Walmart is continuing its push into online sales with the growth of Walmart Marketplace as 95% of the seller reporting profit according to the analysis by JungleScount.

But, how many sellers on Walmart Marketplace?

The marketplace has seen a huge increase in sellers, now totaling over 151.82K sellers in 2022 which is a 60.21% increase from last year which stands at 91.41K, reported by Walmart.

How Many Sellers On Walmart Marketplace in 2022

This growth is due to Walmart’s efforts to make it easier for small businesses to sell on their platform. We will take a closer look at the numbers behind Walmart Marketplace and see why it’s such a valuable opportunity for sellers!

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How Many Sellers On Walmart Marketplace

As of May 2022, Walmart Marketplace had over 151.82K sellers. This number is constantly changing as Walmart expands its reach to more and more sellers.

How Many Sellers On Walmart Marketplace

The Walmart Marketplace is a great opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their products to a wider audience. It’s also a great way for Walmart to offer an even larger selection of products to its customers.

How Many Sellers Does Walmart Have Vs Amazon?

Walmart has 151.82k sellers, while Amazon has 2 million.

Amazon is a much larger e-commerce company than Walmart and therefore has a larger pool of sellers to choose from.

Additionally, Amazon’s seller base is more diverse in terms of product offerings, whereas Walmart’s seller base is more concentrated in certain categories (e.g., general merchandise, and groceries).

Is It Hard To Get Approved To Sell On Walmart Marketplace?

It is difficult to get approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace. In order to be approved, you must have a brick and mortar store, meet strict requirements, and have US Business Tax ID.

The application process is also quite rigorous and includes some steps, including providing detailed information about your business, products, and pricing.

Walmart Marketplace is a great way to reach millions of consumers, but it’s not easy to become a seller. If you are interested in selling on Walmart Marketplace, be sure to review all of the requirements and start the application process well in advance.

Is Selling On Walmart Marketplace Worth It?

It can be, but there are a few things to consider. 

First, you’ll need to make sure that Walmart is a good fit for your business. The Walmart Marketplace is geared towards businesses that are looking to sell more than one product, and that has a healthy inventory turnover.

If you’re just starting out or only selling a few products, the Walmart Marketplace might not be the best option for you.

Second, you’ll need to factor in the fees that Walmart charges for selling on their platform. There’s no registration fee but you have to pay a commission on each sale. This commission varies depending on the category of product that you’re selling, but it typically ranges from 6% to 15% of the total sale.

Third, you’ll need to be aware of the competition on Walmart Marketplace. As we mentioned earlier, there are over 151.82K sellers on Walmart Marketplace.

This number is always increasing, so make sure your products are reasonably priced and that your product descriptions are well-written and precise.

If you’re willing to put in the work, selling on Walmart Marketplace can be a great way to reach a large audience and grow your business. Just be sure to do your research before getting started!

Is Walmart Sellers profitable?

Yes. A recent study found that 95% of Walmart’s eCommerce sellers are profitable, with 73% of sellers earning a gross profit margin of more than 20%.

This high profitability is due in part to Walmart’s significant buying power and its ability to offer low prices on products. Sellers also appreciate the platform’s easy-to-use tools and its wide customer base. Overall, Walmart provides a great opportunity for sellers to grow their businesses and profitably reach new markets.

Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping?

Yes, dropshipping is fine and permitted on the Walmart marketplace. It’s a great way to get your products in front of millions of potential buyers.

To begin, register an account on the Walmart marketplace and add your products if accepted. You must submit some basic information about your company, such as the name of your company, contact information, and a brief description of your products.

Once you’ve added your products, you’ll be ready to start selling. When a customer places an order, Walmart will take care of all the logistics – from processing payments to shipping the product directly to the customer’s door through Walmart’s Fulfillment service.

You’ll only need to concentrate on expanding your business and marketing your products. Dropshipping on Walmart is an excellent method to get started selling online, and there is plenty of room for expansion!

How Can I Succeed On Walmart Marketplace?

Here are a few tips:

1. Start by creating great product listings. Make sure your product titles and descriptions are accurate and well-written. Add high-quality product photos and videos to help your products stand out.

2. Keep your prices competitive. Use Walmart’s “Price Check” tool to see how your prices compare to other sellers on the platform.

3. Provide excellent customer service. Respond to customer inquiries quickly and resolve any issues promptly.

4. Stay active on the platform. Walmart favors sellers who are active on the marketplace, so make sure to list new products regularly and keep your inventory updated.

By following these guidelines, you may position your company for success on Walmart Marketplace. Just remember to always give quality items and service, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

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