If you are an affiliate marketer, then you must be familiar with the need for effective link tracking.

However, some might overlook the need of this software and do not make it part of their business process, thus losing leads.

Tracking your affiliate links is essential to optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Without link tracking, you have no way of knowing which ads or organic blog links are driving traffic and sales. This can lead to a lot of guesswork and wasted time and money.

It’s important to make sure you get credit for every sale you generate. With affiliate link tracking software, you can keep track of your sales and leads in real time.

Luckily, there are a number of great software options available, so it’s important to find the right one for your needs to make tracking your affiliate links a breeze. 

So if you are ready to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level, then make sure to check out the best affiliate link tracker software today. You won’t be disappointed!

  • ClickMagick
  • ClickMeter
  • Linklyhq
  • Adsbridge
  • Joturl
  • Clickperfect
  • Clixtrac
  • Bemob
  • Cpvlab


  • Current Deals: Sign up for 14 days free trials
  • Best For: Affiliate, PPC Advertiser
  • Pricing: Starter plan cost $37 per months(14 days free trials)
  • Recommend: Absolutely!! (I am using it). 

ClickMagick is all in one leading real time affiliate link tracking software in the industry. It has many tools and among them, Geo targeting, Link rotator, custom domain are popular which every affiliate needs in order optimize conversion rate. 

You might well know that affiliate offers have special requirements such as specific location, device and total number action per day.

With ClickMagick, you are able to redirect the traffic to specific location, device, and more to earn revenue that would have been lost due to not meeting the specific affiliate requirement.

Also, if you plan to buy these features on an individual basis, it will cost you much higher than only $37 per month with ClickMagick.

ClickMagick’s affiliate link tracking software means it’s now easier than ever to track your clicks, leads, and sales. 

It’s powerful software with a simple interface, and provides vital data to help you more effectively harness the power of your web traffic.

Overall, ClickMagick has been the choice for affiliate tracking software by some of the biggest players in the industry and so it is a must-have piece of software for affiliates.


It currently offers three plans which are Starter Plan($37 per month), Standard Plan($77 per month) and Pro Plan ($197 per month).

With each plan, you are able to track a certain amount of clicks. So if you need to track lots of clicks then feel free to upgrade the plan and track each of your clicks.

If you are still not convinced of joining clickmagick, then you can sign up for 14 days free trials to check out the software and see if it fits your needs. 

It is completely worth trying.

Remember, the amount of tools you are getting in one software that you must need in order to maximize your earning. 

2. ClickMeter

  • Current Deals: Sign up for 14 days free trials
  • Best For: Affiliate, PPC Advertiser
  • Pricing: Starter plan cost $37 per months(14 days free trials)
  • Recommend: Absolutely!! (I am using it). 

Clickmeter is a professional affiliate link tracking software aimed at affiliate and internet marketers. 

It fundamentally changes the way affiliate and publisher track links online. It is loved by more than 100K small and big affiliate marketers. 

It is the world’s most advanced affiliate marketing software that allows you to track and manage your affiliate links in a very simple way.

The goal of Clickmeter is to help you avoid waste click and optimize for conversion and to increase the revenue that is at its highest level.

Pricing: it has three plans which are Medium, Large, X-Large.


  • $29.99 per months
  • Maximum 25000 clicks
  • 1 year data retention 
  • 1 custom domain included
  • Rotator
  • And many more


  • $99.99 per months
  • 200K event or click per months
  • 10 custom domain
  • 2 year data retention
  • Click fraud protections
  • And more


  • $349 per months
  • 2M click tracking
  • 3 year data retention 
  • 100 branded domain included
  • 100 sub-accounts
  • Click fraud protection 
  • Dedicated engineer reports

Overall, Clickmeter is a simple yet powerful tool which allows you to track every single affiliate link you share on social media, your blog or website.

Final Thought

Without a doubt, every affiliate marketer needs tracking tools to make the most out of each visitor.

Because the affiliate offer has specific country, device, and many other requirements, it is critical to have affiliate software that provides a solution to every problem that an affiliate marketer may encounter, such as redirecting same traffic to a different url or redirecting traffic to a different country.

After extensive research, we’re confident that ClickMagick is the best possible affiliate link tracker software available. It’s fast, effective, and easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners and affiliate marketing veterans alike.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, software is a powerful instrument that may significantly increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Simply choose the proper program for your needs and get started tracking affiliate links. 

And remember—if you’re serious about making money online, then keep track of all your online efforts so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

A solid affiliate link tracker will assist you with real-time tracking of your affiliate marketing sales, making it a genuinely invaluable addition to your business.


What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business compensates one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to the company’s website by the affiliate’s promotional efforts.

Affiliate marketing is frequently regarded as a method of promoting online businesses. When it comes to online advertising, it’s quite common for small businesses to outsource their efforts to affiliate networks. The affiliate network then seeks out affiliates who are interested in advertising the company’s products or services and compensates them with a commission for each click, lead, or sale that they generate on the company’s behalf.

A tracking link is a unique URL that is used to track the visitor action of an affiliate marketing campaign. 

When someone clicks on the tracking link, it will redirect them to the merchant’s website, and any action which include leads, sales, and calls that occur as a result of that visit will be credited to the affiliate who generated the traffic.

An affiliate link is a url that attaches a unique parameter that can track specific action taken by visitors.

The usual affiliate link work something like these, https://www.domain.com/affiliate/id=23456/{string}

In order to get affiliate links, you need to sign up with affiliate program platforms or directly applied company affiliate programs.

What is ClickMagick used for?

For a variety of purposes, ClickMagick is most commonly used for advertising click tracking, affiliate link tracking, and ad fraud detection and prevention. Also used for website traffic analysis, website optimization, and for understanding how customers interact with a website. Additionally, it can be used to track sales and conversions, identify traffic sources, and assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

In today’s digital marketing environment, affiliate marketing is an important component of any marketing strategy for any company that operates on the internet.

It is the only option available to some businesses in order to establish themselves as a globally recognized brand.

In the United States, all of the retailing behemoths employ these strategies as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Amazon, Walmart, Target, Nike, and a slew of other companies have affiliate programs, and they are all well-known.

What is the trend of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a clear and influential way for companies to generate online exposure, and it has been proven time and time again to have a strong influence on establishing new customers. 

As more companies become aware of this previously unknown trick, we can expect affiliate marketing to become even more prevalent.

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