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In the digital era, an effective print infrastructure that bolsters your people, processes, and productivity is paramount. This necessitates efficient devices, robust management, and cost control—aspects that should define your printing and scanning infrastructure. 

However, if hardware issues or unsecure document handling are plaguing your business, a specialist Managed Print Services (MPS) provider like Konica Minolta can provide a solution. Offering high-performance service, Konica Minolta managed print services ensures productivity and digitalized processes with location-independent working. 

Konica Minolta Managed Print

The comprehensive MPS solution provides secure, affordable, and user-friendly printing and scanning services as part of its Optimized Print Services (OPS) portfolio. Moreover, these solutions are continuously adapted to keep up with your evolving business needs. 

With Konica Minolta, expect an unrivaled user experience that caters to modern business demands.

About Konica Minolta

CriteriaDetailsImportance for Decision Making
Company HistoryKonica Minolta has been innovating for 150 years.High
Main ServicesThe company offers print and device management solutions.High
Target IndustriesTheir primary focus is on the education sector.Medium
IT ServicesCertified engineers assist in technology adoption.High
Security MeasuresThey provide high-level security for sensitive documents.High
Mobility SolutionsThe firm supports mobile printing and collaboration.Medium
Compliance StandardsThey offer FERPA-compliant safeguard services.High
Eco-Friendly ApproachTheir solutions promote sustainable habits.Medium
Global PresenceThe company has a global reach.Low
Customer SupportThey offer support through ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Support & Downloads’.Medium
Product RangeTheir product range includes printers, copiers, and surveillance systems.Low


How does Konica’s “EasyFleet” program manage devices from different vendors?

Konica’s “EasyFleet” program offers inclusive service management for all printing devices, regardless of make. It uses a proactive monitoring system to maintain devices, auto-ship consumables, and provide on-site support and replacement as needed, optimizing the print environment for cost savings.

What is the “One Rate” program by Konica Minolta?

The “One Rate” program simplifies printing management and costs, covering device consumables, service, and usage under a single fixed monthly payment. It eliminates overage charges and the need for meter reads, offering predictable accounting throughout the lease.

How does Konica Minolta’s print management services enhance a business’s print environment?

Konica Minolta’s tailored print management services aim for a worry-free, cost-effective print environment. Proactive device management, automatic supply of consumables, and on-site technical support, alongside programs like ‘EasyFleet’ and ‘One Rate’, streamline printing needs and offer cost savings.

How does the Konica Minolta Managed Print Services program free up IT resources?

Konica Minolta’s Managed Print Services (MPS) takes over all aspects of a business’s print infrastructure, handling routine tasks like consumable delivery and on-site service. With the support of strong SLAs, this integrated solution frees up IT resources to concentrate on crucial business processes.

How do Konica Minolta’s solutions support various businesses and industries?

Konica Minolta’s print management services cater to diverse business sizes and industries, providing versatile and tailored solutions that simplify processes, cut costs, and enhance productivity across sectors like education, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, legal, manufacturing, and utilities/oil and gas.