Do you plan to use the Bing Advertising platform? Do you know that there are 7.2 billion monthly desktop search takes place in Microsoft search networks.

Right now you can get free Bing Ads coupons credits that will provide $100 free money to use on your advertising campaign. 

📗Bing Ads Coupon CreditsSignUpNow
💰 Credit Amount$100 credits
  • For USA – use this $100 credits offer
  • For Canada – use this $100 credit offer
  • For India – use this Rs3000 credits offer
  • For UK – use this £ 100 credits offer
  • For Australian – use this $100 credits offer
  • For Brazil -use the R$150 credit offer 
  • For Mexico – use this $1000 credits offer
  • For France -use this 75 € credit offer
  • For Spain – use this 75 € credit offer
  • For Germeny – use this 75 € credit offer
  • For New Zealand -use this $100 credit offer
  • For Italy – use this 75 € credit offer

Offer Last Updated: 7-6-2022 @ 4:06 PM.

FREE $100 Bing Ads Coupon code
Source: Microsoft Advertisement

The credit amount depends on your location and so we have provided a special offer link for eligible countries so you can use your country link to sign up for best deals.

Note that there are minimum ads spending requirements in order to be eligible for the ads credit. Please check our countries minimum ads spending requirements here.

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Microsoft Ads Coupon code

Bing ads which is part of Microsoft Ads Partner which is offering free ads coupons credit to new advertisers in order to entice business and marketer use the microsoft advertising platforms. 

Bing ads offers several advertisements and promotional tools to promote your business and gain sales. The Bing advertisements help in two ways: one you get a chance to advertise your products via the search engine, and another way is that you can show up on the results related to your targeted keywords in the search engine.

How to Sign up For Microsoft Advertising Account

Step 1: Click here to go to the sign up page. Click on Start Now button

microsoft sign up bonus

Step 2: If you have already account with Microsoft then use that email address to continue

or Click on create new accounts

Step 3: After verifying your email, you will see this page where it tells you to provide website and information and continue to create ads campaigns .

Thats it.

Bing Ads Promo Code

In order to get the Bings ads promotions credit, you need to use this Bing Offer Link to sign up with Bings advertiser network to earn the promotions credit.

Since Bing does not offer any type of code that can be redeemed. It’s only through the special offer link.

It is a fact that Bing Ads offer new advertiser promotions which depend on the country advertiser located.

Also, there is a minimum spending requirement for each specific country that you are in.

Minimum Ads Spending Requirements By Countries

In order to receive the Microsoft ads $100 coupon credits, you need to spend money on your ads campaign. 

Here is the list of countries with minimum ads spend required. 

For US, Canada, Australia, and New zealand – You need to spend a minimum of $25 dollars to qualify for the credits.

For India- You need to spend Rs 650 in order to receive Rs3000 in your accounts. 

For UK -£20need to spend in ads campaigns in order to Microsoft add bonsu credit automatically on your accounts. 

For Brazil- $30 spending required in order to qualify for the $150 bonus credits.

For Mexico- 250 MXN required to get the 1000MXN in your accounts. 

For  France, Spain, Germany, and Italy – You need to spend £15 to qualify for the credits

Free Bing Ads Credit Works

Yes. It works 100% but there are minimum ads spent requirements for each eligible country that you are signed up with.

The promotion amount varies by country and you have to make sure that you sign up with the right promotional link offer in order to get the free ads credits.

Currently, Microsoft’s advertising network which includes Bing has more than 7 billion searches in the US alone.

Because Microsoft’s advertising platform is not widely used, competition is minimal, resulting in a low cost per click, which equates to a cheaper cost of obtaining leads and sales.

Because of the low amount of advertisements utilizing the ads platform, microsoft provides sign up credits in order to get more advertisers to use the microsoft advertising platform.

Importance and effectiveness of Bing Ads (Google Ads vs Bing Ads)

When we are talking about advertising on the internet, Bing Ads has to be on in the discussion. If you are familiar with the Ads on the internet you might know about the Google Ads. But the question is, “Are Bing Ads as effective as Google Ads?” Well, we will talk about that in this part of the article.

Both Bing and Google Ads are pay-per-click advertising platforms. The basic concept of both Bing Ads and Google Ads is the same. These platforms were designed to reach targeted audiences, increase revenue and drive traffic. But each of them has some very unique features that makes them advantageous. Hence, a marketer can use them to his advantage.

Now if we try to explain the Google Ads we need to explain it in two parts. Firstly, the search network. In this type of Google Ads, marketers create a text ad that appears on the search engine results page ( also known as SERP). Secondly, the display network. In this kind of advertisement, marketers create display Ads. These Ads will appear on different websites on the internet.

On the other hand, Bing is owned by Microsoft. And they have three search engines. Those are Bing, Yahoo, AOL. As a result, when you advertise on one of the platforms, your Ads appear on 3 different search engines. Hence, searchers on Bing, yahoo and AOL will see your Ads.

Google dominates the search engine market. So they have more search volume than Bing. As a result, Google has more reach. But Bing is giving a perfect competition.

 Bing holds 34% of the desktop search engine market share.

 Bing network has 7.4 billion monthly searches only in the US.

136 million unique persons around the world use Bing as their main search engine. 

Bing Ads Discount Code

To earn the maximum discount on your Bing ads network, use this special offer link to sign up for this ads network.

It is important for you to understand that, Bings doesn’t provide any ads coupon or discount code, it is only through a special link that you can use for ads credits.

I highly suggest you sign up by using the specific countries promotion link that I have mentioned in the top of the post, so you will not miss the opportunity to earn the credits.

Microsoft Ads Coupon Code

When you use a Microsoft Ads coupon code, you can get $100 in free ad credits when you sign up as a new advertiser with the Microsoft ads network.

That’s right, with a new microsoft ads account, you are able to receive a $100 signup bonus once you have spent $25 dollars in advertisement. 

It is a fact that Microsoft accounts require no coupon or promotional code, just a promotional link will get you the bonus. 

Microsoft Ads Coupon

Click here to sign up for a Microsoft account and get the bonus that you deserve.

Benefits of using Bing Ads

As previously stated, Bing networks receive approximately 136 million monthly searches. If you use Bing AdWords, your ads can reach a large number of individuals at the same time. And cherry on top, Bing has 3 search engines. If you choose Bing Ads your Ads will pop up in all three of those search engines. Also there are other benefits of using Bing Ads.

  • Unlike Google Ads, Bing Ads is expanding quickly. In fact, Google Ads is losing its shares on the market. On the other hand, Bing Ads is growing at a significant rate.
  • As most of the marketers use Google Ads as their primary advertising tools. If you choose to use Bing Ads that means you chose the market with less competition. Because it is not as crowded as Google Ads. As a result, your Ads will end up reaching more people.
  • Bing Ads is cheaper and more effective in many ways. Hence, it is more effective for a small business. Even marketers can use Bing Ads to run advertising campaigns when they have a shortage on the budget.  Users say it decreases the cost per click by 35%. Even you can use free Bing Ads credit to
  • Bing Ads gives you all the insights you need to run an ad campaign. Even it gives you more control over your Ads. Hence, you can target your audience. You can campaign your Ads in different ad groups. Also, it allows you to run your campaign in different time zones. You can specify the age group to show your Ads.
  • Bing Ads is more transparent. It shows you which search partners are providing more traffic to your site.

Microsoft Ads Promo Code

To get the microsoft advertising promo code, use this special offer link to sign up for maximum ads credits.

The credit amount is based on advertiser geography. 

Bings ads is part of microsoft advertising networks, so you are allowed to spend this money on all the Microsoft ads affiliate networks which include Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and many others.

Final words

Bing Adwords Coupons are particularly useful for businesses who want to develop a presence and attract new clients right away.

In order to entice new advertisers and capture new clients, these advertising platforms provide free $100 campaign credit coupons.

Bing Ads enables marketers to create search campaigns with no prior experience and begin running pay per click ads in minutes. This is an excellent service if you want clicks, calls, or leads.

Microsoft’s newest advertising division, Bing Ads, offers free vouchers that allow you to try out their services for free. This deal is only available in the countries listed and can only be used once.

It’s never been simpler to get started with Bing Ads than it is right now. The free $100 credit offer should be just what new advertisers need to get off to a good start. We’re all curious to see what this advertising platform can do.

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Are Bing Ads expensive?

The Bing ads is one of the low ppc advertising platforms in the market at this moment. The average cost per click can be as much as 70% lower than google ads networks.

And since most businesses are using the adwords to advertise their business, the cost per click compared to Bing ads networks is much higher and cost of acquisition is also high.

Also, at this moment, there are a much lower number of advertisers using the bing ads network to advertise their business and service. 

And that leads to low competition and low cost per click to acquire new customers or sales. 

How do I get Bing ad credits?

In order to get the Bing ads credits, first you need to sign up with the specific country promotional link that is mentioned in the intro of the article, then complete the signup process. 

Once you have done that, and spend the minimum amount that is set by the Microsoft promotion offer then Microsoft will automatically add the credits to your accounts.
For example, in the USA, the promotional credit is $100 dollars and you must spend $25 dollars to receive the free promotional credit.

So, without wasting time use the promotional link above and spend the minimum amount and get your bonus credit which you totally deserve for  starting advertising with Bing Ads Platform. 

Is Bing better than Google in terms of Advertisement Platform?

There are both pros and cons of using both advertisement platforms. With Bing, you can get low cost per click but it is not possible to scale quickly because of the amount of users using Bing search networks.

Aside from that, if you want to target the foreign market, Bing search adverts will be a waste of your time and effort because there aren’t enough users on the platform to target your commercials with.

However, because there isn’t enough competition for certain search phrases, the cost of attracting new clients and increasing sales is significantly lower than with Google ads.

Is Bing Ads the same as Microsoft ads?

Yes. Bings ads is part of Microsoft ads networks. Because of Google’s top advertising platform in the market, Bings have partnered with Microsoft to compete with google.

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