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Are you looking for payroll services Charlotte NC? 

Managing your employees’ payroll can be difficult to get right. There are many things that can go wrong and cost you money, especially if you make mistakes when paying your employees.

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Payroll Services Charlotte NC

But there’s a top payroll service provider in Charlotte that can help you. They understand how to navigate the employment laws and make sure they pay the right amount at the right time.

Payroll is not just a complicated process, it’s a process where mistakes on your part can cause fines for you or your business, or worse, get some of your employees into trouble with the law. 

If you are looking for payroll services Charlotte NC with competitive rates, then fill out the form below to receive free quotes from Charlotte payroll companies.

Payroll Companies Charlotte

Finding affordable, efficient payroll companies Charlotte can be time-consuming. To help you find the company for your payroll service, fill out the form to get free quotes from up to five payroll services in Charlotte, then decide which one is right for your payroll needs.

Payroll Companies in Charlotte

Here are some payroll companies Charlotte

1. Charlotte Payroll

Charlotte Payroll offers a wide range of HR and payroll solutions for reasonable rates. With its office at 16930 W Catawba Ave Suite 205 Cornelius, clients in North Carolina can now outsource their payroll, insurance, and time management processes.

Its simplified solutions are specially designed for Small to Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs). Thanks to its team’s industry knowledge and experience combined with leading technology, it is able to provide top-notch products and services to its clientele. 

What separates Charlotte Payroll from its competitors is its ability to integrate Cloud-based technology in its processes. This integration optimizes efficiency and accessibility, even on any device. In fact, this firm actually invests on hardware and software to ensure data protection.

Clients can add Time Labor Management (TLM) systems and comprehensive HR solutions to their conventional payroll processing services.

You may reach them at 704-887-5511 to take advantage of their free 30-minute introductory consultation.

2. Todaro & Associates, Inc.

Todaro & Associates, Inc. has been offering solutions for taxes and accounting that are both reasonable and of the highest quality for over 30 years, ever since the company was founded in 2004.

This trustworthy company makes sure that all of its payroll procedures comply with the most recent set of legislative requirements. In point of fact, in order to guarantee high-quality and precise services, a payroll expert is allotted to each individual client.

Payrolls are just one aspect of the services provided. In addition, a comprehensive range of tax services is made available to both individuals and enterprises. This comprehensive set of tax services includes not only the preparation of individual and business tax returns, but also tax planning, relief from estate and trust taxes, and relief for innocent spouses.

In addition, there are solutions that are tailored specifically to businesses, such as bookkeeping, cash flow management, business advisory services, and financial planning, to name a few.

This company makes an effort to deliver satisfactory outcomes, as it places a high priority on receiving positive feedback from its patrons. In point of fact, the importance it places on being responsive is made abundantly clear by the fact that it is only a phone call or an email away.

3. GCS & Associates

This Charlotte-based company offers Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs) payroll solutions that are both effective and affordable in the local community.

GCS & Associates is aware that every entity has a unique set of requirements due to the fact that it is also a small business. In order to obtain a better understanding of their clients’ logistical requirements, this company makes an effort to get to know their customers on a personal level.

Payroll and accounting are the two primary full-service areas that GCS & Associates provides for their clients. The broad area of payroll services includes everything from daily company reports to direct payouts.

In addition, paid time off accruals, access to online pay stubs for employees, computations of withholding taxes, and reports based on a customized schedule are all accessible.

In the meanwhile, it offers a comprehensive suite of accounting solutions, which includes accounts payable and receivable, the reconciliation of bank statements, billing, and the generation and analysis of financial statements. In addition to such services, we also provide consultations in any of the aforementioned domains.

Call them at the number provided above, (704) 786-9591, to ask questions or obtain additional information, or to make an appointment for a consultation.

4. Blacka Jessup & Henderson LLP

Blacka Jessup & Henderson LLP, more commonly referred to as BJ&H, provides a comprehensive set of financial and management solutions to people, families, business founders, and executives. These services are available to everyone who needs them.

Blacka Jessup & Henderson LLP
Source: Blacka Jessup & Henderson LLP

This North Carolina-licensed accounting firm, with its headquarters in Charlotte, offers clients the assurance that their services will not break the bank.

BJ&H’s financial planning and estate planning services are available to those who want to safeguard and make the most of their assets. In addition to that, there is a provision for elderly care services. These elder care solutions include everything from asset and investment inventories to the administration of daily financial transactions.

In addition, BJ&H offers custom business solutions that are developed to maximize client profitability while still complying with all applicable laws and regulations. These solutions may be seen on their website. A few examples of the services that fall under this category are the installation and training for QuickBooks, business valuation, bank financing, and cash flow management.

A comprehensive range of tax services, including tax preparation, tax planning, and even the resolution of tax problems, is also available. When it comes to tax matters, BJ&H is able to assist its clients with a variety of issues, including IRS liens, levies, wage garnishment, and seizures.

5. Lesemann CPA PLLC

Accounting business Lesemann CPA PLLC, usually known simply as LCPA, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Individuals and businesses located in North Carolina, as well as those located in other states in the United States such as Colorado, Florida, and Georgia, can take advantage of its payroll, bookkeeping, and financial management services.

This certified public accounting firm is able to work with a wide range of clients, including sole proprietors, families, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and even huge corporations. In point of fact, LCPA serves clients in a wide variety of industries, including retail and manufacturing, the food and beverage industry, as well as the music and recreation industries.

In order to devise a solution to your company’s problems and fulfill your criteria, LCPA collaborates closely with the other professionals you outsource in order to do this.

Because it offers a comprehensive range of services, this company is a one-stop shop for all of your requirements, whether you require assistance with technology and software, assistance with cash flow management, or representation before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Business services are primarily divided into three categories: operational, financial, and tax-relation solutions.

In addition to providing precise output from payroll, LCPA also offers consulting services on tax compliance.

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