I’ve compiled a list of 7 fascinating email marketing effectiveness statistics; a brief overview is provided below. Then there’s a detailed breakdown of how important each statistic is for marketers, how useful the data is for developing marketing strategies, and where it’s mentioned. 

Email Marketing Effectiveness Statistics: Key Findings

  • Email is 40X more effective than social media for acquiring customers.
  • 59% of marketers believe email is more effective than PPC and paid social media at generating leads.
  • Customers who receive email offers spend 138% more than those who don’t.
  • For every $1 spent on email, $42 is generated, 4200% ROI. 
  • 29% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel.
  • 60% of consumers bought after receiving a marketing email.
  • 81% of small businesses use email to acquire customers.
  • Over the past year, 78% of marketers have seen email engagement rise.
  • 95% of marketers say email marketing helped them achieve their business goals.
  • 85% of people receive email.

Source: (Sopro, Financial Post, Optin Monster, HubSpot, McKinsey Insights, Optin Monster.)

Let me now go over each email marketing effectiveness stat in greater detail. 

#1. Email Marketing: Superior Lead Generator Outshines PPC and Social Media

Source: Sopro

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Marketing Tech News, Snov, Twitter, Sme Web, Steel Croissant, Startups Magazine, Word Stream, Linkedin, Nerdy Joe and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Superiority of Email MarketingWith a significant majority of marketers vouching for email, it’s evidently a highly impactful lead generation tool.
Reduced Reliance on Paid ChannelsPPC and paid social media may not be as effective, leading to potential budget reallocation.
Need for Strong Email Marketing StrategyGiven email’s prominence, a robust, engaging email strategy is crucial for marketing success.

#2. Impressive ROI Makes Email Marketing Indispensable Tool

Source: Financial Post

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Luisa Zhou, Snov, Hubspot, Oberlo, Mailmodo, Constant Contact, Litmus, Neal Schaffer, Linkedin and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Email Marketing delivers high ROIWith a ratio of 42:1, the high return on investment demonstrates that email marketing is an effective strategy.
It’s critical to invest in email marketingGiven the impressive ROI, ignoring email marketing could lead to missed opportunities and revenue loss.
Quality of emails matters for engagementThis ROI suggests that high-value content in emails can significantly drive consumer spending.

#3. Email Offers Drive Higher Consumer Spending

Source: Optin Monster

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Mantle Digital Media, Word Stream, Think Orion, Search Engine Journal, Digital Strike and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Emphasis on Email MarketingHigh spending behavior among email receivers indicates the power of email marketing strategies.
Need for Personalized OffersHigher spendings by email offer recipients suggest the efficacy of tailored promotional strategies.
Frequent EngagementsMore purchases from email recipients imply the importance of regular communication with consumers.

#4. Email: Unrivalled Reach for Effective Communication

Source: Optin Monster

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: 99 Firms, Linkedin, Snov, Hubspot, Super Office, The Media Captain, Email Monday, Earth Web and more.

Data SuggestJustification
High email penetration promises broad reachEmail’s 85% reach guarantees marketers a substantial and diverse audience pool, enhancing campaign exposure.
Email marketing remains a priority channelGiven its high reach, email becomes an indispensable marketing tool, underpinning sales funnels and customer retention strategies.
Personalization and segmentation are vitalNot all 85% respond similarly. Tailored content for different demographic groups within this audience enhances engagement.

#5. Marketers Report Yearly Surge in Email Engagement

Source: HubSpot

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Snov, Oberlo, Mar Tech Alliance, Luisa Zhou, Gialli Marketing, Backlinko, Swift Erm and more.

Data suggestJustification
Email marketing is an effective communication tool.The increased engagement shows that consumers are actively interacting with email content.
Consumers prefer personalized communications.The engagement surge implies that personalized email strategies resonate more with consumers.
Regular review and optimization of email strategies is crucial.Continual growth in email engagement indicates ongoing adjustments may be beneficial for maximizing impact.

#6. Email Marketing: Critical for Achieving Business Goals

Source: HubSpot

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Tidio, Luisa Zhou, Rock Content, Thomasnet, Super Office, Funnl, Stova and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Email Marketing’s High EfficacyMajority marketers’ success ties to email marketing; execution should harness its potential.
Crucial for Business GoalsEmail marketing directly impacts business objectives; use strategically for goal attainment.
Must-Have in Marketing StrategyWith 95% approval, neglecting email marketing risks being outperformed by competitors.

#7. Email Reigns Supreme in Customer Acquisition

Source: McKinsey Insights

Significance of the Data: Very High

Mentioned By: Startup Bonsai, Developer Media, Constant Contact, Web Sell, Campaign Monitor, Media Post and more.

Data suggestJustification
Reallocate resources to email marketing.Achieving higher customer acquisition with email validates reallocation.
Enhance personalized email strategies.Highly effective email campaigns typically employ personalization.
Invest in email list growth activities.Larger lists directly improve acquisition potential.

#8. Marketing Emails Spur Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Source: Optin Monster

Significance of the Data: High

Mentioned By: Luisa Zhou, Dsim, Linkedin, Small Biz Trends, Constant Contact, 99 Firms, Buffer, Hubspot, Snov and more.

Data SuggestJustification
Effectiveness of email marketingEmails can successfully prompt purchase behavior, making them a powerful marketing tool.
Potential for personalizationGiven that customers are purchasing post-email, personalized email campaigns could increase conversion rates.
Importance of nurturing customer relationshipsRegular, relevant email communication plays a crucial role in encouraging consumer purchasing decisions.

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