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Payroll Services Miami FL

Payroll Companies in Miami

Here are some payroll companies in Miami, FL.

1. Miami Payroll Center

Miami Payroll Center is located at Suite F3, Miami. It was established in 2004. They provide integrated payroll and HR services to businesses in Miami and across the United States. 

Miami Payroll Center
Source: Miami Payroll Center

Their services include payroll services, reporting, tax compliance, time and labor management, professional recruiting, applicant recruiting, employee onboarding,  employee benefits and insurance solutions, HR support and compliance, etc..

They are a team of professional personnels who are committed to the growth of their clients. They have integrated solutions customized to the size and needs of every client. They give the right support and solution to every need. They are a member of AICPA, they also manage payrolls for companies in Central and South America.

If you want a payroll and HR company that will give you peace of mind on your business, Miami Payroll Center is the right place for you. You can trust them with your security and data protection. They also offer a free initial consultation.

They are a five-stars rated company, they have all their clients speaking positively of them across the United States for the excellent payroll and HR services they have enjoyed at Miami Payroll Center.

2. Bayview Payroll Services

Bayview Payroll Services is located in Florida, New Hampshire, and Texas. It was created in 2005, it is a family-owned business created with the aim of helping businesses from every field succeed.  They are one of the top-rated payroll companies in Florida.

Their services include ACA monitor, background check, employee benefits, online payroll, HCM recruits and hire, human resources,labor law posters, time and attendance,workers’ comp, etc…

They operate with extensive payroll experience to offer value to each of their clients. They take pride in knowing their clients by first names in order to be able to provide a personalized payroll package for them. They provide clients with secured and confidential payroll data. They have a handful of professional and certified payroll specialists. 

If your desire is to have a family-owned payroll company for your business, Bayview Payroll Services is that home you are looking for. They will treat you as a family and make you a happy and long-life customer.

They are highly recommended by their clients and they have received several testimonials from  both new and existing satisfied clients for the excellent services that Bayview have provided them over the years.

3. South Florida Payroll Services

It’s been 16 years since South Florida Payroll Services first opened its doors. They are widely recognized for providing exceptional payroll services to companies all over the South Florida region. They are a team of payroll specialists who have years of experience and are compassionate.

They provide services such as payroll services, HR benefits management services, ACA compliance monitoring, online payroll calculation, onboarding and applicant services, payroll management services, human resources services, insurance services, retirement services, and a variety of other services.

They have electronically distributed over a half a billion dollars worth of direct deposit funds and tax deposits to happy employees all over the state of Florida. Because of the high level of overall value and accuracy that they provide with their services, they come highly recommended by both accounting professionals and benefits brokers.

Another payroll company that can contribute to the overall success and expansion of your company is South Florida Payroll Services. You can use them. They have professionals in a variety of accounting fields who will guide you through each and every stage with sufficient attention and experience that is individualized to your needs.

Since they consistently provide their services in a timely and accurate manner, their customers have had nothing but praise for the sixteen years that they have been in business. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to their clients at all times.

4. Todd Accounting

Todd Accounting is located at Suite 454, Miami. They have over 10 years experience in providing accounting services to small businesses in Miami. They are known for the high quality and personalized accounting services.

Their services include incorporation services, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping, account receivables and account payable, tax planning and preparation, sales tax processing, payroll services, cash balance checking, credit card and bank statement reconciliation, point-of-sale reconciliation, preparation of W-2s and W-3s, preparation of 1099s,QuickBooks services, budget development, preparation of financial statement, etc…

They are a set of professionals working on one common goal, which is to make sure that you have a grip of all your business and every accounting activity that comes with it. They care about small businesses and they provide distinctive accounting services that are affordable and easily accessible.

If you run a local business and you need the help of accounting specialists to help you handle your business account, Todd Accounting is ready to take all the burden on themself to make you have more time to focus on other core values of your business. They offer a confidential free consultation to new clients.

Over the years, they have gained the confidence of their clients and they are highly recommended for the excellent jobs they deliver. They have helped their clients to simplify complex accounting and tax issues which has led to the tremendous growth of their clients’ businesses.

5. North Florida Payroll Services

North Florida Payroll Services is located at Tallassee, Florida. They are a group of exceptionally knowledgeable accounting and payroll professionals who have a good deal of expertise amongst them. They have collaborated with a large number of local companies in the surrounding areas.

Payroll and tax processing, online payroll, NFPS time web, labor law posters, human resources, payroll resources, additional services, and so on are some of the things that are included in their offerings.

They provide a “go green” strategy that enables their customers to gain access to payroll services without having to deal with any paperwork. They are members of many professional organizations such as the IPPA, APA, NFIB, BNI, and The Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, they are members of the Florida Surveying Mapping Society. Because of the specialist instruments at their disposal, they are able to address all of their customers’ accounting concerns.

Consider North Florida Payroll Services if you are looking for a payroll and accounting agency that can free up more of your time so that you can put it toward growing your company. They will provide your company with payroll and accounting services that are intuitive to use and of the highest industry level.

They have been given favorable feedback from customers who are completely content with their services. Their high level of service has also earned them lifelong customers who have decided to keep North Florida Payroll Services as their accounting and payroll partners.