HP Secure Managed Print Services delivers an array of scalable and adaptable solutions for office and production printing settings, enabling organizations to efficiently and profitably manage both paper and digital document workflows, according to HP. 

Through cloud-based Managed Print Services (MPS) subscription plans, HP assists businesses in optimizing expenses by streamlining management, enhancing productivity, and offering the ability to scale, according to the HP Press Center, which was published in September 2021.

Moreover, HP furnishes Managed Print Cloud Services (MPCS), which securely uplift print ecosystems by administering the comprehensive print ecosystem via the cloud and supplying virtual servers, storage, security, networking, and software. 

As a print services partnership, HP Managed Print Services adapts to the workplace, permitting businesses to concentrate on innovation.

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HP Managed Print Services

Advantages of HP Managed Print Services

CategoryAdvantageBusiness Benefit
Asset ManagementOptimal utilization of printer resources.High
Security ManagementEnhanced data security with user authentication.High
Cost OptimizationSavings on ink, paper, and energy.High
Use of AutomationEfficient queue management.Medium
Capacity ManagementSmooth printer operation and overload prevention.Medium
Hybrid Cloud ManagementEasy document storage, sharing, and remote printing.Medium
Analytics CapabilitiesInsights into printing patterns and potential improvements.Medium
Geographic Delivery CoverageGlobal support and services in multiple languages.Low
Service ManagementSmooth transitions and updates in configuration, change, and release processes.Medium
Continuous Service Quality ImprovementsConsistently high-quality experience.Medium
Technology Modernization and TransformationAdapting to evolving technology trends for optimal solutions.Medium
Disaster Recovery and Business ContinuityBackup and recovery solutions for minimal downtime.High
Service Transition Planning and ExecutionEffective planning and implementation of managed print solutions.Low
Environmental ImpactEfficient and sustainable printing practices to reduce carbon footprint.Medium
Remote and Mobile PrintingPrint from anywhere using any device for increased productivity.High
Easy IntegrationSeamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems.Medium
Personalized SolutionsCustom-fit managed print services tailored to an organization’s needs.Medium

What Customers Say About HP Managed Print Services

The following table shows data gathered from Granter and G2. 

What Customers Say About HP Managed Print Services
Review DateReviewer FunctionCompany SizeIndustryKey Benefits / Features
Jul 23, 2022Other1B – 3B USDServices (non-Government)Great dashboard, different KPIs, visibility on printing patterns, fleet management
Nov 18, 2022Sales & Business Dev.50M – 250M USDRetail IndustryImproved efficiency, wireless printing, easy document printing
Jul 2, 2022Data and Analytics1B – 3B USDServices (non-Government)Effective printing management, carbon footprint analysis, paper usage analysis, mandatory login
Jul 1, 2022Other1B – 3B USDServices (non-Government)One-click printing, queue management, detailed dashboard, printing usage monitoring, fleet optimization
Feb 27, 2023Human Resources50M – 250M USDFinance (non-banking)Analyzing and detecting printing usage, cartridge refill monitoring, remote document printing, low-cost service
May 2, 2023Software Development250M – 500M USDMiscellaneous IndustryHigh-quality printing, low cost, monitoring of document printing, cartridge refilling, and printing usage
Jun 29, 2022IT50M – 250M USDMiscellaneous IndustryExcellent experience with HP devices and services, 4-star rating
Mar 27, 2023Finance500M – 1B USDFinance (non-banking)Premium quality printing, analyzing printing usage, cartridge refill monitoring, remote printing, low cost
Aug 2, 2022Management / Consulting50M – 250M USDMiscellaneous IndustryReduced cost, lower carbon footprint, color ink savings, paper cost savings, multiple printer connectivity, usage monitoring, optimization
May 29, 2022Software Development250M – 500M USDIT Services IndustryEasy document printing and sharing, document digitization
May 29, 2022General Management50M – 250M USDServices (non-Government)Reducing carbon footprint, print cost savings, ink savings, multiple printer connectivity
Apr 27, 2022Other500M – 1B USDConsumer Goods IndustryEfficient management of multiple printers and users
Jan 7, 2022Other30B + USDBanking IndustryExcellent integration, paper usage monitoring, cost savings, improved printing efficiency, environmental impact reduction
Sep 20, 2021General Management500M – 1B USDConsumer Goods IndustryReduced carbon footprint, reduced print and ink cost, mobile printing, secure scanning, tailored solution
Jul 26, 2021Management / ConsultingGov’t/PS/ED <5,000Government IndustryExceptional communication, solution-oriented cooperation, many possibilities
Feb 19, 2019RetailEnterpriseRetail IndustryEasy to use, various styles available


What advantages do HP Secure Managed Print Services offer to businesses?

HP Secure Managed Print Services enhance security, minimize IT workload, maintain compliance, and ensure up-to-date protection for print environments.

What are the key benefits of HP Managed Print Services?

HP Managed Print Services offers cost optimization, improved efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint, and secure printing for businesses.

How does HP Managed Print Services help with analytics and monitoring?

HP Managed Print Services provides intuitive dashboards that allow administrators to monitor printing usage by day, employee, and department, enabling informed decision-making.

Can HP Managed Print Services be used with multiple printers and users?

Yes, HP Managed Print Services efficiently manages multiple printers and users, making it an ideal solution for organizations with numerous devices.

What aspects of HP Managed Print Services have users praised in reviews?

Users have praised HP’s excellent customer support, ease of setup and installation, ongoing monitoring, and ability to save on paper usage.