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Amazon Prime video continues to be extremely popular, with 117 million Amazon Prime Video subscribers worldwide enjoying its streaming services. This figure is projected to skyrocket over the next few years – estimates state that Amazon Prime Video will reach over 250 million subscribers by 2027.

It’s clear that many people love using Amazon Prime for their streaming needs – and Amazon is working hard to make sure they get the service they deserve.

Amazon is set to continue dominating the streaming market in the near future as more and more people opt for an Amazon Prime membership rather than any of its competitors.

Key Finding on Amazon Prime Video Statistics

  • An estimated of 67.04 Amazon prime video subscribers in the US in 2022. (Amazon Press center, Digital TV Research )
  • There are 117 million Amazon Prime Video subscribers worldwide (Amazon Press center)
  • By 2027, Prime Video is projected to reach over 250 million subscribers globally. (Statista)
  • 56 % of the U.S. adults subscribe to Amazon Prime Video in 2022. (Statista)
  • Amazon Prime Video Channels generated $3.6 billion in revenue sharing in 2020. (BMO Capital Markets)
  • Around 64% of households have subscribed to Amazon Prime services worldwide. (Statista)
  • Amazon currently have 75 million video worldwide. (Amazon)
  • More than 175 million Prime members streamed TV shows and movies in 2021 (Amazon Q1 2021 Earning Press release)
  • Between 35 and 44 years of age, 67% of consumers said they had a current Amazon Prime subscription.

On this page, you are going to find Amazon Prime Video statistics and its subscriber, revenue, and other important facts.

Amazon Prime Video Statistics

Amazon Prime Video Subscribers US Stats

YearEstimated Number of subscribers in millions
(Amazon Press center, Digital TV Research)

According to data from Amazon press center and Digital TV Research, Amazon Prime Video had about 53.3 million subscribers in the United States in 2019. This number is expected to grow to over 100 million by 2026.

(Amazon Press center, Digital TV Research)

Amazon Prime Video Subscribers Worldwide

YearEstimated Number of subscribers in millions (Worldwide)
(Amazon Press center, Digital TV Research)

Amazon Prime Video had about 117 million subscribers worldwide in 2020. This number is expected to grow to over 252 million by 2027 worldwide according to the research done by the Digital TV Research.

(Amazon Press center, Digital TV Research )

Amazon Prime Video Revenue

YearRevenue in Billions (Worldwide)
(Yahoo News)

According to a Yahoo news report, Amazon Prime Video generated about $3.57 billion in revenue in 2019. This number is expected to grow to $4.63 billion in 2021 and $5.16 billion, according to our estimate.


Amazon Prime Video Active Users

Amazon Prime Video has approximately 136.94 million active users in 2022. That number is expected to grow to 167.07 million by 2025 according to data provided by Digital TV Research.

Amazon Prime Video Demographics

1. 55% of adults with an Amazon Prime Video subscription in the United States


2. Amazon Prime Video service is available in over 200 countries internationally.

Since Amazon Prime started it has spread to more than 200 countries of the world.

Source: Statista

General Amazon Prime Video Statistics

1. More than 175 million Prime members streamed TV shows and movies in 2021

(Amazon Q1 2021 Earning Press release)

2.  In 2019 Amazon was able to produce 70 new original content titles 

Source: Statista

This number has steadily been increasing since the company released its first block of original programming in April 2013. Amazon spends millions of dollars on production and marketing expenses for its original content.

3.  In 2020, the company’s video content budget was seven billion U.S. dollars.

Source: Statista

The company spends a lot of money in producing its original content every year. Amazon also continuously increases its selection of TV shows and movies. 

4.  In the UK, Amazon video Prime had more than 18,000 movies as of February 2021.

Source: Statista

This was a 90% share of the whole content provided by the service. The most common content type available on Amazon Prime Video is movies.  

5.  By 2026, Prime Video is projected to reach over 180 million subscribers globally.

Source: Statista

Amazon prime video subscribers are expected to continue to increase in the coming years. By 2026, subscribers are projected to increase by 80 million, which translates to 80% growth.

6.  Almost 39% of the United States citizens aged 18 to 34 years subscribe to the on-demand service while 47% 0f the 35 to 44-year-olds have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Source: Statista

Younger demographics view Amazon’s video content than older ones. This is the case even though a majority of Americans who are between 35 and 44 years are members of Amazon Prime. This means that not all Amazon Prime members subscribe to Amazon Prime Video.

7.  Amazon Prime Video produced 70 original content titles in 2019 compared to 56 titles in 2017

Source: Statista

Within two years, Amazon prime had increased the content titles they produced from 56 to 70. Amazon set aside a budget to start producing its original content. Over the years, some of their content has been nominated for various awards in the US.

8.  314 hours of original content was released by Amazon Prime Video worldwide in 2019

 Source: Statista

Amazon prime released more than three hundred hours of original content worldwide in 2019. By 2019, Amazon had produced content that was equal to more than 300 hours in length.

9.  Amazon Prime subscribers get 240 TV shows per dollar on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S.

Source: Statista

In the US, subscribers can access a lot of TV content by paying only one dollar. This makes Amazon prime video one of the cheapest platforms for members to watch content. To enjoy this service however individuals must be authentic Amazon prime subscribers.

10.  39% of the U.S. adults subscribe to Amazon Prime Video

Source: Statista

Nearly forty percent of the US adult population have subscribed to Amazon prime video.

11.  57% of Amazon Prime members subscribed to the prime program due to the video content.

Source: Statista

As of 2020, Amazon Prime video was the second-most popular reason why 57% of respondents subscribed to Amazon Prime.

12.  As of March 2020, the average weekly Amazon Video consumption was at five hours and 22 minutes.

Source: Statista

Compared to the general population, millennials aged between 18 and 34 years spent less time watching Amazon Video content that month, at a weekly consumption time of four hours and 54 minutes.

13.  Amazon Prime Video Channels generated $3.6 billion in revenue sharing in 2020.

Source: Next tv

BMO Capital Markets estimated Amazon prime video segment generated more than 3.5 billion US dollars in revenue in 2020.

14.  More than 175 million Prime members streamed TV shows and movies in 2021.


Prime Video streaming hours were up by more than 70% year over year. This means that about 25 million prime members were either not prime video subscribers or they were not interested in Amazon live stream shows.

15.  Amazon Studios received 12 Oscar nominations and won in two in 2020.


This could be attributed to the company’s AWS cloud division, which has a $54 billion annual sales run rate. The original content produced by Amazon enjoys a wide viewership and some titles have been able to scoop awards under different categories in different competitions.

16.  Amazon’s Twitch live-streaming service has an average of 35 million daily visitors.


Millions of visitors visit amazon’s live streaming service every day. With 35 million daily visitors, Amazon prime video is one of the most appealing services in the company.

17.  In February 2021, Amazon made a 10-year deal with the NFL and acquired exclusive rights to “Thursday Night Football” starting in 2023.


This deal is worth $1.32 billion per year. The deal will most likely propel Amazon prime video subscriptions, which could result, in increased revenue.

18.  Amazon Prime Video had over 100 million subscribers worldwide by 2020

Source: Statista

Amazon’s Prime video service trailed Netflix with 204 million subscriptions the same year. Amazon started producing its original content to compete with other players and make its streaming service more attractive to internet users.

19.  Amazon Prime video recorded a 35% surge in viewership in March 2020.

Source: Statista

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States, self-isolation practices led to soaring usage and viewer numbers across SVoD channels.  The trend led to an increase in the Amazon Prime video audience surge.

Amazon Prime Video Users Statistics

1. According to Amazon Q1 earning reports, Over 175 million Prime members have streamed shows and movies in the past year, and streaming hours are up more than 70% year over year. (Amazon Q1 Earning Press release)

According to the Amazon Q1 earnings report press release distributed by Business Wire on April 29, 2021, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated that prime video users have increased from previous years, with the most likely reason being the pandemic that has swept the world.

Source: Business Wire

2. In January 2020, Amazon Prime had more than 150 Million Amazon Prime Video Users

It was revealed in January 2020 by the Amazon Q4 earnings report published in the Amazon press center, which was then made available on their website.

Source: Amazon Press Center

3. Amazon Prime Surpassed 200M Global Subscribers

(Amazon Press release).

Final Thought

Amazon Prime Video, with 117 million subscribers globally, is a popular streaming service expected to reach over 250 million subscribers by 2027. Amazon continues to enhance its offerings by introducing new features and expanding its content library.

Its established brand and diverse services facilitate global expansion, and its growth is further fueled by the pandemic. As more individuals sign up for Amazon Prime, the business will likely dominate the streaming market in the near future.


How many subscribers does prime video have?

As of 2022, Prime Video has approximately 136.94 million subscribers worldwide.

This number has been growing steadily since the streaming service was first launched in 2006.

In the past 15 years, Prime Video has become one of the most popular streaming services available, thanks to its wide selection of movies, TV shows, and original content.



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