Giveaways are a powerful tool in the world of marketing and sales. With a conversion rate of almost 34%, they outperform many other content strategies. 

Additionally, when landing pages incorporate contest giveaways, they see a whopping 700% increase in email leads. Let me share the most important giveaway statistics and contest marketing implications you should be aware of right away. 📊🚀

Importance of Contest & Giveaway Statistics: The Key Data

  • Giveaways have a conversion rate of nearly 34%, which is higher than other types of content.
  • An average of over 34% of new customers are acquired through contests.
  • Landing pages running a contest giveaway increased email leads by 700%.
  • 45% of digital marketers agree that social media contests give them a good return on investment (ROI).
  • 62% of businesses use giveaways to increase brand awareness.
  • Instagram accounts that host giveaways grow 70% faster than those that do not.
  • 32.5% of brands host one monthly giveaway, and 16.1% host two or three.
  •  55.8% of brands run giveaways on multiple social media platforms, mostly Facebook and Instagram.
  • 28.6% of brands run multiple contests per year but less than one giveaway per month.

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32.5% Brands Opt for Single Monthly Giveaway, 16.1% Prefer 2-3

Important takeaway:

Brands need to increase giveaway frequencyMore than half of the brands host only one giveaway monthly, potentially limiting customer engagement.
Adoption of 2-3 monthly giveaways could differentiateOnly 16.1% of brands host two or three giveaways, creating an opportunity for competition outmaneuvering.
Analyzing the impact of giveaways is vitalThe large disparity in giveaway frequency between brands suggests differing efficacy perceptions.

Source: Easypromosapp

Dual Platform Strategy: 55.8% Brands Run Giveaways on Facebook, Instagram

Important takeaway:

Multi-platform strategy is essential for giveawaysOver half of brands utilize multiple social media platforms, indicating the significance of reaching diverse audiences.
Facebook and Instagram are key platformsThese platforms are predominantly used for giveaways, underscoring their potential for high engagement.
Brands must explore other social media platformsThe predominance of Facebook and Instagram implies potential untapped markets on less-used platforms.

Source: Agility PR Solutions

Giveaways Achieve 34% Conversion Rate, Outperforming Other Content

Important takeaway:

Prioritize giveaways in content strategyThey possess a high conversion rate, outperforming other content
Regularly host giveawaysHigher conversion rates mean higher chances of gaining customers
Analyze giveaways’ effectivenessTo ensure they maintain or improve this conversion rate

The data suggest that giveaways are a significant component in a successful marketing strategy, boasting a conversion rate of 34%, higher than other types of content. As such, marketers should prioritize giveaways and continually assess their effectiveness.

Source: The UPS Store

28.6% Brands Execute Multiple Contests Annually, Sparse Monthly Giveaways

Important takeaway:

Brands may benefit from frequent contestsNearly one third of brands run multiple contests yearly, suggesting contests may hold significant value.
Giveaway frequency needs revisitingThe less than monthly giveaway rate among these brands indicates a potential underutilization of giveaways.
Striking a balance between contests and giveawaysThe data implies the need to balance the number of contests and giveaways to optimize engagement.

Source: Prweb

Men Dominate Contest Participation, Lead Women 53% to 47%

53% of the people who enter contests are men, while 47% are women

Important takeaway:

Gender split in contest participationA slightly higher percentage of men partake in contests compared to women.
Men more inclined towards competitive eventsThis could indicate a higher tendency for men to engage in competitive activities.
Women also represent a significant portionWomen constitute nearly half of contest participants, showing their interest as well.

The data reveals a slight gender disparity in contest participation, with men showing marginally more inclination towards these competitive events. However, women also form a significant proportion, demonstrating broad interest across gender lines in such activities.

62.13% Game Giveaway Entrants Promote to Friends

Important takeaway:

Leverage game giveawaysMajority of participants tend to share the promotion
Enhance word-of-mouth marketingParticipants discussing promotions increase brand awareness
Foster community buildingShared promotions foster a sense of community and engagement

The statistics indicate that game giveaways are a powerful promotion tool, with over 62% of participants spreading the news of the promotion to their friends. This not only strengthens word-of-mouth marketing but also aids in the establishment of a community around the brand.

Source: Game Marketing Genie

45% Digital Marketers Validate Social Contests’ ROI

Important takeaway:

Prioritize social media contestsRecognized by 45% of digital marketers as providing a good ROI
Invest in social engagementSocial media contests can improve customer interaction and loyalty
Monitor ROI from various sourcesTo optimize marketing strategies based on successful techniques

The statistics suggest that social media contests have become a vital tool in digital marketing strategies. A considerable proportion of marketers (45%) acknowledge their effectiveness in yielding good ROI, demonstrating the potential value of this engagement strategy.

Source: Game Marketing Genie