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Update: 12/03/2021 @5:16 AM

Uber is a constantly growing company and for this reason, it highly needs drivers to make sure that their service is effective and efficient and thats why uber sign on bonus 2021 kicks in to give driver great start. 

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Requirements For Sign Up For Uber Driver

Do you want to become a driver and start earning immediately? It is so easy. You must adhere to the requirements set before you become an Uber driver.

Ensure Your Car Meets the following minimum requirements before you continue with the registration process.

  1. Enter Your Social Security Number– Your Social Security number helps Uber check your criminal and driving record. It helps maintain the safety of riders. The number remains private. It will always be safe and secure
  2. Consent to a Background Check-After entering your Social Security number, you’ll need to consent to a mandatory background check.
  3. Full inspection of your vehicle at least once a year. A mechanic confirms whether or not your vehicle requires maintenance or repair. To save on money and time, it takes to complete the annual vehicle inspection; you should book in advance with your mechanic before showing up.

Steps to Becoming an Uber Driver

To become a successful Uber driver, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do you meet all the requirements to become an Uber driver?
  2. What kind of Uber service you want to provide.
  3. Does your vehicle meet the requirements for that particular type of Uber service?
  4. When do you want to work: Rush hours? Weekend evenings?
  5. Is it worth to become an Uber driver after all?

The following are requirements for Uber Drivers

  1. Be 21 years old and above. (If you’re below 23 years, at least three years of driving experience is a must.)
  2. Have a driver’s license issued in the state where you want to drive Uber, and it has to be valid.
  3. You must provide proof of vehicle registration and insurance.
  4. Having valid auto insurance that meets some specific requirements on liability is a must. Also, at least one year of driving experience is necessary.
  5. You are required to have a clean driving record.
  6. It is also necessary that you meet all the other state, local, or Uber requirements available on the Uber website.
  7. Your vehicle must be fit to pass an inspection from Uber.
  8. You must drive a vehicle that is a 4-door car, truck, or minivan. Manual transmission is accepted.
  9. You must pass a background and criminal check. After you have signed up, Uber will review your driving record and criminal history.

Besides the above requirements, you also have to ensure that you check on the following: This is requirement for NYC but it could be varies city by city

  1. Insurance –As an Uber driver, it means that you are working commercially. It, therefore, means that your personal auto insurance policy may not cover you while at work. Consequently, you have to check and ensure that you get a proper cover. It is the liability of Uber to see that you are well covered while working as their driver. However, the cover may not be enough. An Uber driver is liable to $1 million coverage for picking or driving a rider. While waiting for a passenger’s request, the driver has only liability coverage of $100,000 per accident. Uber does not offer cover for a collision. Contact your insurer to see if there is additional coverage you need.
  2. Additional Requirements. There are other requirements by the local government or local Uber management that you are to meet before you become an Uber driver. For instance, to be an Uber driver in New York City, you must have a Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) driver license. Before getting the TLC license, you must complete a 24-hour For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) course.’

Uber Vehicle Requirements 2021

Do you own a vehicle that meets the requirements of any of Uber service vehicles? You do not need to spend huge amount of money to acquire a vehicle that can meet Uber service requirements. You can go for simple models as long as they meet Uber’s vehicle requirements.

Uber gives discounts at local auto dealers. As a driver, you can also enjoy Uber’s financing services for drivers. It doesn’t matter whether or not your poor credit record has kept you from assessing financing elsewhere.

Alternatively, you can opt to rent or lease a vehicle that meets Uber’s requirements, especially if you have not entirely decided to become an Uber driver.

 The following are some of the latest changes for specific vehicles year in different cities for UberXL as well as UberX drivers:

  • Atlanta – 2004 or newer
  • Boston – 2004 or newer
  • Chicago – 2004 or newer
  • D.C. – 2009 or newer
  • Denver – 2004 or newer
  • Dallas – 2004 or newer
  • Milwaukee – 2004 or newer
  • Nashville – 2004 or newer
  • New York City – 2006 or newer
  • Philadelphia – 2004 or newer
  • Pittsburgh – 2004 or newer
  • Los Angeles and San Francisco – 2004 or newer

 UberBLACK, vehicles must be five years old or more modern.

Vehicle Restrictions for Uber

The following are some of the restrictions that may hinder you from becoming an Uber driver.

  1. If you are unable to drive for Uber with a full-size van, e.g., Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, GMC Savana)
  2. Uber does not accept Taxis and other marked vehicles.
  3. You are not allowed to use Crown Victoria.
  4. Salvage vehicles are not eligible for use at Uber.

The following are the five types of Uber services.

  1. UberX,
  2. UberXL,
  3. UberSELECT,
  4. UberBLACK,
  5. And UberSUV.

Before you register for Uber, you need to check if your current vehicle passes all Uber’s requirements. Uber has the final say on whether or not they will approve your vehicle. The requirement varies depending on the type of service you are planning to offer.

UberX Car

UberX is the most common service that Uber offers. It is also the cheapest and is ideal for everyday use.

UberX Car Requirements:

  • Your vehicle needs to be in good condition.
  • It should seat at least four passengers, not including the driver.
  • It must be a 4-door vehicle.
  • The model of the vehicle should be 2004 or newer, though this varies from city to city.

Recommended cars for UberX include Toyota Prius, Mazda3 and Mazda6, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Ford Focus, Toyota Camry and Corolla, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Altima, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Cobalt, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Cruze.

UberXL vehicle – It is relatively low in terms of cost. When you need a bit more space while taking your ride, UberXL is ideal. If you own either an SUV or minivan, you are the best person to offer this service.

UberXL Car Requirements:

  • Your vehicle must be a 2004 or newer SUV or minivan.
  • It should have no cosmetic damage.
  • It should able to carry a minimum of six passengers, not including the driver.
  • The model of the vehicle should be 2004 or newer, though this varies from city to city.

Recommended cars for UberXL: Chevrolet Suburban, Dodge Caravan, GMC Acadia, Dodge Durango, Honda Odyssey, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, Ford Expedition, and Jeep Cherokee.

UberSELECT (UberPlus) -This is a more expensive option for upscale rides.

UberSELECT Car Requirements:

  • It should have a leather interior and no cosmetic damage.
  • It should be able to seat at least four passengers, not including the driver.
  • It has to be an entry-level 4-door luxury sedan with a leather interior.
  • Vehicle model year 2004 or newer.

Recommended cars for UberSELECT: Audi A3 and up, BMW 3 Series and up, all Lincolns, Mercedes C-Class and up, Volvo S60, Acura, Cadillac, Hyundai Genesis, all Infinitis.

UberBLACK and UberSUV – these are a luxurious alternative to UberX and UberXL.

They charge the highest fares available with Uber. The driving standards are of high quality.

To give your passenger that perfect ride from start to finish, you will be required to meet the following specifications.

Car Requirements:

  • Sedan or full-size SUV.
  • Black exterior and interior.
  • The vehicle should be at least 2014 or newer.
  • Must be at least four passengers (sedan) or six passengers (SUV).
  • Driver must have commercial registration and insurance.
  • An airport permit is required.

Recommended cars for UberBLACK: Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6/A7, and BMW 5 Series.

Recommended cars for UberSUV: Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, and GMC Yukon XL Lincoln Navigator.

UberLUX Car

 UberLUX.-if you want an ultimate luxury ride, UberLUX is your best choice. The vehicle must be in excellent condition.

UberLUX Car Requirements:

  • This service requires you to have commercial insurance.
  • The vehicle is required to be 2010 or newer.
  • This service is only available in cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, and NYC.

Recommended cars for UberLUX: Tesla Model S, Range Rover, BMW 7 Series Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Audi A8.

UberSUV -is the luxury alternative to UberXL. The vehicle must be a 2012 or newer luxury SUV. It must be in excellent condition. The interior and exterior should be black. It should be able to accommodate six passengers plus the driver. E.g., a Lincoln Navigator

Service Level Offerings And Earnings

Note: This calculation only estimate. Uber driver earnings differ city to city. So do not take as actual earnings.

The service level you offer determines your paycheck. UberBLACK drivers earn more than UberX drivers, but they incur higher running costs for their vehicles in terms of servicing gasoline consumption and tires.

The following are the earnings you can get after Uber subtracts its commission. The figures do not include running costs and overheads.

  • UberX (74% of all respondents)

Reported average income: $14.22

Actual average income: $13.70

  • UberXL (16% of all respondents)

Reported average income: $15.48

Actual average income: $14.84

  • UberSELECT (6.4% of all respondents)

Reported average income: $13.89

Actual average income: $14.85

  • UberBLACK (0.8% of all respondents)

Reported average income: $16.47

Actual average income: $24.87

  • UberSUV (1% of all respondents)

Self-Reported Median Income: $10.93

Actual average income: $25.38

According to a 2018 survey by RSG Overall, an Uber driver can make around $16.90 per hour. Getting tips, quest, and boost bonuses within the app increases drivers’ earnings.

Do you want to get paid? It is so easy! Uber directly deposits your weekly earnings as well as your Uber sign on bonus to your bank account. You can also set up a card for instant pay. 

When Do You Want To Work:  Is It During Rush Hours Or Weekend Evenings?

Working during peak hours is beneficial to many drivers. During this time, there are the highest numbers of riders using Uber’s apps to request rides. Peak hours include:

• Rush hours in the morning: between 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. every weekday

• Evening rush hours: from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. every weekday

• 8 p.m.Friday to 3 a.m. the following Saturday

• 8 p.m. Saturday – 3 a.m. following Sunday

Peak periods, however, vary depending on your city. You should do proper research to establish the peak periods. Do an online search, read about Uber driving, or even chat with well established Uber drivers.

 The Best cities in the United States to Drive for Uber 

According to a Research, driving in some states is more profitable for Uber drivers compared to others.

The Best Cities for Uber Drivers Uber drivers can make a full-time living from the app.

  • New York City, NY
  • Seattle, WA
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Long Island, NY
  • Westchester County, NY

The Worst Cities for Uber Drivers

  • San Antonio, TX
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Indianapolis, IN 
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL

Why Drive With Uber?

Do you want to make money when you want? Or you want to be your boss? With Uber, you are the one to make decisions on when to drive or not. The more you hit the road, the more your cash returns! When driving with Uber, you enjoy the following benefits;

  1. Use Uber as Your Personal ATM Machine-With Uber driving, you get paid whenever you want. It doesn’t matter whether you are a full time or part-time driver. You cash out your fare earnings by clicking a button on your driver’s app direct into your debit card. Uber’s instant Pay Drive gives you the chance to get immediate payment when the need arises.
  2. Automatic GPS Navigation-Your Uber partner app will give you directions on the route to follow. Picking and dropping riders’ wt various destinations will not be a problem.
  3. Uber reward programs-The discount programs will help you save cash on auto maintenance, gas, phone plans, and more.
  4. You are your boss-you plan and work whatever day and time you fee. If you are held up or don’t feel like going to work, then you only need to leave your app off. When you are in another city, you turn on your app and be able to earn some extra bucks while visiting.
  5. Boost your income– for young hustlers who want to make extra cash, then driving for Uber is a better option. Get out, earn some money and save to start up another business.

Is it worth to become an Uber driver?

It all depends on the city and how well you have mastered the peak period. You have to keep track of your earnings. Many Uber drivers are earning a decent living from their work.

You have to take into account expenses such as fuel, repair, and maintenance, auto detailing car washing, insurance premiums, and depreciation of the car, plus any other available costs.

How To Be A More Successful Uber Driver

  1. Manage your earnings and expenses-You must learn to manage your business. It is all upon you to ensure that you keep track of your working hours, revenues, and costs. Have it in mind that you are responsible for paying your taxes. Keeping a record of all income and expenses will help you a lot. If possible, learn new methods of keeping track of your business. You may even consider using good tax-preparation software to help you file your tax returns faster.
  2. Stand Out from the Crowd-Show your clients that you are at the top of your game! Since you are competing with other Uber drivers for passengers, tips, and high ratings, you need to provide the best services as you can. For high ratings, you need to be friendly, helpful, courteous, and outgoing. Be that person who makes people feel comfortable while giving them a ride. Be willing to offer some extra simple amenities, e.g., Smartphone chargers, facial tissues, or breath mints. It will go a little further to make the passengers feel more comfortable.
  3. Be knowledgeable and up to date– Uber is an innovative company. It does come up with new changes in its operations now and then. You, therefore, need to keep up with the latest changes, especially those that may directly affect . How to maximize your earning as an Uber driver? Do you want your customers to give you extra cash? You, therefore, need to focus on how you can enhance your rideshare business.
  4. Upgrade your service levels. -Sign up to drive by Uber eats. UberEATS is a paid service whereby you can order food from any local joint. The Uber driver app allows you to pick food orders while picking up your passengers during the same shift. It means that you can pick and drop food orders even when you do not have people to transport.  You get your food at the comfort of your office or home in less than 35 minutes. UberEATS is a partnership between Uber and some restaurants in various cities to give food delivery services. The paid service has its own Android and iOS mobile app.
  5. Proper maintenance of the vehicle– How regularly do you check your engine coolant and oil levels? To maintain your Uber business, you must keep your car in good condition. Due to its frequent use, you need to change the oil regularly. Check tyres for tear and wear. You can also replace the windshield wipers and other parts annually. For you to be on the road and earn more money, you must maintain your vehicle. Otherwise, you will end up spending more time at the mechanic rather than giving a ride to your clients!

Ways To Maximize Your Earnings

  1. Be an Uber Driver for Hire-Uber driving through the Uber’s rideshare platform is the most known way of making extra cash. 
  2. Referral Bonuses-Uber’s referral bonus is one of the best ways of making a kill in Uber driving. For every person, you refer to Uber, both you and the invited person earns some bonus. You need not worry that the rideshare industry has a high turnover rate and that it will affect how much you make.  Almost half of the Uber drivers leave the job after working for a year. You, therefore, do not have to worry about the Uber driving market becoming flooded. While others are signing up for Uber driving, others are calling it quits and move on to other businesses; thus the high turnover.
  3. Uber Eats-Uber Eats is now available in more than 50 cities including Atlanta,Austin,Chicago,Dallas,Houston,London, England,Los Angeles, Melbourne in Australia,Nashville,New York, Paris, France,Philadelphia,San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, ,Toronto in Canada, and Washington, D.C.
  4. UberRush-Other than UberEATS, there is also UberRush. It is like a personal courier whereby you get package and parcel deliveries at the click of a button. It is a convenient way of getting whatever stuff you want within a short time at a fee. For instance, on a rainy day maybe you forgot to carry your raincoat and umbrella, you can request UberRush to deliver it to you. UberRush is a good way of making extra cash on those slow days in the city cash by driving for UberX and UberRush. Currently, UberRush is only in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. It is yet to expand to other cities.
  5. Create Your Own Business with Uber -You can also be an “Uberpreneur”. You buy a fleet of cars and hire more drivers to your Uber fleet.

Important Points To Note When Driving Uber

You have to keep the following points in mind before you apply to become an Uber driver.

  • If you sign up with UberXL, you will also receive fare requests from UberX, unless you choose not to.
  • If you make more trips, the better your earnings become.
  • Always keep your car in good working condition. Ensure that your vehicle is ever clean. A dirty vehicle puts off many, if not all, riders.
  • You should also be respectful. All these factors are critical to receiving a good rating and future fare requests
  • Once you have gone through the requirements and feel that you are eligible to join Uber, it’s time to apply. Go on and submit all the required details.
  • Uber will check whether you qualify or not. If satisfied with you, they will do a follow up by inspecting your vehicle. If you pass the background check, too, you will qualify to start driving.

Nothing should stop you! Go on and start earning some good cash. You never know, it could be a way for your financial breakthrough!


Being an Uber driver is not always as lucrative as it usually appears. Imagine carrying a total stranger in your car? Though some of the passengers are well behaved, some could be noisy and abusive. Others could be drunk and might even puke in there.

The tips from some from these riders are also not worth it! It might take you years of hard work to break even, and if you are leasing a car, you have very slim possibilities of attaining a break even.

It is for this reason that Uber has come up with programs to reward their drivers.

Uber’s driver referral program is a program whereby you get compensation for referring someone to start driving with Uber. Both you and the people you have referred get financial benefits.

Many upcoming drivers know the benefits of using an Uber referral code to sign up. Finding the best driver sign-up code helps them earn more.

How do you get your uber new driver sign-up bonus

One of the qualifications for an Uber guarantee is an Uber driver invite code. Any Uber driver must apply for an invite code during the driver sign-up process. Without the code, you will not be eligible for the guarantee.

 There is no difference between the Uber driver promo code and an Uber sign-up bonus code. You get the code from an existing driver to use in getting your sign-up guarantee.

Uber Guarantees helps ensure that drivers attain a stated amount of fares per hour. If you meet all the set requirements for the guarantee but fail to earn the amount guaranteed, Uber will pay the difference. If you receive more than the amount guaranteed, Uber will not make any payment.

Uber Guarantees is a way the company tries to tell you the amount they think you can earn during peak periods.

How to Get Your Uber New Driver Sign-up Bonus

The guarantee varies from one city to the other. It also depends on the demand for drivers plus the area you sign up to drive in.

However, all Uber referral codes are the same. For instance, in smaller cities with less passenger demand, the guarantee may be lower than cities of equal size with high passenger demand, or in larger cities whose passenger demand is high.

Getting a referral code from a fellow driver is the easiest way to get referrals. You can, however, manually apply the RSG referral code and have the RSG referral code automatically applied.

 Get Accepted to Drive for Uber

Before Uber accepts your application, you must go through a background and DMV check. Your car also has to meet all the Uber vehicle requirements. Once Uber allows your request, they will send you an acceptance email. In case you fail to meet all their requirements, they will send a regret letter with the reasons for the rejection.

Meet The Bonus Requirements

Once you get accepted, you are all set to start earning. It means that you have no more time to waste but do the number of rides before your bonus expires.

Remember that Uber has strict rules on bonuses. You, therefore, have to meet your targets. You can only achieve the only way to achieve this is by regular driving. Always check how you are progressing as you strive to complete the bonus using the Uber driver app.

 Claim Your Uber Guarantee

 You can apply for an Uber referral bonus two ways;

  • Click the referral link
  • Manually use the code during the sign-up process.

 Clicking the Referral Link

Clicking the referral link method is both time and energy saving.

 When you click, the code applies automatically to your account. You immediately become eligible for the Uber driver guarantee. The screen page on your driver’s app will display the amount guaranteed. It will also show you the terms and conditions of the promotion, which include the number of trips within a given time to be eligible. Finish the sign-up process by creating an account. You then fill all the required information.

Manually Applying the Code

It is worth noting that your Uber driver promo code and guarantee promotion depends on your current city where you reside. You must, therefore, pass the background check to qualify for the bonus. In case of any queries, contact Uber via their portal in the driver app.

Initially Uber gave large bonuses because:

Uber was relatively new to many people. Its growth strategy was through referrals. The few drivers, therefore, took advantage of the referral promotion. Uber wanted more drivers to sign up within a short time to keep up with Uber rider demand.

Since the company was new in the market and wanted to expand faster, the best way was, therefore, to offer money in large amounts to each partner who signs up.

But now, many people know about Uber, and the market is almost but not yet full. They no longer need to cash out a huge amount of money for any driver referral for new sign-ups.That why Uber’s sign-up bonus has moved from being an easy way of dishing out cash to an Uber driver guarantee.

Uber has also come up with ways of handling referrals more responsibly. Initially, drivers would sign-up, get extra money, and leave the platform. The company now gives bonuses after the driver shows that they are fully committed to sticking in Uber driving.

And again, no more bonuses are given; instead, the driver gets Guarantees. They ensure that a new driver generates some income from a specific number of trips in a given period. Despite all these, the Uber bonuses are still worth claiming.

Cities Where You Can Claim An Uber Sign-Up Bonus

Guarantee amounts are different depending on the city and time of sign-up. Take a look at the following illustration to get some insights into the best cities where you can claim bonuses.

CityGuarantee Per TripTrips in 30 DaysTotal Guarantee
San Jose$10.25100$ 1,025
Silicon Valley$10.25100$ 1,025
Northern Jersey$10.0050$ 500
Seattle$8.1340$ 325
Denver$8.0050$ 400
Dallas$7.0050$ 350
Chicago$7.3375$ 550

How to Determine the Amount of Guarantee

The amount of guarantee is determined by:

  1. The level of driver shortage in a city.
  2. The average earnings per-trip in each town.
  3. The amount of guarantee per trip is related to the distance and time rates in a particular city.

Maximizing on your Uber Sign-Up Bonus

 You are eligible for the bonus immediately after you sign up to be an Uber driver. The signing up is followed by applying for an Uber sign on bonus.

However, to maximize your earnings after signing up, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Offer a high-quality level of Uber service. – Once you offer the best services, you will be able to get good ratings. A good score will result to you getting rewards once in a while. Your riders will also be pleased with your work, and you might end up get hefty tips from them.
  2. Sign up for UberEATS to earn extra cash. With Uber EATS, you pick and drop food to your customers while doing your usual rounds.
  3. Get Short Trips and earn more-Take up the following actions for you to get short trips that pay well.

Early in the mornings, wait for riders in residential areas rather than outside a hotel. The chances are that you’ll get trips from people who are possibly late and are in a hurry, to their places of work either within proximity or far away.

At night, position yourself in an area with bars and dancing halls area near colleges on weekend nights. Students jump into Uber from campus to the bars back to school later on.

Making Money With The Uber Referral Program

Uber’s referral programme is one of the best gifts to its drivers. Uber driving alone is not the best way of earning money. The referral program is a good way whereby Uber drivers can boost their income. You only need to sign up for the invite code then go ahead and invite either a driver or passenger to Uber.

Uber realized that through the referral programme, their company was able to expand.

After referring any driver or passenger, you earn some commission which could be a few dollars.

How to make more Earnings   with Your Driver Referral Code

To find your code, navigate to the “Referral Code” menu item within the Uber partner app. From there, you can copy the code or send a direct link to anyone you want to refer to. The system will work whether the referred person signs up to drive for UberX, UberBLACK, UberSUV, or any other Uber service.

You must use a verified Uber promo code or invite code from a current active driver to get your Uber driver bonus while signing up.

If you don’t know anyone who drives Uber, you are free to use the verified Uber driver sign up bonus prom code embedded in the URL and automatically added for you during signup.

 Finding your Uber Rider invite Code or Promo Code

  • In your rider app, tap on the menu on the upper left corner. Click “free rides.’
  • At the bottom end, you will see “Share your invited code.”
  • Tap the arrow to the right of your invite or promo code to share through social apps of your choice.
  • Alternatively, tap on “Invite Friends” to directly share with your mobile contacts.
Additional Promotions

After claiming your Uber driver referral, you are no longer eligible for any other easy sign-up bonus. However, some additional promotions come in weekly bonus incentives that you can claim. These incentives are

  1. Quest
  2. Boost
  3. Consecutive Trip Boost
  4. Uber Pro

Uber Quest– is a driver incentive promotion. It rewards drivers for the number of trips you complete within a set period. The timeframe could be a week or weekend. The quest offers are entirely yours.

The Partner app tracks you as you drive. All rides within the set period excluding cancellations are what make up the quest bonus. You will be able to know the number of trips remaining for you to redeem your reward. It is a way to keep drivers on the road.

Uber boost

Uber Boost and surge pricing are similar. Boosts are bonuses given to drivers for trips within a geofenced area and at a specific time of the day. The rates are usually higher than a regular fare for trips within a Boost zone. The incentive varies depending on where and when a driver initiates a pickup.

You will be able to see Boost zones in advance. The app shows when and where the zones appear. The driver can then plan.

 A request must come from the geofenced area within that period for you to earn the guaranteed surge pricing or “boost.”

 Consecutive trip boosts

Consecutive trip boosts are a bonus amount that you’ll receive for completing a certain number of rides in a row during a specified period, and the first ride must start in a specified zone. If you or the rider cancels, you will not receive the consecutive trip boost until you achieve the required number of rides within the time remaining, with remembering to get that first ride in the specified zone. Also, you cannot log out, deny or ignore any trips during that period while you’re building up toward that boost.

 Uber Pro

Uber Pro is a reward program by Uber. Uber Pro is a reward program that aims to reward hard-working and committed drivers. It is for the drivers who are keen and do offer quality experience while on duty.

A driver qualifies for Pro rewards based on both ratings and rides history. The ratings and bonuses are for the last three months are brought into the rewards program.

If you have high scores and low cancellation rates, you can earn the rewards. If a driver gets at least a rating of 4.85-star and a cancellation rate of less than 4 percent, the driver will be able to earn points per trip every three months.

The points you receive within the three months unlocks your status levels and rewards for the next three months.

Uber Pro is among the Uber’s Best Rewards Program that has ever been in existence. It has kicked off in eight cities, namely Chicago, Seattle, Orlando, New Orleans, Phoenix, Tampa, New Jersey, and Denver, and. Uber hopes to introduce this reward program worldwide eventually.

Some of the rewards include

  • 1 to 6 percent extra earnings for time and distance driven.
  • Five percent cash back at gas stations.
  • 25 percent off car maintenance,
  • For diamond status, you get free dent repair.
  • Recognition in the app that you’re a Pro driver app,
  • priority support,
  • faster airport pickups,
  • 24/7 free roadside assistance.
  • Up to 6.5 percent cash back on gas at Mobil and Exxon stations
  • Consecutive trip promotions
  • Quest promotions
  • Full tuition coverage
  • Complimentary dent repair

Uber Pro divides drivers into four categories:

  1. Partner
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum
  4. Diamond.

Drivers who achieve Partner status must maintain a rating of 4.85 with a 4 percent cancellation rate. The driver must earn points on each trip for three months. The rewards include during fuel purchases, you get a cashback, reduced charges on vehicle maintenance, and free 24/7 roadside assistance.

For platinum and diamond status, the drivers qualify for an increase of 3 and 6 percent, respectively, on time and distance rates. Drivers can also enjoy rewards such as faster airport pickups and free dent repair.

 For platinum and diamond drivers- as a committed driver, if you want to further or finish your higher education, Uber may offer you free tuition. The good part is that even if you are not the one directly benefiting from the free tuition, you can as well transfer it to your spouse, child, sibling, parent, legal guardian, or dependent.

The reward aims to

  • Improve driver earnings.
  • Maximize drivers’ time.
  • Help with driver goals on and off the road.
Uber Pro Points Program

The more points you earn the more rewards you will unlock.

  Here are the basic reward levels:

  • Gold Rewards (600 points)
  • Platinum Rewards (1,200 points)
  • Diamond Rewards (1,800 points)

Reward Levels for Uber Pro

Partner Rewards are for all drivers despite the level they are. The rewards for this level include the following:

  • 3% cashback on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations. These are the most expensive fueling stations in the US.
  • Discounts on car maintenance;
  • Consecutive trip promotions
  • Gold Rewards (300 or 600 points)
  • Five percent cash back at gas stations.
  • When using Uber’s debit card, you can get 3 percent cash back on the gas in a gas station of your choice.
  • At Exxon and Mobil stations, you can get 5% cashback
  • Car maintenance discount
  • Consecutive trip promotions
  • Priority support
  • More Quest promotions
  • You become known in the rider’s app
  • You get to see how the time you will take during long trip duration plus the passenger’s direction.
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance

Platinum Rewards (600 or 1,200 points)

  • Five percent cash back at gas stations.
  • 3% more earnings on time and distance rates
  • When using Uber’s debit card, you can get 5 percent cash back on gas at any gas station
  • At Exxon and Mobil stations, you can get 6.5% cashback
  • Car maintenance discount
  • Consecutive trip promotions
  • Priority support
  • More Quest promotions
  • Recognition in the rider’s app
  • You get to know how the time you will take during long trip duration plus the passenger’s direction.
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • View all trip duration and direction
  • Full college tuition coverage at Arizona State University’s online program.

Diamond Rewards (1,200 or 1,800 points)

  • Five percent cash back at gas stations.
  • 6.5 % more earnings on time and distance rates
  • When using Uber’s debit card, you can get 4 percent cash back on gas at any gas station
  • At Exxon and Mobil stations, you can get 5.5% cashback
  • Car maintenance discount
  • Consecutive trip promotions
  • Priority support
  • More Quest promotions
  • Recognition in the rider’s app
  • You get to know how the time you will take during long trip duration plus the passenger’s direction.
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • View all trip duration and direction
  • Full college tuition coverage at Arizona State University’s online program.
  • 3% more earnings on time and distance rates
  • Quicker pickups at airports
  • Dent repair at no cost!


Uber Rewards is available to all U.S. customers. It is the first ride-hailing app’s reward program. It is abit complicated and not easy to understand. However, it is so good considering the numerous benefits perks and a way for everyone to earn $5 rebates.

A dollar spent on driving Uber or Uber Eats can earn you points to help you move from one level of the incentive program to the next.

The rewards automatically include all purchases from the last six months. Whoever enrolls in Uber Rewards automatically receives $5 in Uber Cash for every 500 points they earn.

The rewards allow you to instantly access features like complimentary upgrades to Uber Black, flexible cancellations, or priority airport pickups.

The program can discourage users from making comparisons with other apps if their Uber’s price appears too high.

On your driver app. click the “Earnings” tab at the bottom to view these promotions.

Uber rewards levels

 Uber Rewards tiers, the best perks, and how much Uber driving it takes to earn the rewards.

Blue Benefit: Earning Points

Blue benefit is the only Uber perk that does not reset at the end of the period. When a program member accrues at least 500 Reward Points, you may convert the point to $5 in Uber Cash. To earn 500 points, you require

  • 48 UberPOOL trips,
  • 6 Uber Xs and
  • 6 Uber Eats orders.

 At this point, you have 28 days to choose the chosen reward after that the accrued points expire. A Program Member may redeem the Reward Points by selecting a Chosen Reward. To check how you are doing concerning your Uber Cash or Chosen Rewards, Check for Uber Rewards through the menu in the top left of your app or under Account if using Uber Eats.

To use your Uber Cash, Select Uber cash as your mode of payment when you make a trip request. If your Uber cash is less and can’t cover your trip, you can buy them just enough to complete your ride or set the amount of Uber Cash you want. You can use Uber Cash only on rides and Eats orders in the United States.

To check if Chosen Rewards are on your Program Account, check the Uber Rewards section of the Rider’s app. If available, choose your reward option and then check for the instructions on how to redeem the points.

Once you qualify, you are eligible to earn Points by taking Uber rides or through UberEATS in your apps. You get to make these points whether the trip is on an Uber Business account, or with a Business or Family profile.

You earn your points as follows

  • One point per dollar on Pool / Express Pool trips and Eats orders.
  • Two points per dollar are on UberX, XL, WAV/Assist, Comfort, and Select trips.
  • Three points per dollar on UberBLACK and SUV trips.

It is worth noting that you will not earn points on the following:

  • Any tips to delivery or driver-partners
  • Cancellation fees
  • Section of rides covered by a promotional value
  • Portions of trips covered by another user through split fare
  • Uber Cash upfront purchase, credits, or subscription passes
  • Taxi and scooter rides
Gold Benefit: Flexible Cancellations

Once you hit 500 points, you automatically join Uber Gold. Under this perk, you get flexible cancellations. Once you cancel a ride, you’ll get a message indicating if the ride qualifies for a refund of the cancellation fee. You’ll only get a refund if you book again within 15 minutes and complete the trip. This reward is available to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members.

 To earn 500 points in six months, you need

  • 2 UberPOOL trips per week,
  • one Uber X per month and
  • One Uber Eats order per month.

Pool and Express Pool trips do not qualify. You only benefit from the flexible cancellation once per hour and up to three total uses per Earnings Window. The benefit is available in specific locations in the US.

3. Gold Benefit: Priority Support

Uber Rewards Gold or Platinum members can access the priority support team in their Uber apps. The support team comprises of experienced support agents. The support is available only for US rides and deliveries.

4. Platinum: Price protection

When you hit 2,500 points, you join the Platinum level. You, therefore, get the Gold benefits as well as become prompted to choose two of your best locations. Platinum members get priority pickups at airports.

  • To earn 2,500 points, you’d need to take
  • UberX 4 times per week and
  • Order Uber Eats twice per month.

Uber Gold is for frequent users who rely on Uber to get to work anywhere else.

 Whether you are busy or not, you are still eligible for the savings off of the real-time price. However, the savings will get capped at 20% off the price. You can as well change your prior chosen route once in 30 days through contacting the Uber support team. But this benefit is only in a few locations, and price protection does not affect earlier planned rides.

You should note that the Uber Rewards price protection benefit and price protection on Ride Pass is different. Ride Pass provides price protection for lower prices on all UberX and Pool trips routes. It is applicable only once a month.

Platinum Benefit: Priority Pickups at Airports

 Platinum and Diamond members may get faster pickups depending on the availability of drivers. Due to some local restrictions, this benefit only applies to specific airports. For airport pickup, shorter wait times, there are guarantees.

Diamond Benefit: Complimentary Upgrades

Complimentary upgrades are o specific rides on UberX. The updates are only available to Diamond members are the ones who can only access these upgrades. This benefit doesn’t apply to all locations, excluding specific airports and venues.

Diamond Benefit: For drivers who are highly Rated

When you place a request for an UberX Diamond trip, you automatically get a match from one of the best drivers whose ratings are high. If there are no qualified drivers available to fulfill this request, it may cancel after all. This benefit is specific to some locations.

Diamond Benefit: Premium Support

The members gain access to Uber’s premium support team. Any reply to your in-app messages will receive the top priority. You also access to daily phone support. The Premium support available to US rides and deliveries only.

Diamond Benefit: 3 Deliveries for free

When you have hit the Diamond level, you are eligible to receive 3 Uber Eats orders with no delivery fee. However, taxes and tips are non-inclusive. Other fees may, however, still apply. The promotion automatically adds to your account, and it only applies to your next three Uber Eats orders. You must use this promotion before the expiry of your Diamond.

Diamond: Premium support & upgrades

When you hit 7,500 points, you get the Gold and Platinum benefits plus premium support. You also get a phone line that is fully dedicated and fast day and night responses from the best customer service agents.

 And you get three Uber Eats orders every six months. To hit 7,500 points requires you to take

  • 8 UberX trips per week,
  • free Uber Eats deliveries once per week
  • One Uber Black ride to the airport per month.

 Diamond is ideal for business travelers or people who ditch car ownership for ridesharing.

Most Recent Promotions By Uber Mail Out Postcards

Uber may send mail out postcards out to a few lucky recipients.

The lucky recipients receive a random postcard with Uber’s latest promotional offer by Uber. If lucky, you may get a new Uber driver sign up bonus earnings guarantee totaling $2,900 on completing 400 trips in 90 days.

Cities where you can get   Uber Rewards

Uber Rewards is now available in Dallas, Boston, Houston, Orange County, Kansas City, LA, New Orleans Fort Collins, Indianapolis, SF, Rockies, Erie Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Lehigh Valley, Gettysburg, and Western.

Rideshare driving is at three different times.

  • When you’re online or are waiting for riders’ requests.
  • Once you’ve accepted an offer and you’re en route to your passenger.
  • After picking your passenger and you are on the road.

Generally, Rideshare insurance is relatively affordable.


While there are many different ways of making money using the Uber platform, it’s all about being creative. If you are creative enough to come up with ways of making extra money cash through the Uber platform, then you are in the right track. As long as you put on an entrepreneurial mind, you will be able to increase your income.

If you are thinking of joining the Uber driving world, you are free to do so. Currently, the United States has more than 900,000 Uber drivers. All these drivers are making money from ridesharing fees.

If you own a car, Uber has an easy way of making money. The job is so flexible meaning you can work at your own convenient time.

If you are interested to know more about how you can earn cash from driving around town whatever day or night, then this article will help you a lot.

Before Final Thought, We provide information Uber and How it become Uber.

What Is Uber?

You could be wondering what Uber is and how it works. But worry no more. You are on the right path to know what it is all about.

Do you own a car and want to get paid quickly for driving? Uber is the way to go! Uber is a Smartphone app that is affordable and convenient. It is a safe taxi service both for riders and drivers. Uber app is easy to use.

As a rider, you hire a private driver to pick and take you to wherever you want. You only need to tap a button on the app from your Smartphone. A driver nearby arrives within minutes to pick you. The exciting part is that you watch the driver en route to pick you.

For a driver, there are requirements that you must meet before you start working as an Uber driver. Uber drivers enjoy reasonable remuneration besides receiving tips from valuable customers.

You will find Uber on more than 700 cities in the world. The company started small, but with time it has gained popularity worldwide as one of the convenient ways of carrying riders both for short or long rides.

How Does Uber Work For Riders?

As a rider, you first need to sign up and create an account to enjoy Uber services. While signing up, you need to provide your name, mobile number, email address, and permit access to your location. You also need to provide a payment option, e.g., Credit or debit card. PayPal account, Apple Pay, and Google Pay also work if you have it set up.

You then proceed to download and install the uber app on your phone. It could be an iPhone, Android, or Windows. You can also apply through the Uber website.

Once you have installed the app, you only have to click a button. The Uber app connects you with the closest Uber driver nearby. The app automatically finds the route and logs GPS data.

On accepting driver accepts your trip, you’ll see their name, license plate, photo, rating, and a substitute telephone number. You can keep track of your Uber driver on the built-in map until the time they pick you.

Requesting For An Uber Ride

Have you finished your sign up process and are ready for a trip? Do as follows to request for Uber.

  • To submit a trip request, go to the Uber app on your mobile device.
  • In the “Where to?” box art, at the top of the app, type the name of your final destination
  • Select a ride mode. The following options will appear with their fare estimates: UberX, UberXL, UberBLACK, UberTAXI, UberSUV, UberLUX, UberPOOL, or Assist. Tap any of the options that suit the type of service you want. Depending on where you are, the time, and availability, you may see either or all of the available options.
  • Your default option will select automatically. You can, however, change it if you tap on it.
  • Confirm whichever mode of ride you’ve selected by tapping the button at the bottom of the Ride Options screen.
  • Confirm your pickup spot. Ensure that your phone’s location has got it right.
  • Press Confirm Pickup. Within a short time, you will get an Uber driver nearby.
  • Once Uber has found a match, it will bring you to a screen where you can watch your driver navigate towards you. You will be able to see his or her ETA on a map. From this screen, you can as well know the driver’s details including, name, photo, license plate, rating, and an alternative contact.

During your ride, you can track your trip in real-time and share your ETA with friends. Finally, when the trip comes to an end, the app calculates the distance and fare. The rider transfers the fare to the driver using any preferred mode of payment that he/she provided while signing up. The payment method you set while signing up will automatically pay when the trip is over.

To cancel your trip

If you wish to cancel a ride, the Uber app will allow you to do it a few minutes after submitting a request. You will, however, have to pay some to be charged a cancellation fee depending on where your current location.

Your trip

On arrival, the driver will note on his app that you have boarded the vehicle. A new map screen will appear on your phone. Use this map to follow your trip. To share your ETA so that your contacts get to know of your safety, you can as well tap Send Status on the Map screen.

When you reach your destination, the driver notes in his app that the trip is complete. Your app automatically processes your payment. For you to see the past trips, check on the top right left of your Uber app. Tap the three lines, followed by Your Trips.

Rate your driver

At the end of the trip, the Uber app will ask you to rate your driver. You will see five stars, with one being the lowest and five the highest. The rating you give affects the current overall rating of the driver. All the other riders will be able to see it. To add some tip for your driver and pay them a compliment, tap any of the options, e.g., Excellent Service.

What Do The Different Uber Cars Mean?

Uber offers various ride options. You can even request the most luxurious car, split the fare with a fellow rider, or be a passenger in any assistance vehicle. The following are some of the available ride options.

  1. UberX: An everyday car. Carries up to four riders
  2. UberXL: An ordinary vehicle for up to six passengers
  3. UberBLACK: A high-end sedan that can carry to four passengers
  4. UberTAXI: A partner taxi cab which can carry up to four passengers
  5. UberSUV: An SUV for up to six passengers
  6. UberLUX: A high-end luxury car for up to four passengers
  7. UberPOOL: If you love sharing your ride with others, UberPOOL will be your ideal choice. Each of you automatically pays a guaranteed split fare
  8. Assist: An UberX option specifically for persons with disabilities. 
Why Uber Has Become So Popular
  1. It is so easy to use and very convenient – You only need to install the Uber app on your Android, iOS, or Windows phone. After creating an account on Uber and confirming your payment option, you are good to go. You request for a ride through your Uber app when the need arises.
  2. You Know Your Ride before meeting them-after sending a request, the app will inform you of the nearest available driver, the car details, plus the length of time it will take the car to reach where you are. On arrival, you receive a message from Uber.
  3. Feedback-Both the rider, and the client has to rate his driver at the end of the trip. There are incentives for both driver and passenger. A rider can as well tip his or her driver through the Uber app. On the other hand, drivers can also rate users. If your rating is too low, Uber may ban you from using their services.

Uber Ride Costs

As an Uber driver, you are in business. You, therefore, need to know and have a clear understanding of your operating and overhead costs. Whenever you ignite your engine on to pick a passenger, there are some costs you incur. E.g. gas and wear-and-tear on your vehicle.

You also need to understand how Uber pays its drivers. Uber charges riders based on the time and distance of the ride.

Other factors which determine the cost of the ride include;

  • Booking Fee
    • Base Fare.
    • Surge Pricing.

Base fare and the booking fee are costs set per trip, and they vary from one city to the other. They help Uber cover costs like background checks on drivers and additional fees Uber incurs through running its booking model.

Surge pricing– Uber initiates surge pricing when driver supply is low, and rider demand is high. At such times, Uber charges passengers up to 400% more for the same trip. The increase in rates, however, depends on the gap in demand and supply of drivers. The greater the difference, the higher the percentage increase you get. This model helps attract more drivers to the area, increasing the driver supply for passengers.

Final Thought

You can make money driving Uber. However, unless you are in NYC, where you can earn a living from fulltime ridesharing, in other cities, it is best when you do it as a part-time job. Uber driving is a good side hustle. Note that when you join up to work for Uber, you are signing up as a contractor, not a full-time employee.

Uber’s reward schemes might also help you earn more money. As a result, it is prudent to enroll in such programs.

 Finally, Uber is a company that has been in existence for more than eight years. In case you need more information concerning how they do conduct their business, kindly contact them.

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