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If you are a construction company, then you know that payroll is a critical part of your business.

The wrong payroll service can lead to overpayments, tax fines, and all manner of headaches. Why not outsource this tedious process to a company that specializes in it and lets you get on with what you do best?

When you choose to go with good payroll services for your construction companies, all of your worries will disappear. Eliminating payroll headaches from your business gives you the freedom to focus on other things that matter; like your bottom line.

Recommeded: Since cost is one of the key factors in choosing the right Payroll service, you can fill out the form below to compare payroll service quotes from up to 5 companies.

We’ve listed the 8 best payroll services for construction companies that can help you save time and money. Now you can easily find the service that is right for you, whether you’re looking for support in just a few areas or full-service.

Key factors to consider when choosing a payroll service provider for a construction company

Here are three key factors to consider when selecting a payroll provider for your construction business. 

Flexibility & Scalability & Affordability

Construction businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so you must find a payroll service provider who can accommodate your specific needs.

Look for a provider that offers customizable solutions that are flexible enough to keep up with changes in the industry or growth within your organization.

You should also make sure the provider you choose can scale with you as you add new employees or locations as well as offer affordable solutions. Get quotes from up to 5 payroll service companies to choose the right one at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Tax Solutions 

In the construction business, where there are often several taxing agencies, taxes can be very complicated.

Comprehensive Tax Solutions 

It’s important to find a payroll service provider who knows about federal, state, local, and workers’ compensation tax and rule requirements.

If your business encounters any issues with completing tax returns or paying tax payments, the finest providers will have in-house tax professionals that can help.

Industry Expertise 

The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your payroll services is by working with someone who has experience in the construction industry.

Industry Expertise 

Look for a provider who understands the nuances of labor laws and regulations related to contract work and other special circumstances unique to this industry.

A good provider should also offer onboarding support services such as employee handbooks and training materials tailored specifically for construction companies. 

8 Best Payroll Payroll Services for Construction Companies

1. ADP Payroll

ADP Payroll is an invaluable program that helps construction companies keep track of their employees’ hours and pay.

ADP offers a comprehensive array of payroll and HR services, products, integrations, and apps that are tailored to businesses of any size or industry. ADP ensures fast and easy tax processing to help businesses save time and money, as well as compliance services to streamline complicated HCM processes.

ADP Payroll is the perfect tool for construction companies looking to track their employee time and pay without the hassle and confusion.


Payroll4Construction is an ideal service for any construction contractor who wants to ensure they are paid correctly and on time.

Not only does Payroll4Construction make it easier to manage payroll tasks, but it also offers free reporting tools to contractors so that they can stay organized and informed about their payments.

Payroll4Construction has all the features needed by contractors, making it easy to use for both experienced and novice professionals alike. It is perfect for business owners looking for a reliable payroll solution as well as individuals seeking help navigating the sometimes complicated landscape of construction payroll.

Payroll4Construction is the premier choice in construction payroll services!


ConstructionPayroll is revolutionizing payroll processing for construction companies. It offers a comprehensive, tailored solution that combines a time clock application with enhanced compliance functionality to ensure accurate and easy payroll processing.

ConstructionPayroll is perfect for Construction companies who need to process payroll more efficiently while also ensuring they are compliant with prevailing wage laws.

With ConstructionPayroll, businesses can improve their efficiency, lower their risks and have peace of mind when it comes to paying their construction staff.

4. Nethris

Nethris offers an essential service for companies that are in the construction industry and need to handle their payroll for both employees and contractors.

Nethris is one of the few payroll services that provides compliance with CCQ and CSST regulatory standards, as well as remaining compliant in other regulations surrounding labor costs associated with every project.

Nethris allows businesses to manage labor costs, keep track of employee payroll, and easily and accurately process all necessary documents without the headache of traditional payroll services.

Nethris strives to make sure workers get paid correctly and efficiently, giving companies peace of mind that their payroll is taken care of properly.

5.Deltek ComputerEase

Deltek ComputerEase is a program specifically designed for the construction industry that provides payroll services and customer care programs to help users get paid correctly and make the most out of the product.

Deltek ComputerEase is a great option for anyone in the construction field, including construction professionals, business owners, accountants, and consultants.

With Deltek ComputerEase’s comprehensive system & services, relaxation comes easy knowing payroll processing won’t be an issue!

6. Americas Preferred Payroll

Americas Preferred Payroll is the ideal service for construction businesses seeking help with payroll and benefits.

This service not only offers a reliable platform for deductions and payments to be processed accurately but is also integrated with over 1,100 popular software programs to ensure a smooth transition into its platform.

Americas Preferred Payroll delivers personal support through knowledgeable customer support representatives who are available from Monday – Friday during business hours to answer any questions or concerns.

This service can be useful for all sorts of individual needs from construction industry professionals to individuals from other industries needing payroll and benefits services.

7. My Construction Payroll

My Construction Payroll is a cutting-edge service that ensures that construction workers are paid appropriately and on schedule.

My Construction Payroll is the ideal solution for contractors in need of payroll services, PEOs in need of contractor services, businesses in need of human resource solutions, and government agencies in need of construction-specific services.

It is powered by PEO services and provides free quotations, allowing you to quickly learn how My Construction Payroll can help you save time and money.

Begin today to see why My Construction Payroll is quickly becoming the preferred option for many in the construction business!

What is a payroll service and why do construction companies need it? 

A payroll service is software or a third-party company that assists businesses in managing their payroll by providing them with the necessary tools and resources.

An efficient payroll service can make chores like calculating employee compensation and issuing paychecks more easier and more precise for construction companies.

These businesses can cut costs associated with manual payroll processes by adopting a payroll service, which can save important time and energy in an already complex workplace environment.

Furthermore, outsourcing payroll services is an efficient approach to ensure compliance with numerous wage and employee benefit rules.

To summarize, any construction company that invests in a solid payroll service may enhance accuracy, reduce labor expenses, and ensure that all legal requirements are completed.

The benefits of using a payroll service for construction companies 

A reliable construction payroll solution can help businesses pay their workers on time and accurately.

Incorporating this type of service into payroll operations can help businesses save time and money while also boosting efficiency.

By using a payroll service, companies in the construction industry may ensure accurate timekeeping records and the proper accounting of all payroll deductions and contributions.

Furthermore, such systems offer direct deposit alternatives to employees, saving them time and effort by eliminating the need to make weekly trips to the bank, and they also provide employers with automated records for HR compliance.

Finally, the supplementary services offered by many payroll systems, such as reporting on employee wages and on-site help, can provide much-needed relief from the stresses of managing payroll.

To sum up, employing a professional payroll provider helps construction businesses save time and money while avoiding potentially disastrous errors in employee payments.

What are the different types of payroll services available to construction companies?

Payroll can be tough for small construction companies to navigate due to the complexity of taxes and employee laws.

Fortunately, small businesses can take advantage of a range of payroll services to help them stay in compliance. Payroll services can range from simple manual operations to large-scale software solutions and virtual services supported by specialists who are knowledgeable about all applicable tax regulations.

Employers can use a payroll service to have access to software that calculates paychecks and produces the necessary documentation on their behalf.

Some service providers can also manage corporate benefits, provide payments to subcontractors, and organize labor hours.

Furthermore, some payroll services provide extra insights into wage trends or compensation negotiation guidance to ensure that construction firms remain competitive in rewarding their personnel.

How can a company benefit from using payroll services for construction companies instead of doing it themselves or hiring an in-house accountant to do it for them?

Payroll services for construction companies provide various advantages to businesses in the industry. They not only save money and resources by removing the need for an in-house accountant, but they also ensure more precise computations and documentation.

Payroll services relieve normal administrative chores such as assuring compliance with their state’s labor regulations and timely filing of taxes, while its cloud-based software makes contracting and paying vendors easier.

Furthermore, major payroll services now provide notifications of regulatory changes, assisting construction organizations in staying up to speed with the current rules.

To summarize, there are numerous benefits to using payroll services for construction companies’ successful business operations.

How does a construction company go about choosing the right payroll service provider 

It is critical for a construction company to select the correct payroll service provider to ensure seamless, accurate, and effective payroll processes.

When making this decision, crucial factors to evaluate should include the amount of customer assistance, the diversity of employee records they can manage, and their industry experience.

Talking with other firms who use similar services and asking them about their experiences is an excellent method to gain additional information. HR software solutions that include payroll services, as well as cloud-based platforms or potential connections with existing accounting systems, are also worth investigating.

Finally, the most crucial criterion should be selecting a service that offers all of the necessary features at an affordable price, as well as ensuring that any supplier chosen can scale up to meet rising business needs.

What are the biggest challenges facing construction companies when it comes to paying their employees, and how can a payroll service help with that?

One of the most difficult difficulties for construction organizations is employee pay.

From staying on top of changing payroll taxes to accurately withholding, processing payroll correctly and on time may keep an HR department busy.

A payroll service can significantly reduce the cost by tracking tax laws, appropriately withholding, and transferring employee wages.

The outsourced service also preserves an audit trail, which is useful for tax purposes.

Setting up electronic deposits for employees is also easier with a payroll service, which may also have online portals for employees to see their pay stubs or reports.

Using a professional payroll service with licensed experts in the field helps businesses avoid expensive fines by making sure they are compliant in all areas. This takes away the stress of managing such an important part of the business in an efficient and cost-effective way.


What is payroll in construction?

In the construction industry, payroll is the process of tracking and managing employee wages and hours worked. Tracking taxable benefits, computing payroll taxes, and issuing payments are also part of the job.
Payroll is utilized by organizations that employ hourly workers, such as restaurants and retail establishments, in addition to construction companies.

What is the average cost for payroll services?

The average cost for payroll services can vary depending on the size of the company, the service level, and other factors.

Generally speaking, most companies can expect to pay around $20-$70 per month for a standard payroll service plus $1.49 to $6 per employee.

However, it’s always best to compare quotes from multiple payroll service companies to find out the best deals.

What payroll system do most companies use?

The time-based method of payroll processing is widely employed by businesses. In this arrangement, workers are compensated for their time as it is really spent on the job.
Salary-based payroll is another common type of payroll system. Workers are guaranteed a predetermined salary regardless of how many hours they put in under this arrangement. Salary workers who are not required to complete a conventional 40-hour week frequently use this method.

How do payroll services help construction companies 

There are a few key ways that payroll services help construction companies. First, by handling the company’s payroll processing and withholding taxes, the payroll service frees up the company’s staff to focus on more important tasks.

Moreover, the payroll service can often negotiate better rates on workers’ compensation insurance policies and unemployment insurance policies.

Lastly, a good payroll service will stay up-to-date on labor laws and regulations, so that the company can avoid costly penalties for noncompliance.

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