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Education is an ever-evolving field, and K12 schools and other education institutes are constantly seeking ways to enhance their operational efficiency while improving the learning experience for students. 

One area where significant improvements can be made is in print management, as about 82% of education environments reported having more than a quarter of their content on paper, according to Ricoh, which is one of the leading brands for copiers. 

This is where managed print services (MPS) come into play, as they can help with all the printing needs a school has: worksheets, report cards, administrative documents, newsletters, and more. Managed print services streamline this process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Managed Print Services For K12 Schools & Education

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Benefits of Managed Print for K-12 School And Education

Table: Benefits of Managed Print Services for K-12 Private and Public Education

BenefitDetails Impact Measurement (1-10)
Cost SavingsMPS can significantly reduce a school’s print-related expenses through optimization of print resources, leading to substantial cost savings.9
Increased EfficiencyBy streamlining print-related tasks, MPS can free up staff to focus on other important duties, increasing overall efficiency.8
Improved SecurityMPS often include security measures to protect sensitive information, improving data security.7
Environmental SustainabilityBy reducing paper waste and promoting efficient use of resources, MPS contribute to sustainability efforts.8
Enhanced LearningWith MPS ensuring availability and quality of educational materials, they indirectly contribute to enhancing the learning experience.7
Ongoing SupportMPS include maintenance and support, minimizing downtime due to technical issues.8
Hardware and Software OptimizationMPS assess the school’s needs to provide appropriate hardware and software, optimizing print operations.8

Note: The impact measurement scale is subjective and can vary based on an individual school’s circumstances and how effectively the managed print services are implemented.

Benefits of Managed Print for K-12 School And Education

The Importance of Printing Services to Students

MPS plays a significant role in enhancing student learning. By ensuring that educational materials are readily available and of high-quality, MPS can contribute to a more engaging and effective learning environment.

3 Managed Print Services for Schools and the Education Sector

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#2. Ricoh USA

Ricoh USA is an innovative technology company providing K-12 managed print services for educational environments. They help minimize the burden of print management, improve efficiency, safeguard sensitive information, and reduce costs. 

Company NameRicoh USA
IndustryTechnology, Education, and more
ServiceK-12 Managed Print Services and more
Target MarketK-12 education environments and more
Service PurposeMinimize print management burden
Key OfferingTailored print strategy for school districts
Special FeaturesIntegrating print environment with IT network, digital transformation services
ProductsMultifunction Printers for Education
Additional SupportProactive support from Technology Services team, educational workshops
Security MeasuresSecure Print Release, device data encryption, Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS), card-based authentication products

Ricoh USA’s services are designed to modernize, centralize, and optimize printing systems that help reduce capital expenses and free up IT resources as they provide a secure and efficient print ecosystem, adapting to the specific needs of each school district.

#3. KYOCERA Document Solutions

KYOCERA Document Solutions offers comprehensive managed print services (MPS) for educational institutions.


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Their services aim to optimize printing needs, streamline workflows, provide technical support, and promote digital transformation while reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Company NameKYOCERA Document Solutions
Services ProvidedManaged Print Services (MPS)
Target MarketSchools and Educational Institutions
Key Challenges AddressedPrinting errors, paper jams, device malfunctions, device inconsistency, unpredictability in budgeting
Solution FeaturesStandardized devices, real-time analytics, on-demand toner delivery, automated meter readings, proactive technical support
BenefitsCost reduction, optimized staff time, reduced energy costs, less paper waste, standardized billing, reduced IT service calls
Digital TransformationDrives digital transformation by offering streamlined processes, mobile printing, and document sharing
SustainabilityReduces carbon footprint by controlling energy and paper usage, offers Toner Take-Back Service for recycling

Pros and Cons of Managed Print Services for Schools

The table below represents the potential pros and cons of managed print solutions for schools, universities, colleges, and public or private schools.

Cost Savings: Reduced print-related expenses.Initial Investment: Upfront cost for new hardware/software/services.
Efficiency: Streamlined print tasks free up staff time.Dependency: Schools may rely heavily on the MPS provider.
Security: Enhanced data protection.Transition Period: Temporary disruption during MPS implementation.
Sustainability: Reduced waste, promoting greener practices.Learning Curve: Staff may need to adapt to new systems.
Learning: Ensures availability of quality educational materials.Unused Features: Potential waste if not all features are used.
Support: Minimized downtime due to technical issues.N/A
Optimization: Tailored hardware/software for optimal print operations.N/A
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