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Managing payroll in the construction industry is a task akin to assembling a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. The complexity of handling multiple projects, fluctuating work hours, various pay scales, and legal regulations can be daunting.

If you are a construction company, then you know that payroll is a critical part of your business. The wrong construction payroll services can lead to overpayments, tax fines, and all manner of headaches.

When you choose a good construction payroll services provider for your construction companies, all of your worries will disappear.

Recommendation: Since cost is one of the key factors in choosing the right construction payroll provider, you can fill out the form below to compare quotes from up to 5 construction payroll companies.

Compare Construction Payroll Services

I have listed some of the payroll services for construction companies that can help you save time and money. However, I strongly advise you to compare multiple construction payroll solutions services to find the best deals that fit your budget and needs. 

Key factors to consider when choosing a Construction payroll services

Here are 11 key factors to consider when selecting payroll service for construction industry.

Key FactorsFactor DetailsImportance
IntegrationShould connect smoothly with your existing software.High
ComplianceMust stay updated with all relevant regulations.High
ProcessingEfficient, accurate handling of all wage types and deductions.High
Self-ServicePortal for employees to manage their details and view payslips.Medium
ReportingDetailed insights on payroll, benefits, and labor costs.High
SupportResponsive service to promptly address issues.Medium
ScalabilityCapability to grow with your business needs.High
SecurityRobust measures to protect sensitive data.High
Certified PayrollAbility to produce certified reports for government contracts.Low (unless required)
CostTransparent, value-for-money pricing.Medium
CustomizationAbility to tailor features to your specific needs.Medium
Training & ResourcesAvailability of user training and educational resources.Low

Notes: The “Importance” column represents the significance of each factor in relation to the successful selection and implementation of a construction payroll service.

  • High Importance: These are critical factors that can have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your payroll process. They are must-haves in any payroll service.
  • Medium Importance: These are important factors that enhance the functionality and user experience of the payroll service, but their absence may not severely impact your payroll management.
  • Low Importance: These factors might not be essential for all construction companies. For example, the ability to produce certified payroll reports is only necessary if your company is involved in government contracts.
Key factors to consider when choosing a Construction payroll services

What to Ask a Construction Payroll Company

  • Do you have experience in providing payroll services specifically for the construction industry?
  • Can your system handle different types of employees such as hourly, salaried, and contracted?
  • How do you handle overtime, bonuses, commissions, and other special types of pay?
  • How do you manage payroll taxes and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws?
  • Are you capable of managing certified payroll for government contracts?
  • Can your system track and report on job costing?
  • How do you handle benefits administration, such as health insurance and retirement plans?
  • What kind of employee self-service options do you offer? Can employees access their pay stubs, tax forms, and benefits information online?
  • How do you handle payroll errors or discrepancies? What is your process for resolving these issues?
  • How often are your software and systems updated to remain compliant with the latest laws and regulations?

A payroll service for construction companies’ benefits 

BenefitExplanationBenefit Rating Value (1-10)
Time SavingsAutomates payroll calculations, saving time.9
Cost ReductionMinimizes manual processes, reducing costs.8
Compliance AssuranceEnsures adherence to wage/benefits laws.10
AccuracyReduces human errors in payroll.8
Simplified OperationsManages complex construction wages.9
Employee Self-ServiceAllows online access to pay/benefit info.7
IntegrationSyncs with existing software.8
UpdatesRegularly updates for legal compliance.10
Data SecurityProtects sensitive employee data.10
SupportOffers customer assistance and system implementation.8
ScalabilityScales with business growth, handling more employees.9

Please note that the values are relative and can vary depending on the specific needs and priorities of the construction company.

Best Payroll Services for Construction Companies

#1. Compare Construction Payroll Solutions

By completing this form, you can compare quotes from up to 5 different construction payroll services and make an informed decision about which one offers the best value for money when it comes to cost.

Don’t spend hours trawling through endless websites, simply provide a few details and compare the quote for best deals.

#2. ADP Payroll

ADP Payroll is an invaluable program that helps construction companies keep track of their employees’ hours and pay.

ADP offers a comprehensive array of payroll and HR services, products, integrations, and apps that are tailored to businesses of any size or industry. ADP ensures fast and easy tax processing to help businesses save time and money, as well as compliance services to streamline complicated HCM processes.

ADP Payroll is the perfect tool for construction companies looking to track their employee time and pay without the hassle and confusion.


Payroll4Construction is an ideal service for any construction contractor who wants to ensure they are paid correctly and on time.

Not only does Payroll4Construction make it easier to manage payroll tasks, but it also offers free reporting tools to contractors so that they can stay organized and informed about their payments.

Payroll4Construction has all the features needed by contractors, making it easy to use for both experienced and novice professionals alike. It is perfect for business owners looking for a reliable payroll solution as well as individuals seeking help navigating the sometimes complicated landscape of construction payroll.

Payroll4Construction is the premier choice in construction payroll services!


ConstructionPayroll is revolutionizing payroll processing for construction companies. It offers a comprehensive, tailored solution that combines a time clock application with enhanced compliance functionality to ensure accurate and easy payroll processing.

ConstructionPayroll is perfect for Construction companies who need to process payroll more efficiently while also ensuring they are compliant with prevailing wage laws.

With ConstructionPayroll, businesses can improve their efficiency, lower their risks and have peace of mind when it comes to paying their construction staff.

5. Nethris

Nethris offers an essential service for companies that are in the construction industry and need to handle their payroll for both employees and contractors.

Nethris is one of the few payroll services that provides compliance with CCQ and CSST regulatory standards, as well as remaining compliant in other regulations surrounding labor costs associated with every project.

Nethris allows businesses to manage labor costs, keep track of employee payroll, and easily and accurately process all necessary documents without the headache of traditional payroll services.

Nethris strives to make sure workers get paid correctly and efficiently, giving companies peace of mind that their payroll is taken care of properly.

6.Deltek ComputerEase

Deltek ComputerEase is a program specifically designed for the construction industry that provides payroll services and customer care programs to help users get paid correctly and make the most out of the product.

Deltek ComputerEase is a great option for anyone in the construction field, including construction professionals, business owners, accountants, and consultants.

With Deltek ComputerEase’s comprehensive system & services, relaxation comes easy knowing payroll processing won’t be an issue!

7. Americas Preferred Payroll

Americas Preferred Payroll is the ideal service for construction businesses seeking help with payroll and benefits.

This service not only offers a reliable platform for deductions and payments to be processed accurately but is also integrated with over 1,100 popular software programs to ensure a smooth transition into its platform.

Americas Preferred Payroll delivers personal support through knowledgeable customer support representatives who are available from Monday – Friday during business hours to answer any questions or concerns.

This service can be useful for all sorts of individual needs from construction industry professionals to individuals from other industries needing payroll and benefits services.

8. My Construction Payroll

My Construction Payroll is a cutting-edge service that ensures that construction workers are paid appropriately and on schedule.

My Construction Payroll

My Construction Payroll is the ideal solution for contractors in need of payroll services, PEOs in need of contractor services, businesses in need of human resource solutions, and government agencies in need of construction-specific services.

It is powered by PEO services and provides free quotations, allowing you to quickly learn how My Construction Payroll can help you save time and money.

Begin today to see why My Construction Payroll is quickly becoming the preferred option for many in the construction business!

What is a payroll service and why do construction companies need it? 

A payroll service is a platform or provider that helps businesses manage payroll tasks. This service streamlines activities such as wage calculation and paycheck issuance for construction companies. By leveraging payroll services, these firms can minimize manual payroll expenses, save time, and simplify complex operations. 

Additionally, it guarantees compliance with various wage and benefit regulations. Hence, a reliable payroll service can boost precision, cut labor costs, and ensure legal compliance for construction companies.

How can a company benefit from using payroll services for construction companies instead of doing it themselves or hiring an in-house accountant to do it for them?

Payroll services provide cost-efficient, precise payroll management for construction firms. They eliminate the need for in-house accountants, assure regulatory compliance, and facilitate vendor payments. These services keep firms abreast of regulatory changes, contributing to effective business operations.

What are the biggest challenges facing construction companies when it comes to paying their employees, and how can a payroll service help with that?

One of the most difficult difficulties for construction organizations is employee pay. From staying on top of changing payroll taxes to accurately withholding payroll, processing payroll correctly and on time may keep an HR department busy.

A payroll service can drastically cut costs by tracking tax rules, withholding taxes, and transferring employee paychecks as needed. The outsourced service also preserves an audit trail, which is useful for tax purposes.

Setting up electronic deposits for employees is also easier with a payroll service, which may also have online portals for employees to see their pay stubs or reports. Employing a professional payroll provider with licensed professionals in the sector assists businesses in avoiding costly fines by ensuring compliance in all areas. 

This alleviates the stress of efficiently and cost-effectively managing such a vital aspect of the organization.

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