Shopify is on the rise!

The platform has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with more and more merchants signing up to sell their products online.

But how many merchants on Shopify in 2022?

There are over 1.75 million merchants on Shopify according to multiple report data we collected from eCommerce platforms, Acuireconvert, Edesk, Appmysite, and Fe international.

How Many Merchants On Shopify in 2022

We will take a closer look at the latest Shopify statistics and explore what is fueling the Shopify e-commerce boom.

Shopify Statistics: Key Findings

  • 1.75 million sellers use the Shopify platform.
  • 81% of the traffic on Shopify stores comes from mobile devices
  • As of June 2021, Shopify has made $2.10 billion in sales.
  • More than 2.1 million people use Shopify every single day.
  • Online stores using Shopify have a 5% to 10% success rate.

How Many Shopify Merchants Are There

As of 2022, Shopify has over 1.75 million merchants on its platform. This number is constantly growing as more and more entrepreneurs see the benefit of using Shopify to start and grow their businesses.

How Many Merchants On Shopify in 2022

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform and allows businesses to create a professional online store with ease. There are no limits to what you can sell on Shopify, and you can start for free with no risk or obligation. Plus, if you’re ever stuck or need help, the Shopify team is always available to lend a hand.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to create an online store and start selling products today, then Shopify is the platform for you. Check it out now and see how easy it is to get started.

How Many Websites Use Shopify

Over 3.93 million live websites are powered by Shopify, making it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world according to the data from BuiltWith.

How Many Websites Use Shopify

Some notable companies that use Shopify include Tesla, Budweiser, Red Bull, GE, and countless other top brands.

Shopify is consistently praised for its ease of use and wide range of features, which makes it a great option for anyone looking to start an online store.

It’s also worth noting that Shopify is one of the only eCommerce platforms that offer a free trial (14 days), so you can test out all the features before deciding if it’s the right platform for you.

Is Shopify the biggest eCommerce platform?

Shopify is the biggest eCommerce platform, with a market share of 30% percent among all US websites according to Builtwith.

It’s popular because it’s easy to use and has a wide range of features, including built-in marketing and payment processing tools. Plus, Shopify is always updating its platform to keep up with the latest trends in eCommerce.

How many Shopify stores are successful?

It’s difficult to say exactly how many Shopify stores are successful, but most estimates put it at around 5-10% according to Pickystory. This is because a lot depends on the individual storeowner’s abilities and willingness to put in the hard work necessary to make their store a success.

That said, there are a number of Shopify stores that have been extremely successful, including some that have achieved million-dollar turnovers in just a few short months. So it is definitely possible for a Shopify store to be very successful if the owner is willing to put in the effort.

How many Shopify stores fail?

According to the latest data, 90% of stores fail in the first year. This is because a lot of people don’t realize how much work goes into owning and running a successful eCommerce store.

It’s not enough to just create a beautiful website and wait for the customers to start pouring in. You need to be constantly tweaking and adjusting your site, developing new marketing strategies, and working on improving your customer service.

And even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful. So if you’re thinking about starting a Shopify store, make sure you’re prepared for the challenge ahead.

What are the disadvantages of Shopify?

Shopify has a number of great features, but there are a few potential disadvantages to consider as well:

1. Shopify is expensive – The basic Shopify plan starts at $29/month, and the more advanced plans can get quite pricey. If you’re just starting out, this may be more than you’re willing to invest.

2. It can be difficult to customize your store – If you want to make significant changes to the look or feel of your store, or add complex functionality, it can be challenging. You’ll likely need to hire a developer to help you out.

3. Shopify is closed-source – This means that the code for your store is not open source, and you’ll be limited in what you can do with it. If you’re looking for complete control over your store, this may not be the platform for you.

Despite these potential drawbacks, Shopify remains one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for a reason. It’s simple to use, has a lot of features, and is always up to date with the current trends. Shopify is a good option to explore if you want to build an online store.

7 Reason Why Most Shopify Store Fails

1. Lack of a business plan – You need to have a solid business plan in place before starting a Shopify store, or you’re doomed to fail from the start. Without a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it, your store is likely to flounder.

2. Lack of capital – Even if you have a great business plan, you’ll need enough capital to get your store off the ground. This can be difficult to come by, especially if you’re starting out on your own.

3. Poor marketing – If you don’t invest in effective marketing campaigns, your store will not succeed. You need to find the right channels to reach your target audience and generate traffic/sales.

4. Lack of customer service – A poor customer service experience can be enough to drive customers away for good. Make sure you have a system in place for dealing with customer queries and complaints quickly and effectively.

5. Unclear brand identity – If customers don’t know what your store is selling or what it stands for, they’re unlikely to buy from you. You need to create a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience and makes them want to buy from you.

6. Bad website design – If your website looks dated or unprofessional, customers will be less likely to trust you and buy from you. You need to create a visually appealing website that inspires confidence and showcases your products/services in the best possible light.

7. Competitors – There are plenty of other eCommerce stores out there, so you’ll need to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition if you want to succeed. Stand out from the crowd by offering unique products/services, excellent customer service, or competitive prices.

If you’re thinking of opening a Shopify store, avoid these frequent blunders. You can develop a profitable store that stands out from the competition with a great business strategy and some hard work.

Is selling on Shopify worth it?

Shopify is definitely worth it if you’re looking to start an online store. It’s one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, it’s easy to use, and has a wide range of features. It’s also constantly updated with the latest trends, so you can be sure your store will stay up-to-date.

There are a few drawbacks to consider, like the hefty cost of the basic plan and the lack of control over the code. Nonetheless, Shopify is a fantastic platform for online stores in general. To ensure success, make sure you have a business plan in place and engage in successful marketing initiatives.


How Many Businesses Use Shopify

There are 1.75 million business use Shopify.

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