Poor managing payroll can be a huge problem for small businesses, costing them lots of money in taxes and penalties.

Leaving it to S Crop payroll professionals is a smart move. Whether you expect to improve the accuracy and speed of your payroll process or protect your business from costly errors, payroll service is the way to go.

By using the best payroll services for S Corps, you can easily and accurately make all payroll payments and prepare beneficial tax reports. Payroll services for s corp can help you save time and navigate your way through payroll tax laws and filing requirements so you don’t have to stay home from work just to manage it.

Let’s find out the benefits of using a payroll service, as well as review some of the best options available. We’ll help you choose the right service for your business!

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Payroll Service Provider for S Corporations

As an S Corporations owner, you know that payroll is just one of the many responsibilities you have. One way to reduce the stress and burden of payroll is to enlist the help of a payroll service provider.

If you’re in the process of investigating and selecting a payroll service, here are five important factors to consider.

Compare Quotes

The first thing to do when choosing a payroll service provider is to compare multiple payroll services quotes from different providers.

This will give you an understanding of what services and features each provider offers and at what price.

Compare Quotes for S Corps payroll service

Make sure to read through each quote carefully so that you can make the best decision for your small business. 

Available Features

Every payroll service provider offers different features, so you must understand exactly what features are available with each provider before making your selection.

Features for S Corps payroll service

Some features may include direct deposit processing, tax filing, vacation time tracking, employee benefits administration, and more. Choose a provider that has all the features that are important for your business operations. 


Depending on the size of your business or industry-specific needs, it may be beneficial to select a payroll service provider that specializes in servicing small businesses or specific industries.

Specialization for S Corps payroll service

Specialized providers may have additional insights into how other businesses within their field operations and be able to provide more customized solutions tailored specifically to small businesses or industries they specialize in. 


Be sure to take some time researching customer reviews about potential providers before making a decision as well.

Reviews often provide valuable insight into customer experiences with specific providers, which can help guide your decision-making process when selecting a payroll service provider for your business. 

High Level of Security

It’s essential that you select a reputable payroll service provider with high levels of security protocols in place when handling sensitive employee data such as salaries and bank account information.

High Level of Security for S Corps payroll service

Make sure any potential providers adhere strictly to secure data storage standards such as ISO 27001 or SSAE16 SOC1/2/3 compliance protocols for safeguarding user data against potential breaches or hacks. 

Selecting a payroll service provider can seem daunting but by taking into account these five key factors – comparing quotes, available features, specialization, reputation, and security.

As a result, you’ll be in good hands when making an informed decision regarding which provider best suits your S Corporation’s particular payroll management needs each month!

Best S Crops Payroll Service in 2023

1. Gusto

Gusto offers comprehensive payroll services for businesses of any size, including S Corporations. With a full suite of payroll features including direct deposit, tax filing, employee onboarding and benefits administration, Gusto is the perfect choice for S Corporations looking to streamline their payroll processing.

2. Paychex

Paychex is one of the leading payroll service providers in the US, offering a wide range of payroll and HR solutions for businesses large and small. With Paychex, S Corporations can take advantage of efficient payroll processing, direct deposit, job costing, and employee benefits administration.

3. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit QuickBooks is a trusted name in accounting and payroll software. With their QuickBooks Payroll solution, S Corporations can automate the entire payroll process with ease. From direct deposit to tax filing, QuickBooks Payroll can take the hassle out of managing payroll for your business.

4. SurePayroll

SurePayroll is an intuitive, cloud-based payroll system designed to help small businesses manage their payroll quickly and easily. Their platform allows S Corporations to track and manage employee payroll, deductions, benefits, and more from a single dashboard.

5. ADP Run

ADP offers a comprehensive payroll solution for businesses, including S Corporations. ADP Run is an all-in-one payroll and HR software that streamlines payroll processing, taxes filing, and employee benefits management. With ADP Run, S Corporations can rest assured that their payroll is managed securely and accurately.

No matter what payroll service you decide is best for your S Corporation, make sure that it meets all of the above criteria and that you are confident in the provider’s ability to meet your needs. With the right payroll solution, managing payroll can be a breeze!

What is an S Corps: Benefit and Advantage

An S Corp, or S Corporation, is a business entity that is registered as a corporation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but is taxed differently. It operates like a traditional C-corp in that it’s recognized as its legal entity and can have multiple shareholders and employees.

However, there are some key differences between an S corp and other types of businesses. 

The primary benefit of registering an LLC or other business type as an S corp with the IRS is tax savings thanks to “pass-through taxation”—this means profits, losses, deductions, and credits pass through to the owners on their individual income taxes instead of being taxed at corporate levels.

This also allows for greater flexibility in how profits are dispersed among shareholders without paying corporate taxes until they are distributed from the company.

Another major benefit of setting up your business as an S Corp over other forms is liability protection: if something legally goes wrong with your company, each shareholder will only be held liable for his/her share in any lawsuit brought against the company instead of holding full personal responsibility for all debts incurred by the business itself.

The downside here however is that by incorporating your business into an LLC you may be sacrificing certain tax benefits associated with filing directly under your income tax return such as deducting health insurance premiums/business meals etc. 

Aside from these benefits, having an EIN (Employer Identification Number) registered with the IRS makes it easier to qualify for loans because banks consider this extra layer of accountability favorably when analyzing risk and reputation levels on loan applications.

Cost of S Crops Payroll Service

The cost of S Corps payroll services varies but in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25-$80 each month and $2-$6 per employee for the payroll services.

The cost of services can also vary depending on the complexity of your tax status and your company’s specific needs.

For small business: 5 Best Small Businesses Payroll Services For Cheap


What is included in S Corp payroll services?

S Corps payroll services typically include tracking employee hours, calculating payroll deductions and withholding, preparing and filing tax forms, direct deposit payments, and providing other payroll-related services. Payroll services may also include additional features such as custom reporting, time off tracking, and compliance with employment laws.

Is QuickBooks good for S Corp?

QuickBooks is a great accounting software for S Corps. They allows you to track expenses, create invoices and estimates, generate financial reports, and keep track of payroll.

QuickBooks, you can easily manage your business finances and make sure that all S Corp legal requirements are met.

Can an S Corp write off payroll taxes?

Yes, S Corps can write off payroll taxes as business expenses. This includes federal and state income taxes, Social Security and Medicare contributions, and other payroll taxes. However, the owner of an S Corp should consult a tax advisor to determine which taxes can be deducted and how they should be reported on the company’s tax return.

What is the S-corp loophole?

Can an S corp write off car payments?

What percentage of S Corps are audited?

What deductions can you take as an S-Corp?

What triggers an S Corps audit?

The most common triggers for an S-Corp audit are high levels of income compared to past returns; discrepancies between reported rental income or expenses; lack of payroll taxes; activities that may appear to be outside the entity’s stated purpose; inadequate recordkeeping and discrepancies between corporate records and financial statements.

Additionally, if shareholder wages don’t match what would be expected for their tasks as employees (meaning they are paid low or no salaries), this can also trigger an audit

Are meals 100% deductible for S Corp?

When it comes to business meals and entertainment, many businesses are understandably interested in the tax implications, particularly when it comes to S Corps. Good news is that in most cases meals are 100% deductible for S Corp entities

Meal has to have been purchased for a valid business purpose and directly related to your business operations or activities.

Eating at restaurants with a client or going out for team lunches are both common examples; however, you won’t qualify if you were simply taking customers out shopping on vacation.

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