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If you search for Netspend Referral Code to earn $20 bonus credit then use the netspend referral code “8861802236“ to earn a bonus that you are eligible for when you sign up with netspend.

***Remember: You must use the referral code during the sign up process otherwise you will miss the opportunity to earn the sign up bonus because once you have registered for an account, there is no way to submit or input referral code in the system.

For this reason, I highly recommend you to clicking this direct netspend referral reward link and then sign up for an account so the referral reward code will apply automatically. So you will not lose the netspend activation bonus.

📗Netspend Referral Code8861802236
🔗Direct Sign Up LinkLink
💰 Referring Gets$20 credits
📆 Get PaidLoad Card with $40.00 Balance
Netspend referral code
Netspend Referral Code
Netspend Referral Code

Also, as soon as you receive the netspend prepaid card, activate the card and load at least $40 dollars to receive the $20 dollars bonus.

And start using the card and enjoy the experience that netspend has to offer. Note, it is prepaid debit cards, so you don’t have to worry about interest or late fees.

There are easy ways to load money to the prepaid cards, you can load checks from a mobile snap which is pretty easy and simple to do or you can visit the lots store that is able to reload money in your cards. 

In the netspend website, they have tools to find the closest reload locations for you so you can easily visit the store to reload money in your prepaid account.

You can also get direct deposit to your account which requires no extra fee. 

In this post, we will provide a detailed review of netspend prepaid cards as well as alternatives and try to answer some important questions that you might have regarding the cards.  We will have a FAQ section where the most common question answer can be found.

If your question still is not answered, then send us your question through comment or contact directly the netspend support so you are able to get the answer to your questions. 

Free Netspend Money Code in 2022

As of September 2022, you can get a Netspend $20 referral bonus once you use the free netspend money code “8861802236” and load at least $40 onto your accounts.

It is important to use the reward code before signing up for an account because once you have created an account, you can’t add netspend referral code to earn the netspend activation bonus. 

Netspend Activation Bonus

How to Sign up With NetSpend Referral Code

The process is easy and simple. Please follow the step by step guideline to get the sign up process and bonu that you are looking for.

  • First of all, You can use the Netspend card $20 promotional link to get to sign up page then you will not be required to add the referral code manually, the code will automatically pop up in the referral field. 
  • Enter you require information such as First name, Last name, address, zip code, email address and referral code. As I said, if you use the promotional link in step 1 then the referral code will be there. 
  • Choose the card that you prefer, there are 4 different types of design cards, you can choose any one of them and I personally recommend or like number 4 cards which look nice to me. 
  • Then hit the get my card button to wait for the card to arrive. 
  • After the cards arrive, activate the card and reload the money and start to use the card. 
  • That’s all about it. It is easy and simple to do and enjoy. 

Remember to activate the card before you reload money to your account. If you want learn more about the feature then continue read below

Netspend Prepaid Cards Features

Once you have received your card, make sure to activate the cards to use the features that I am about to discuss below.

  • Direct Deposit – one of the best features of this prepaid card is that you can join the direct deposit programs which allow you to get paid faster. It stated on the website, it allows you to get paid 2 days earlier.  Most Other prepaid cards don’t have this kind of feature. 
  • FDIC Member – the netspend is a visa prepaid card and it is offered by the MetBank which is part of FDIC which can able provide FDIC insured for your funds. So you don’t have to worry about the money that have in your prepaid cards
  • Earn Rewards for Purchase – it is another feature that you may not find in other prepaid cards. This feature allows you to earn cashback from qualifying purchases and get custom offers that might be interested. Note that this program is optional, you are not required to join and you can opt out if you are not interested in it. You can find the information about this program in your online account page.  
  • Mobile App- to make things easy and convenient for your daily life, netspend offers a mobile app so you are able to get access anywhere to get access to your present balance and transaction information and other details . This app is totally free to use. So download the app and start to use it to make things simple to easy. 
  • Alerts – to have updates on your account, it offers text message alerts to let you know about the transaction, deposit, and budget so if you think anything is wrong, then you are able to take appropriate action on time to get the problem solved quickly. 
  • Mobile Check Load – another great option that you have for using the netspend cards is that you can take a photo of your checks and submit to netspend through the mobile app to process the check and add the fund to your account. According to the netspend, the approval usually takes 3 to 5 minute but it is possible to take 1 hour for further verifications. Any unapprove check amount will not be added to your balance. The important note is that the check is processed by 3rd party so do not ever upload any fraudulent checks. 
  • Custom card – another cool feature that offers is that you can get custom cards where you can place any photo or image on the cards. If you want to get the custom, remember that you need to pay a custom card fee. And in case you lost or damaged your card, then you need to pay a fee to get the custom card again.

Do Netspend Activation Bonus work?

As of september of 2022, netspend activation bonus is active, so you can use the direct netspend activation bonus link or use the code “8861802236“ to earn a $20 dollars bonus when you add a $40 balance in your account. 

As I have stated earlier, I do recommend using the bonus link to sign for an account so you don’t have to enter the code manually. 

If you are interested in getting more sign up bonuses then I suggest you install the Cash app and use the cash app referral code to earn a $5 dollars bonus. 

If you already have the cash app but didn’t input any referral code then use the code S4V5NSR to earn the bonus. 

I also recommend other sign up bonus apps such as ibotta, fetch rewards, rakuten and many more. 

Alternative to NetSpend Cards

Brink’s Money Prepaid MasterCard

Brink’s Money Prepaid MasterCard is associated with the Republic bank and Trust company. Let’s see features of this interesting offer.


Brink’s money prepaid MasterCard includes mobile support through an app which can help you manage your account from your phone, whether it is IPhone or Android.  There is direct deposit which can allow you to be paid faster than with a paper check. You can access online bill payments and customer service by sending emails or messages.

Pricing and services

As for the prices, Brink’s Money offers three different plans. Each one has different fees structures but all of them come with 3.5% foreign transaction fees. Here they are:

« Pay-As-You-Go » with no monthly fees. Though, each signature transaction will cost you $1 and $2 for each PIN purchase. You are automatically enrolled in this plan so you have to make a request to switch into the other options if you want to.

« Monthly plan » Costing $9.95 per month. There are no purchase transaction fees though.

« Reduced Monthly plan » Costing $5.00 per month and just like the above, there are no purchase transaction fees. What is different is the fact that to enroll in this plan, you have to make a monthly direct deposit of at least $500.

You can also send money to others who have a NetSpend account. Even if they do not have a Brink’s prepaidMasterCard.

What about pros and Cons?

Pros :

  • Fees are affordable compared to other banks’ monthly fees
  • You can transfer money to another person’s account if they have NetSpend even if they don’t have Brink’s Money Prepaid MasterCard
  • Loading your card for the first time won’t cost you
  • There are some rewards you can earn depending on your purchases and account history

Cons :

There is no possibility to deposit $500 in their account each month, 9.95 per month or paying fees for each purchase you make.

Besides, a monthly plan as you are automatically enrolled in the « Pay-As-You-Go » plan.

 To reload a card, you have to pay $3.95. There is a cost to take cash through the ATM.

If your account is inactive for more than 90 days, you will be charged.



Chime can offer you transaction alerts which will make you know whenever there is a transaction made with your account. There is a mobile app to manage your account from your IPhone or Android phone.

Pricing and services

The SpotMe service (unlocked when you make a monthly direct deposit of at least $500), allowing you to make more purchases up to $100. Two services allowing you to save money easily: The “Save when you spend” service and the “Save when I get paid” service. About credit builder : a secure credit card which is accessible without any necessary credit check.

Pros and Cons


It has few fees: Foreign transactions won’t cost you any fees and there are no monthly fees either. Account creation is free, with minimum balance requirements and fast deposit. You have free mobile money transfer from your account to your friend’s. That’s not all, works anywhere VISA is available!


  • Mobile money transfer is limited to  $2000 per month
  • Cannot transfer money to another non-Chime account
  • There is no service for real life (only virtual)

Akimbo Card

It is a prepaid card for budget.


Akimbo Card has 5 additional cards you can create and customize for yourself, each can be considered as a budget category, to help you manage your money easily. Subcards can be used by teens. Use mobile apps for IPhone and Android to manage your account through your phone.

You can transfer money: You can deposit money from direct deposit, mobile check deposit, online bank transfer and cash reload. There is a maximum balance of $9 999. You can transfer money from a bank account to an Akimbo account at $1000. Withdrawing cash from ATM operators is limited to  $705 per day and cash loads are limited to $2500 per day.

Pros and cons


There are a lot of advantages with Akimbo Cards. The first card is free and the others have an initial fee of $4.95 but only at first. Subcard can be used by teens, so you can give one to your child or children. And more, there is neither activation nor monthly fees. No signature purchase fees!

One Card replacements can be provided for free each year


Some inconveniences are found:

There are ATM fees ($1.98 plus the ATM owner’s fees) and PIN fees, charge of $5.95 after being inactive for a year.

You cannot transfer money from your Akimbo account to another non-akimbo account of your friend for example.

Many complaints about Akimbo having unreliable customer services.



Famzoo’s most prominent feature is that it can be used by teens and children to help their parents at giving them financial education. It offers four prepaid debit cards for free, one of them has to belong to a parent. All additional cards (aside from the first four) cost $2. Children can have prepaid cards if they are at least 13 years old. Asides from that, there are also:

  • Mobile app and text alert helping you manage your account
  • The possibility to create separate accounts (for saving, spending, etc…) to help you manage your money better
  • Features are available with Apple Play, Google Play and Samsung play.
  • To load a card, there is no fee and you can participate in a referral program to have bonuses.

What about pricing?

By paying in advance, you can save some money with Famzoo. There are the options you can have depending on how you pay:

  • $5.99 per family per month
  • $25.99 for 6 months paid in advance (making it $4.33 per family per month)
  • $39.99 for 12 months paid in advance (making it $3.33 per family per month)
  • $59.99 for 24 months paid in advance (making it $2.50per family per month).

You can deposit money into your Famzoo card via PayPal transfer, transfer from apps such as Venmo and Apple Cash, retails locations such as Walmart, Rite Aid, MoneyPak, 7-Eleven, Walgreens etc.

Limits with Famzoo are the following:

  • Money loaded to the Cards are limited to $5000
  • Withdrawing money from ATM is limited to $510 per day
  • Loading cash is limited to $2500 per day.

Pros and cons


First of all, there is parental control. This service is excellent for teaching money management to children, 60 day free trial for IOU account and 30 day free trial for prepaid debit cards.

Fees are low: free activation fees, free signature purchases, free PIN purchases, free direct deposit and free cash reload, no inactivity fees.

No hidden nor overdraft fees and free ATM withdrawal.


Some cons restraint Famzoo offer, such as all plans are with fees. So there is no free plan. Besides, there’s no website navigation. Foreign transaction fees cost 3%.

Weswap travel money

As the name implies, it is essentially a prepaid card for those who are traveling. It allows users to exchange currency directly without an exchange bureau. Its base is in the United Kingdom so the £ is the reference currency.


Weswap offers you a lot of functionality, such as the possibility to withdraw$200 or more from an ATM for free (anything below costs $1.5). Commissions are cheaper if you wait for the processing time before depositing money. You can realize up to 10 transactions and 2 money withdrawals per day.

That’s not all, you have:

  • Mobile apps to manage your account through your phone
  • ATM withdrawals made in any currency limited to $500 per day
  • The possibility to borrow money between $250 and £2000
  • Annual spending limit is $12 000.

Fees and pricing

Fees are charged in the currency you are swapping. Here they are: 2% for smart and instant swap.

For 3 day swap, it’s about 1.3% and 1% for a 7 day swap.

There are also some additional fees: such as requesting a replacement card for $4.95, chargeback fees for $10, refund fee that costs $5, stamp duty : $5. Inactive fee is $2 and expired card management fee is $5.


One advantage of Weswap is that you can exchange currency directly, without relying on a bank. Free ATM withdrawals with a limit of twice per day. Travel cards can be used anywhere around the world.


There is only one problem: Customer services may not be always available if you have to ask questions.


Bluebird is a prepaid debit card usable anywhere American Express is available.


You can send money to other friends or family that have another bluebird prepaid debit account or who have a bluebird2Walmart Money Transfer. Foreign transactions are available and no fees for it. There is no monthly fee.

Adding money to your account can be done at the Money Center or the Walmart checkout register. Free customer services are available 24/7.


ATM withdrawal out of networks or non MoneyPass ATM is up to $2.50. Cash reload cost is $3.95.

Besides, card price is 5 $. Transferring money to bluebird2walmart Money Transfer powered by Ria costs $16.00.

Pros and cons


One of motivation to choose Bluebird is that there are no monthly fees and purchase transactions are free. The service offers an extensive free ATM network. If your account is inactive, you don’t have to pay any fee. Within 2 days only, realize your direct deposit!


Bluebird offers many advantages but there are some cons. Money withdrawal mostly requires fees, including withdrawing cash from an ATM out. Apart from that, 1% to 5% fees are paid to have a mobile check the same day. If you want the free option, you will have to wait 10 days.

Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Account


When you have a Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Account, you can transfer money from your bank account for free. Mobile app that and “barcode reload” can be used to pay the cashier at the store register and to manage your account from your phone. That’s not all; direct deposit is up to 2 days earlier. Your account can be used online and anywhere Visa is accepted.

ATM withdrawals are free in Money Pass ATMs.

If there is trouble or if you need assistance, customer services are available 24/7.


Monthly fee is up to $6.95, but it can be reduced to $0 if you realize a direct deposit of $500. Card fees are free online and $3.95 in stores. You have to pay cash reload: $3.95.

Pros and cons


The best advantage is that it offers 1% cash back on all your purchases if you use the cash back version.


To withdraw cash at non Money Pass ATM, there is $2.50 deducted. Monthly fee is mandatory if you cannot make a direct deposit of $500.

Starbucks rewards visa card

As its name implies, Starbuck rewards visa card is linked to the Starbuck coffee company.

If you use this offer, there are no annual or monthly fees.

You can use it virtually anywhere VISA is available (rentals of furniture or car are excluded though). You can earn a star; it’s a bonus system for each $10 spent via your account. And more again, there is an available starbuck mobile app.


Excepting free offer, foreign exchange rate adjustment is up to 3%. For legal processing $75 or $100 will be reduced.

Card replacement rush request costs $5. If you request a standard shipping though, you can avoid paying $5.

Pros and cons


Advantages are countless, such as: available rewards. There is no monthly fee with Starbucks rewards visa card.

Bonuses are available for new card holders. So new arrival have $97.20 rewards. There is also others bonuses like foods or drink.

If your card is inactive, you don’t have to pay inactivity fee.


There is no ATM withdrawal or cash reload available, so you cannot get back the cash you loaded in your card. It means that the money in your card can be used virtually only.

Final thought

So, if you are planning on getting a prepaid debit card then Netspend is a great option and you can use the Netspend referral code during the sign up process to get the $20 credit.

Companies with a prepaid debit card offer a competitive alternative to checking debit cards, credit cards and cash. These companies allow consumers without a bank account to benefit from credit cards or access to traditional financial services. To do this, customers simply need to provide to the company they choose their names and addresses. Then, they receive personalized cards that need to be activated and reloaded to access the services and characteristics of the chosen company for a debit card.


How do I get a referral for netspend?

If you are signing up for netspend and looking for bonus code then use the netspend referral code to get the $20 sign up bonus. And if you want to share your code to your friend and family then check your account to find the unique referral code that is assigned to you. 

Is netspend trustworthy?

Netspend is a trustworthy prepaid card. It is insured by FDIC and it is offered by MetBank which are part of FDIC Member. So it is a completely legitimate platform to get the prepaid card that you are looking for. 

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