9 Business Communication Statistics That Every Leader Should Know

In today’s competitive business landscape, communication is key. 

Every business knows that having a good understanding of how to effectively communicate with colleagues and customers can be the difference between success and failure in any industry. 

As technology continues to evolve, it is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of current communication trends and best practices. 

To help businesses make informed decisions about their organization’s communications strategy, let’s take a look at some of the most insightful business communication statistics today.

Insightful Business Communication Statistics

  1. 97% of employees claim that communication affects their productivity on a daily basis.
  2. Poor communication has reportedly cost 46% of businesses a customer.
  3. Because of poor internal communication, 35% of businesses have lost an employee.
  4. 70% of consumers claim to have stopped doing business with a company and switched to a rival because they thought it was unorganized.
  5. a loss of $62.4 million per company annually on average as a result of poor employee communication.
  6. Employees blame poor communication for deadline breaches 28% of the time.
  7. Poor communication costs businesses up to $37 billion annually, and 86% of executives place the blame at work.
  8. Failures at work are primarily attributed, according to 86% of employees and executives, to ineffective collaboration and communication.
  9. Businesses with connected employees report 20–25% increases in productivity.
  10. Employee retention can be increased by up to 4.5 times through effective communication.
Business Communication stats

Importance Of Effective Business Communication According to Business Expert

1. Communication helps to spur innovation

According to the Australian Institute of Business, communication is essential for innovation. When employees are comfortable enough to express their ideas openly and effectively, cooperation within the company increases and new ideas can easily be shared. 

Strong communication typically leads to an increase in the quality of ideas since everyone clearly understands one other. It is clear that in order for any company or organization to succeed in this day and age, effective communication needs to be a primary focus.

2. It creates and upholds relationships

According to DeskAlerts, effective business communication has the potential to drive productivity and collaboration within an organization. Using established forms of business communication like emails, memos, announcements and meetings enables teams to interact with each other effectively, encouraging candid conversations and shared understanding. 

This type of communicative environment aids in the elimination of any misunderstandings that would have occurred if dialogues had not been developed.

It also builds trusting relationships between colleagues and departments, creating a workplace where employees feel confident expressing their ideas without fear of beratement. 

Effective business communication is the foundation for any successful business; strong lines of communication provide a pleasant working atmosphere and allow teammates to be accountable for their actions, leading to more productive relations in the workplace.

3.Eliminates email overload

According to Radicati, the average corporate worker spends 25% of their workday dealing with various email-related tasks. Majority of the emails in our inbox are not relevant and are just additional clutter. 

Therefore, it is important for businesses to have effective communication solutions that help eliminate this problem of email overload. 

We can ensure that only relevant emails get through and reach their target audiences quickly and securely with the correct tools and platforms in place.

By streamlining internal communications using modern tools like Haiilo, businesses can facilitate fast and effective business communication that eliminates unnecessary emails

4. Positive team dynamics

According to Chron, effective business communication is essential for creating and maintaining a positive team environment.

Personal ties between team members serve to break down barriers and establish trust, resulting in improved morale and stronger teamwork.

As team members become familiar with one another, they’re not only able to work together more effectively but they are also more likely to communicate about work and weekend activities. This helps create a sense of camaraderie that benefits the entire team and encourages better performance overall.

5. It fosters stronger customer relationships

According to Grammarly, effective business communication is essential for proper and successful customer relationships. 

Open and honest dialogue between a company and its customers creates trust and understanding between both parties. 

A company can ensure that great connections with its customers by fostering effective communication skills among its employees.


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