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Fluz App is an app where you earn cash back on shopping, dining and entertainment and can cash out  those earnings via bank account, PayPal and more. 

But wait a second

Is it real and legit? And do Fluz work?

This Fluz app review is conducted via personal experience and research to answer those questions that might cross your minds.

Here’s a brief recap: It is a legitimate and completely safe app that you can earn cashback from. Believe it or not, I have made over 2K with the app. You can use this Fluz Referral Code “BONUS35” or Fluz Invite Link to install the app and that way the code will automatically applied and you will eligible to receive 35% on your each transactions. 

fluz app review
Source: Fluz App Store

What is Fluz app

Fluz is a cash back app that was founded in 2016 by Maurice Harary & Stefan Krautwald and its current headquarter in NYC. 

With Fluz, you can earn free cash back on every purchase and get paid for being social.

This app is changing online shopping by letting users shop online, earn rewards, and get paid. It’s social, easy to use, and absolutely free!

As part of your Fluz experience, you can earn REAL cash back by shopping at your favorite stores. The more friends you have that use Fluz, the more opportunities you have to earn real money!

So you  don’t have to waste time counting on points to convert  to cash. 

The minimum of 4% of savings if you connect your bank account in the app and pay Fluz with the bank account to get the digital gift so that you can use that gift card to pay the store or company.

Sign up today and start earning money with every purchase, plus share with your friends to help them get stuff they want while putting money in your pocket.

With the fluz referral program, it is one of best attract referral programs that will increase your earning exponentially. I will discuss in details in the referral program section and how to earn money by just referring new members to fluz app. 

How does Fluz work?

It might be little confusing at first but I will provide exact details step on how fluz work so you can earn cash back without any hassle. 

Step 1: Keep shopping where you’ve been shopping. 

You can choose from over 300 retailer and brands and the store currently you are shopping and that might be the one of its fluz affiliate store or brands company. You can simply search for a store or brand on Fluz from its main dashboard where it said “ Where would you like to pay? ” and below that store search field to search for a store. 

Step 2: Pay Fluz and you’ll receive a code.

After you shop online or store and find out the total amount then open the Fluz app and search for the store and click on it and input the exact amount to buy digital gift cards and then you will receive a gift card code. use that gift cards 

Step 3: Pay with a Fluz code.

Now, once you get the code, use that code to pay in store cashiers or online. That’s it. You can see your cashback on your dashboard that you can transfer to your bank account. 

How to use fluz app

Fluz App  is an on-the-go app that allows you to instantly get cash back for buying the things you’re already buying.

Once you install the app and sign up for an account with the referral code, you are ready to save on your purchase. 

Here are detailed steps on how to use it. 

  1. Install the app from the app store.
  2. Sign for accounts.
  3. Keep shopping where you’ve been shopping.
  4. Pay Fluz and you’ll receive a code.
  5. Pay with a Fluz code to store cashier or online checkout page. 
  6. That’s it. 

Fluz Gift Card

The Fluz works differently than any other cashback app available today. 

Basically, you want to buy anything from one of its affiliate stores, so you choose one in the Fluz app, input the price, and pay it to Fluz. 

Fluz will create a digital gift card for you, which you can use to pay the merchant or company.

Fluz Rewards

Using the Fluz app, you may make money in a variety of ways, including by purchasing online or in-store and referring friends. Referring to friends is one of the most effective methods to earn money rapidly.

You can also earn from your friend’s referral as well.

You should keep in mind that in order to receive a 35 percent discount and a transaction value of up to $10, you must refer to a previously earned voucher, and each transaction will utilize one voucher in order to receive the 35 percent discount.

Overall, it is a useful app that you should install to your phone and begin using immediately in order to save money.

Fluz App Review

Fluz is a mobile app that we have reviewed in depth in this post. I have covered all the aspect of the Fluz app such Fluz rewards, Fluz gift cards, how does Fluz works, how to use Fluz, referral programs and a variety of other topics have been covered in this article, among others. 

In basic terms, the essential function of this app is to save you money while buying products or services from more than 300 brands and companies which include Uber, Pizza Hut, Adidas, DoorDash and many popular brands.   

It is a completely free and easy to use app that allows you to earn money without putting any effort on your behalf. You will miss out on money if you do not use this app. The 4% is the minimum that you can save on your each transaction with Fluz affiliate store. 

In terms of the app’s authenticity, it is a perfectly legitimate app that allows users to earn cashback from the brands and stores that it affiliates with. 

It has more than 100,000 installations on Google Play, and it has a 4.9-star rating out of 4132 total reviews, which is great to see. 

In addition, it received a 4.5-star rating in the Apple App Store, out of a total of 1198 reviews. In terms of both the quality of the app and the popularity of the app, the number speaks for itself.

So don’t spend any more time and download the app right away to begin collecting cashback that you have been missing out on for so long and saving money.

The fluz app is gaining members every day because it is making a positive impact. If you’re the kind of person who likes to save money by purchasing through cash back apps, or who places importance on the opportunity to work hard for cash back rewards, then this is definitely an app you should consider downloading.

Fluz App standout features

These are the standout features that will probably help to decide to install apps in your phone to start saving. 

  • It offers cash back on purchases.
  • It allows users to earn cash back from the purchases of their friends.
  • It offers a variety of ways for users to earn rewards, including through social media sharing.
  • Amazing referral program 
  • Transfer money to a Bank account or PayPal.
  • There are never any fees.
  • There are no waiting periods for cash back to appear.
  • There are no points to be redeemed.
  • There are no receipts to scan.

Is fluz a scam or Is Fluz Legit App

Fluz has lately risen to the top of the list of most popular apps. But is it a scam? Many people believe that fluz app is a scam and that you can’t make any money with it.

I’ve done a lot of research and put it to the test to see if it’s legitimate or not. Here’s what I’ve learned about Fluz APP from my own personal experience.

Fluz is a legitimate service, and I have personally used it and would recommend it to a peer. It’s quite basic and straightforward to use. By simply utilizing the app and introducing others to the platform, I have earned more than $2000 on the platform.

So I hope this information is useful to you: fluz APP is not a scam at all.

Free fluz app

You can use this link to install and register for a free fluz app, which will allow you to earn extra money by doing things that you would typically do.

It is 100% free apps that simply offer discounts at selected fluz affiliate stores.

Fluz app stores

There are more than 300K stores and brands working with Fluz and I have listed many popular ones here to give you a glimpse of what is available on the Fluz app. 

  • Uber Eats
  • CVS
  • Dunkin
  • Doordash
  • Netflix
  • XBOX
  • Roblox
  • Chipotle
  • Starbucks
  • Grubhub
  • Caviar
  • Jamba Juice

Fluz app customer service number

If you have any issue with the Fluz app and you would like to contact Fluz directly then you can use either phone number or email to reach out Flyz for any question or concerns

Fluz phone number you can contact: 1-866-866-1492 and email: 

Also this number Phone: +1 646-760-7479 Email:

The chance of having an issue is pretty rare and in case of need, you can contact the above number to reach quickly to solve the issue you might be facing. 

Fluz Pay

FLUZ is a mobile app that reinvents how digital payments are currently done. The app allows users to earn 2.5% to 35% cash back on your purchases made at checkout; you can use this cash back by instantly depositing it into your bank account or instantly sending it to PayPal.

Fluz Review Reddit

After reading some reviews on Reddit about the Fluz app, it appears that it is a totally legitimate app to earn residual inclusion from the referral program that is currently in place by the app.

So install the app now and start earning cashback and earn referral income by just referring people.  

Fluz app download

With all these features, it is easier to earn money, get rewards and save money with this amazing app. The Fluz app really gives you the power of earning cash back. So, if you love shopping and earning some cash in return for everything you buy, this is your chance to do just that.

Use the link to download the app and earn real cashback

Fluz Portal

As you might know that, Fluz offer one of the best referral program to earn side income. 

And to make it easier for the member to share their referral code and spread the words through social media platform it create Fluz portal. 

The portal offers a wide range of promotional material that can be used to earn referral rewards quickly.

It is one of the only few apps that offer such a resource for its members to earn referral income. 

What is fluz fresh

Bring the grocery-shopping experience into the 21 st century by getting cash back on your groceries, with Fluz Fresh

The app has so many different options including stores and items, but it doesn’t deal with brands unless it’s large and widespread.

Customers can search for items, browse by category to find fresh deals all in one place, and get real-time pricing updates.

It’s easy to buy whatever you need and get cash back automatically, so there’s less stress and more savings!

Download the app today to start saving!

Final Thoughts

Fluz is a cash back app that you can use to earn money back when you spend at retail locations such as Target, Kohl’s, and Staples, among others. There are no coupons to clip, no shop matching, and no point redemption necessary. 

Though the platform is still in its infancy, it seems like an exciting opportunity for those looking for ways to earn additional income.

Not only is Fluz a wonderful way to earn additional income, it’s also a fun and easy way to shop and provides many of the same discounts and incentives that you would get using cash back apps like Ibotta or Receipt Hog. With all of these convenient features combined, Fluz makes it easy to not only make additional money, but to earn cash back while you shop.

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