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Ricoh is a globally recognized brand that specializes in providing high-quality office equipment and solutions. Ricoh Copier Lease offers a comprehensive range of copier solutions that cater to the specific needs of any organization. 

Whether you are looking for a Ricoh copier for lease or any other brand, make sure to fill out the quick form below to get multiple copier lease quotes.


Ricoh Copier dealers provide businesses with the option of leasing a copier instead of buying one outright, allowing companies to have access to the latest copier technology without the upfront costs. 

Ricoh Copier Lease Rates

To get latest copier lease quotes for your local area, fill out the form and receive up to 5 copier lease offers from multiple suppliers. Note: the rates may or may not include Ricoh brands.

Reasons to Lease a Ricoh Printer

Please note that the scoring and financial implications are hypothetical as the actual impact can vary depending on specific business circumstances.

Reasons to Lease a Ricoh PrinterDetailsBusiness Impact (1-10)Financial Implication
High-Quality & Versatile OptionsRicoh offers versatile, high-quality printing solutions with diverse configurations.
9Investment in quality equipment leads to fewer maintenance costs and improved productivity.
Support for Mobile PrintingRicoh printers support mobile printing via AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct, and more, providing convenience and flexibility.8Enhances productivity with reduced time wastage, leading to cost savings.
Enhanced SecurityRicoh printers offer enhanced security features, making them suitable for shared workspaces.10Prevents potential financial losses due to data breaches.
User-FriendlyRicoh printers are easy to use, allowing you to focus more on your business.7Reduces training costs and time spent on troubleshooting.
Energy EfficiencyRicoh printers are energy-efficient, helping to reduce your environmental footprint and save on energy costs.6Leads to savings on energy costs.
Access to Latest Applications and SoftwareRicoh printers provide access to new applications and software, keeping your office productive.8Can increase productivity and potentially reduce the need for additional software purchases.
Capital PreservationLeasing a Ricoh printer doesn’t tie up your capital, providing financial flexibility.10Preserves capital for other investments and reduces upfront costs.
PredictabilityWith leasing, you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of costs, making budgeting easier.9Easier budgeting and financial planning due to predictable costs.
Access to Latest TechnologiesLeasing ensures you won’t need to wait to acquire the latest technologies, keeping your business up-to-date.8Staying up-to-date with technology can lead to increased productivity and competitive advantage.
Tax-Time BenefitsLeasing a Ricoh printer can provide tax-time benefits, depending on your local tax laws.7Possible reduction in tax liability, leading to cost savings.
Lower Out-of-Pocket CostsCompared to purchasing, leasing a Ricoh printer generally results in lower out-of-pocket costs.9Lower initial investment can lead to significant cost savings.

Ricoh Printer Models

Here is the few popular printer models:

  1. IM 350F B&W Multifunction Printer
  2. IM 430F B&W Multifunction Printer
  3. IM C3000 Color Laser Multifunction Printer
  4. MP 6055 B&W Laser Multifunction Printer
  5. IM C4500 Color Laser Multifunction Printer
  6. IM C6000 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Ricoh Copier Dealers

Here are some of the Ricoh copier dealers that are nationally recognized. 

Metro Sales Inc

Metro Sales, established in 1969, is the largest independent Ricoh copier dealer in the U.S., offering superior office imaging solutions. The Minneapolis-based family-owned business also provides managed IT services, document and workflow solutions, and an array of other products and services.

Foundation Year1969
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Main Products/ServicesRicoh copiers, Managed IT Services, Document and Workflow Solutions
Industry RecognitionRicoh’s 2016 National Award of Excellence
Key PartnershipsRicoh, Docuware, Fortinet, HP, PaperCut
Community InvolvementPartnerships with local non-profits
Environmental InitiativesEco-friendly office technology, Geothermal energy, Toner recycling program
Customer SupportManaged IT support, Knowledge base, Copier and printer service and support
ContactWeb form, phone: 612-861-4000

Northeastern Office Equipment

Northeastern Office Equipment is a trusted industry leader, providing comprehensive office equipment solutions for over 50 years. They offer sales, leasing, and servicing of commercial printers, copiers, and cloud-based document solutions, along with managed IT and software services.

Business NameNortheastern Office Equipment
Service DurationOver 50 Years
Service AreaNew York Metropolitan area, and across the United States
ProductsMulti-Function Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Wide Format Printers, Whiteboards
ServicesManaged Print Solutions, Cloud-Based Workflow Solutions, Managed IT Services, Simple Software Solutions
Target MarketSmall to large businesses, law firms & legal services, hospital & medical professionals, K-12 schools & universities, state, local & federal governments
Unique Selling Proposition4-hour Response Time, Same-Day Service, Free 3-month Service Contract on New Equipment (Terms Apply), Price Match Guarantee
Customer ServiceFull-time dispatcher, on-premises parts manager, service technicians with 15 years average experience, own delivery service
InventoryOver $1 million in inventory
Contact Information(631) 845-9500,
Ricoh Copier Lease
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