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Are you looking for payroll services Nashville TN?

It can be hard to find a good payroll company that is affordable and provides quality services.

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Payroll Services Nashville TN

Not all payroll companies are created equal. Some have high rates, some don’t provide quality services, and others are just plain difficult to work with.

Payroll services Nashville can provide you with the best of both worlds-affordable rates and quality services. If you are looking for payroll companies Nashville with competitive rates, then fill out the form below to receive free quotes from Nashville payroll companies.

Payroll Companies Nashville

Finding affordable, efficient payroll companies Nashville can be time-consuming. To help you find the company for your payroll service, fill out the form to get free quotes from up to five payroll services in Nashville, then decide which one is right for your payroll needs.

Payroll Companies in Nashville

Here are some payroll companies Nashville

1. Dominion Payroll

With headquarters in Richmond, Dallas, Charlotte, Jackson, Nashville, Tampa, and Louisville, Dominion Payroll (DP) can assist any business, no matter how big or small. This firm can offer pre-employment and core business solutions to companies in all 50 states thanks to its 7 office locations.

Established in 2002, this 20-year-old firm continues to thrive and has won numerous accolades from various independent awarding bodies.  In fact, Inc. 5000 hailed DP as the nation’s fastest growing private business for 11 consecutive years. Additionally, it also received recognitions from PayChoice and iSolved.

Its portfolio of services range from recruiting top personnel and monitoring workforce time and attendance to handling payroll, human resources, and benefits administration. In addition, DP provides retirement planning and merchant services.

This set of products is connected and optimized through the usage of the iSolved single sign-on (SSO) platform. The combination of iSolved and the team’s great customer service enables this firm’s tagline of “Empowering Your Company.”

2. Legacy Payroll Solutions

Businesses in Nashville and neighboring areas can outsource Legacy Payroll Solutions for their payroll requirements. This Hendersonville-based firm has its office at 201 Molly Walton Dr B.

Being over two decades in the industry, Legacy Payroll Solutions has catered to the payroll, HR and worker’s compensation needs of various small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Its team also provides background checks and drug tests in addition to the aforementioned fundamental services.

Clients can devote more time to managing their core business operations thanks to the diversity of business services accessible.

Additionally, Legacy Payroll Solutions’ team employs top-tier and up-to-date technology for its payroll, benefits, and insurance computation processes in order to deliver services that are error-free and time-efficient.

Solutions are at a reasonable price and can be availed at no down payment. You may call them at (615) 338-6721 to take advantage of a consultation with no administrative fees for a month.

3. Evan Hutcheson, CPA, LLC

Evan Hutcheson, CPA, LLC is a company based in Nashville that provides a comprehensive assortment of accounting-related services. This includes services such as bookkeeping, business consulting, tax planning and preparation, and even services provided by virtual CPAs.

Evan Hutcheson, CPA, LLC
Source: Evan Hutcheson, CPA, LLC

The fact that this accounting firm is both QuickBooks ProAdviser Certified by Intuit and FUTRLI Advisory Certified further demonstrates that it possesses all of the necessary resources and credentials to successfully deliver the aforementioned solutions.

In addition, Evan Hutcheson, CPA, LLC is affiliated with a variety of organizations, such as Thriveal, the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA), and the Construction Financial Management Association. In terms of accolades, named it one of the top accountants in Nashville as of the year 2021, making it eligible for awards in this field.

Evan Hutcheson is the sole proprietor of this ten-year-old business, which he established in 2012 and manages all by himself. Evan holds a license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Tennessee and has worked as a staff accountant for the past five years. His area of expertise includes meeting the varying financial needs of customers in a variety of business sectors.

4. Purtee CPA

Purtee CPA provides accounting services to both businesses and independent professionals alike. This company has its headquarters in Murfreesboro, and its office can be found at 714 W. Main Street, Suite 209.

If you are looking for solutions for accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll, as well as services for business budgeting and forecasting, you can count on Purtee CPA to have your back. In addition to this, they offer consulting and training services for QuickBooks, in addition to tax planning and preparation for both individual and business clients.

Purtee CPA is aware that each individual client has unique requirements due to the fact that the firm serves a varied clientele and is a member of a number of different organizations. It is a member of several different associations, some of which include the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the Smyrna Independent Merchants Association (SIMA).

Purtee CPA is dedicated to keeping its key values of dependability and honesty by providing low-cost, quick-to-implement, and error-free solutions.

The proprietor, Jeffrey Purtee, holds a master’s degree in accounting in addition to his bachelor’s degree in business finance. His first job was as a bookkeeper and accountant, and his clients came from a wide variety of fields, including healthcare, construction, and real estate. He gained experience in all of these areas during this time.

5. Powers & Associates PLLC

Bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services are the specialties of Powers & Associates PLLC, which serves Nashville and the areas immediately surrounding it. This well-known company began operations in 1982 and continues to provide solutions to financial problems that are both prompt and superior.

It is able to guarantee its clients accurate and high-quality services thanks to its status as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Specialist. In addition, this company takes measures to prevent fraud and ensure that all financial transactions are safe.

Accounting, bookkeeping, estate planning, and wealth management are just some of the areas of finance that Powers & Associates PLLC is qualified to handle on your behalf. Its staff of certified public accountants has years of experience working with local businesses to ensure that those businesses comply with all of the applicable state and local regulations.

In addition to the aforementioned services, there are also options available for individuals, businesses, and organizations that are not-for-profit in terms of their tax and auditing needs. Its team of specialists collaborates with attorneys and financial planners to obtain the fewest possible deductions for their clients.

You can call them at this number (615) 320-5484 if you have any questions about the services they provide.

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