasing the number of members, and we wanted to take a look at exactly how many there are and others vital facts.

Quick OverviewFacts
Store subscription nameWalmart Plus or Walmart+
Walmart plus launch dateSeptember 15, 2020
Walmart Plus Subscribers11.5 Millions (Aug 2022)
Walmart Plus Revenue2.2 Biliions
Walmart Plus Cost$12.95 a month or $98 a year

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What is Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus is a membership program offered by Walmart that gives customers free shipping on select items. The program has been growing in popularity, with over 11 million members as of August 2022.

Walmart Plus is a great option for those who shop online frequently.

Customers that receive free shipping might save a lot of money, especially if they are purchasing large items. Walmart Plus is especially useful because it provides free same-day delivery on a limited number of items.

Key Walmart Plus Statistics

Walmart’s Plus membership program has almost 11.5 million subscribers.

Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, CNBC

Last Updated: November 15, 2022

Walmart’s Plus membership fee revenue has reached around $2.2 billion worldwide.

Walmart Plus Launch Date

When Did Walmart Plus Launch

Walmart+ was officially launched on September 15, 2020. The program is designed to offer Walmart customers more convenience and savings potential. 

Walmart+ members can enjoy free shipping on orders, fuel discounts at Walmart gas stations, and exclusive prices on groceries through the “Scan & Go” feature. 

In addition, members have access to a 24/7 concierge service for help with shopping-related questions.

How Many Walmart Plus Members Are There

The Walmart plus membership number is 11.5 million and counting according to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners that reported by CNBC.

How Many Walmart Plus Members Are There

This membership-based service provides free shipping on millions of items, exclusive member\n prices at gas stations, and more.

Walmart Plus Revenue

Walmart Plus Revenue

According to data from Walmart, Walmart Plus revenue reached $2.2 billion in 2022. This is a significant increase from the company’s prior year revenue of $1.7 billion, and it shows that Walmart is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

Walmart Plus is a membership program that includes free shipping as well as special bargains and early access to sales. With its low price point of $12.95 per year, it’s no wonder that so many people are signing up for the service. It’s clear that Walmart is quickly becoming a major force in the e-commerce world, and taking on amazon.

What is Walmart Plus Cost

Walmart Plus Membership costs $12.95 a month or $98 a year. The membership includes free two-day shipping on most items on, as well as free returns. You also get early access to special sales and discounts. Plus, you can earn rewards on select purchases.

How Much Is Walmart Plus Per Year

A Walmart Plus yearly membership costs $98. With this membership, you receive discounts on fresh produce, pharmacy items, and select general merchandise. Plus members also receive early shopping hours and free 2-day shipping.

Walmart Plus Benefits

Free shipping, no order minimum

The Walmart Plus membership includes a free shipping benefit. This means you don’t have to spend $35 or more in order to get free shipping. In fact, you can choose to ship items as low as $2.97 and still get free delivery!

Orders are processed by UPS SurePost and arrive the next day in most areas. There is no minimum order requirement when using the Walmart app or website, so it’s easy to add items from your shopping cart into one order while you’re waiting inside your house for the driver from UPS to deliver them at your doorstep!

Mobile scan & go

With the scan & go feature, you can scan items as you shop. Then all that’s left to do is pay at the register and use your mobile to scan your receipt when you’re done. No more waiting in line and no more paper receipts! And it’s all done with Walmart Plus, so there are no extra fees or sign-ups needed.

Fuel Discounts

You’re eligible to save 5 cents per gallon on fuel when you use your Walmart Plus Card at participating Murphy USA gas stations. Maximum savings of 35 gallons are available each year, and discounts apply to most vehicles.

Free next day delivery on eligible orders

If you’ve got an order over $35 and it’s placed before 2 p.m. (local time), we’ll deliver the next day! You can also use our free two-day shipping to get your order in just two days, or choose to have it delivered in as many as four days.


How many walmart+ members are there?

There is 32 million Walmart Plus members as of Auguest of 2022 and counting

How much is walmart plus per month?

The cost of the Walmart Plus membership is $12.95 per month.



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