If you are looking for free ads credit to start your advertising campaign then you are in the right place. In this post we are going discuss in details about free ad credits offered by various platform.

It would be better to test the platform that you are about to spending money in and what better way to test by getting free ads credit to see how your potential campaign perform.

Deals Alert: Get $100 free ads credit when you sign up for Microsoft advertising platform which includes a popular search engine called Bing. The bonus will be added to your account once you spend $25 in an ad campaign.  

Free ads Credits

Based on that you can make a quick decision whether the platform is worth advertising and spending your ads budget. 

We will discuss in detail about popular ads platforms and alternative ads platforms in order to have lots of options to advertise your business in digital marketing. 

Do Free Ad Credits Works


In order to attract new advertisers for advertising platforms, most platforms offer free credit to test the platform.

Most of the platforms offer minimum ads spending requirements before free credits to spend on ad campaign.

At this moment, Bing offers $100 free ads credit for new users who have never run ads campaigns on Bing platform and spend $25 dollars. 

In order to get the bing ads bonus, use this link for bing free credit, once you go there, enter your email address in the email field and then get Bing special offer email that contains the coupon code and this will allow you to earn the bonus. 

Also offer details and such as countries/regions available and other details 

To make things easier we have list countries currently offer free credit to. These are the United states, Australia, United Kingdom, India,Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, and Venezuela. 

It is important for every business owner to try and test different ads platforms to get further insight on what works in terms of cost per acquisition and what platform gives them better results. 

And what better way than to get the bonus and try out the 2nd largest search engine at the moment. Not only Bing itself, Bing is part of Microsoft advertising and as well as Yahoo, aol and many other platforms that work together. 

To be noted that $100 bonus is only available to you when you spend $25 dollars on your ads. I think that is a pretty easy choice since it is the best  google ads alternative in the market right now.

So why Bing ads? Let’s look at some key points in order to understand better on what bing has to offer to us.

  • Lower CPCs which means cost per click which is the goal of every advertiser.
  • Great ROI mean return on investment and that is key part of every advertiser goal is to get better return of cost of each penny that they spend
  • Higher -Value audience – Believe or not, Bing has better audience that converts more as well as return of investment is high. This type of customer is not to be found in google as 46.4 million desktop searchers do not get on google. 
  • 7.5 Billion monthly searches happen in the Microsoft search network which are desktop users. To mention desktop, because desktop users have high conversion rates and ROI as well as all aspects that advertisers want to achieve. 
  • In the US, Bing shares 37.7% of desktop market share which is pretty huge and encouraging   for new and existing Microsoft search network advertiser. 
  • 142 million unique desktop searches happen in the Bing network and remember the word unique. 
  • Due to lower competition in Bing ads, the cost is much lower than google ads which is a big player in the advertising market.
  • Bing show more ads in top of search result so that ads have high chance to be click by Bing users which is great because it allow to get more click through hence lower cost per click 
  • If you are targeting the female demographic for a product for service then good news is that Bing has about 58% female users compared to Google which only has 45%. 
  • Microsoft search networks get about 30% of the whole monthly search happening in the search engine . 
  • Bing has a better quality reporting system than Google which can help us to get better insight about our ads performance and what needs to be done to improve and optimize the ads.

Currently, google ads offer $150 bonus as long as you spend $150 dollars in google ads. 

To get the offer, use the click free google ads credit, once in the page, enter your email address and press submit button then go ahead on your email count then and can be nice to promotional code that you can add to your google ads account on the setting page. 

In that email you will find other important details about the offer and other details that you might want to know.

To be question raised about google ads platform, is it an effective advertising solution for your business and what other features and benefits makes google ads better ads network for your business. 

Remember, google ads is a highly competitive market place and cost of advertising is high in terms of CPC and possibly cost per action which in short called CPA.

It is always dependent on what product or service you are advertising. But in general the cost of advertising is high because advertisers compete for keywords and terms that they want to get click on and ROI they want to get.

Thats we recommended trying out different ads platforms to get an understanding what platform offers better return on investment. From our experience, try Bing which is part microsoft network and google ads at same time get some data that will hopefully reveal on which platform offers better CPC and ROI. 

This will set up a good starting advertising foundation for your business , so in the long run you will get better results with lower cost.

 Google ads is #1 advertising network in terms of size and audience and network of advertisers it has. 

As of today, yelp is offering up to $300 in yelp credit to help to start advertising in yelp for business ads platforms. 

In order to get the bonus, visit this link free yelp ads credit then fill up the form which requires only  email address so that you can receive the bonus code in your email inbox. 

It also contain some vital information regarding your yelp promotion and other details that you need know to get the credit

Yelp can be a good great option for business advertisers who are looking for leads for their restaurants, and specially home and local service leads. 

Yahoo ad Credit

If you are planning on advertising on yahoo search engine then you must have signed up with microsoft search network advertising platform due microsoft, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and other small search engine work together to provide better solution to the advertiser. 

As of now, yahoo which is part of microsoft provide $100 ads credit to start advertising on their platform. 

Use this link here to get the bonus and make sure to enter your email and get unique promotional code so that you are able to get started with your ads campaign. 

It required you to be spend at least $25 dollars for you to get the credit

Linkedin Ads Credit 

According to the linkedin promotional page which can be found here, offered $100 free credit to start an ads campaign on linkedin. 

It will allow you to earn leads, build brand awareness, help to get traffic to websites and others.

In order to get a 100 dollars bonus you need to enter your email in the email field of the promotional page so you will get a special coupon code to get the credit.

In the overview of linkedin, it offers 3 types of advertisement and there are sponsored content which native that show up on linkedin feed that is similar to facebook feed, sponsored inmail which targeted personalized messages to linkedin users, and finally Text ads which have two options to choose from. Text ads can have PPC which is pay per click and CPM which is cost per 1000 impression and these options available for desktop only. 

Some of key point you want know before advertising in likedin 

  • There are over 610M active professions users of linedin which is great for business and companies looking to add professional on their team
  • They have variety of targeting option such as job title, industry, function and many others 
  • Whatever goal you want to achieve, linkedin offer easy and effective ads solution for your business
  • There is no minimum budget required to start a new ads campaign 
  • If you are looking to hire professionals outside of the USA then think about this statistics which stated 76% of LinkedIn professionals are outside usa. 
  • About 40 million people use Linkedin every week to search for a job and that is great news for hiring managers to screen a lot of potential employees to add to their base.
  • On average, linkedin helps to hire 3 professionals in every minute which means 180 people per hour and 4320 people per day. 

Snapchat Ads Credit

As of april 2021, snapchat provides with $375 dollars free ads credit when you spend $350 dollars with the platform. 

This offer is valid for new advertisers only and to qualify for ads credit you must spend 350 dollars within 30 days from the start of your first ads campaign. This offer is meant to be 1 per business. 

Additionally, other terms and conditions apply; make sure you read all of the specifics before beginning your campaign so you don’t miss out on the bonus credit.

Facebook Ads Credit

Unfortunately facebook do not offer free ads credit in general. But, once you get access to your facebook page and start using them facebook will send you promotional ads credit for you to start advertising on their platform. This is from my experience, do not take it for granted. 

I am confident it will provide you with free credit. 

We are aware of that, in the internet world, lots of people and specially bloggers claim that facebook offer free credit, but that is not true. As i said earlier that facebook will send you promotional code which i think will worth up to $15 dollars.

If you require free ad credit to begin advertising, consider alternatives such as Bing, Snapchat, Google, and others discussed in this post.

Amazon Ad Credit

As of today, Amazon does not offer any ads credit, but it used to do it and it was $50 dollars. 

If you are an amazon seller, then it highly recommend to advertise your new lunch product because it will help you to rank high in amazon organic result.

Tiktok Ads Promotion

The fact is that tiktok does not provide an offer for businesses to open up a ads campaign for new advertisers.

Apple Search Ads Credit

You can get $100 ads credit when you have set up your apple search ads account which is pretty much easy to do.

Still questions remain for apple search credit? Who is eligible for it . 

According to apple search ads website help support, only new account plus developer and registered account is eligible for this promotional. Also it needs to be a minimum of 1 app for sale in the app store.

Basically, you need to have an app in order to get this free 100 dollars coupon credit.

 Also a list of countries eligible for apple bonus and you can find the list here.

Waze Ads promotional 

If you have local business, especially service business, auto, restaurant, or other business that requires local advertising, then Waze can be great options. 

Essentially, your adverts will appear near vehicles who are stopped at a red light or searching for an address.

Quick glance of benefit of using waze ads platform. To be noted that waze is owned by google. 

  • Reach 130 million plus monthly users which  are active driver who are using Waze platform 
  • You can track performance in real time. That means the result will not take a lot of time to view them so that you can see conversion and adjust ads budget accordingly. 
  • You only pay for ads that show up on the map.
  • There are 3 types of ads you can do and these are pin ads, search ads, and finally takeover ads. 
  • No minimum budget requirement that you can have ads budget as low as $1 dollars. We recommend budget of $10 in order to get result than can able to analyze further to make proper decision on your ads campaign  

Free Sharpsping Ads Promotion

Free Pinterest ad credit

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to advertise your blog, products or services by buying search ads or ads in social media platform then it is highly recommended that you must check the following sites that I have listed in this post to know what kind of options are available and you can apply for free ads credit start your campaign on good note.

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