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Ricoh Managed Print Services (MPS) is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse printing needs of businesses across various industries, including healthcare, biotech, manufacturing, energy, utilities, education, finance, and IT services. With an emphasis on excellent machines, seamless integration, and efficient on-site support, Ricoh MPS ensures a smooth and reliable printing experience for organizations of all sizes.

Ricoh Managed Print Services

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Features of Ricoh Managed Print Services

Features of Ricoh Managed Print Services
Features of Ricoh Managed Print Services (MPaaS)DescriptionBusiness ImpactImplementation Strategy
Physical Offerings
Supplies ManagementAssists in maintaining and replenishing print supplies.Reduces downtime and increases productivity.Regular inventory checks and automated supply ordering.
Device DeploymentEnsures seamless deployment of printing devices across your organization.Promotes uniformity and efficiency in print operations.Strategic placement and installation of devices.
Device Management and MaintenanceProvides continuous support for device functionality and routine maintenance.Ensures consistent print quality and reduces device downtime.Routine maintenance schedule and prompt troubleshooting.
Digital Offerings
Remote Print and Device ManagementEnables remote management of devices and print jobs, promoting efficiency.Increases productivity and enables remote working capabilities.Implementing a digital platform for remote device management.
Destination Scan/Route ServicesFacilitates digital document routing to intended destinations.Streamlines document management and sharing.Digital document routing setup based on organizational structure.
Digital Device ManagementEnsures efficient management of digital print devices.Increases productivity and reduces device downtime.Regular monitoring and management of digital devices.
Consultative Offerings
Infrastructure AssessmentsProvides comprehensive analysis of your print infrastructure to identify areas for improvement.Improves print operations and cost-efficiency.Regular assessments and updates to print infrastructure.
Digital Transformation ConsultingOffers expert advice on how to transition to a more digital print environment.Facilitates transition to digital, improving efficiency and reducing costs.Consultation and strategic plan for digital transformation.
Environmental InsightsProvides insight on the environmental impact of your print infrastructure.Promotes sustainability and reduces environmental footprint.Implementing environmentally friendly practices in print operations.
Mobility StrategiesAssesses and recommends mobile strategies for print services.Enables mobile access to print services, increasing flexibility.Implementing mobile access and support for print services.
Analytics ServicesUses data to provide insights on improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and creating productive new workflows.Improves decision making and operational efficiency.Regular data collection and analysis for print operations.
Added Value
Subscription ModelOffers flexibility and scalability for a seamless digital transformation.Allows for cost efficiency and adaptable print operations.Choosing a subscription model that best fits organizational needs.
Best-fit InfrastructureOffers choice between a subscription-based model, traditional Managed Print Services, or a hybrid deployment.Ensures optimal print infrastructure based on specific needs.Strategic decision on print infrastructure based on assessments.
ScalabilityAligns services with specific needs and allows for scaling up or down as business evolves.Ensures print operations can adapt to changing business needs.Dynamic service plan adjustments in line with business growth and changes.
Proven WorkflowsProvides access to proven, pre-built workflows to enhance productivity.Streamlines operations and improves efficiency.Implementing effective workflows into daily operations.
SecurityEnsures network and data security through a combination of software and cloud services.Protects sensitive business data and reduces risk of cyber threats.Regular security audits and implementation of recommended security measures.
Investment ProtectionContinually advances in AI, machine learning, and other core technologies for cutting-edge services.Ensures continuous access to the latest technological advances in print services.Regularly update systems to leverage the latest technological advancements.


What is Ricoh’s Managed Print Services (MPS) goal?

MPS aims to optimize output ecosystems, enabling productivity while reducing waste and costs.

What are Ricoh’s managed print methodology levels?

Ricoh’s managed print methodology consists of three levels: foundational, organizational, and transformational. 

What is Ricoh MPaaS?

A flexible, cost-effective subscription model for managed print services.

How does Ricoh Analytics for Print optimize the environment?

By providing data-driven insights for decision-making and efficiency improvement.

What do Ricoh’s Print Output Solutions offer?

Ricoh’s Print Output Solutions help organizations centralize the management of print device output to control costs, protect information, and simplify fleet management.

How does Ricoh’s Mobile Printing enhance remote productivity?

Ricoh’s Mobile Printing allows employees to print documents from their mobile devices, enabling seamless printing for remote workers and enhancing overall productivity.

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