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Who doesn’t like to get amazon prime free trial for students for 6 months. If you are a college or university student and have a valid edu extension email address then you are qualified to get Amazon Prime free for college students for 6 months. 

If you are qualified then use this link to get the 6 months amazon prime free.

📗 Amazon Prime Free 6 Months LinkClick to Get Free Prime
📆Amazon Prime Duration 6 Months

Note: This offer is valid for new students who never sign up for free trials on amazon student prime. Also, you must have a working .edu email address that can be used as a verification method to qualify for amazon prime student. After you have used the prime for 6 months then you can get the amazon prime at $6.49/month for $59.99 per year which is half of regular amazon prime membership fee.

Requirement for Amazon Prime Free Trial for Students

The requirement for amazon prime for students is a very basic and simple process to get the prime account as a student. It is important to note that only college and university students qualify for prime accounts. Here is requirement and who are not eligible to open amazon prime account

  • You must be a college or university student – Even though this is a basic requirement, you can still open an account if you have enrolled in trade school or institute that offer .edu extension email addresses that are active and can be used for verification.
  • Active .edu Extension email address – it is a key requirement for students to open an amazon prime account. Without the .edu extension email address, it will be a difficult process to open an account but still possible to open. 
  • Not Eligible – Have a .edu extension email address as a college teacher. Even though you are able to open a prime account for 6 months, if amazon finds out then your access will be denied and the account might be closed for breaking amazon terms and conditions to open a free amazon prime account.
  • Not Eligible – High students are not allowed to open a prime account.

Process to Verify Amazon Prime Student Account

The process of verifying an amazon prime account is very simple and easy. After you have signed up for amazon prime free for 6 months using the link above then amazon will send verification code to your edu email address that you have provided during the sign up process. Once you open your account and open the amazon email and you will find amazon verification link then click on the link to verify the account. 

For some reason, if you have missed the email, then try to look for a spam folder, or promotional folder or look carefully at all email you have received and check the one saying from amazon. 

If everything fails then you are able to contact the amazon customer support via chat or phone and tell them the issue you are experiencing then hopefully they will be able to identify the issue and provide you with the necessary steps to complete the verification process. Once you have completed the verification process, you can enjoy the amazon prime for next 6 months.

Final Thought 

If you are a college or university student and purchase products such as books and other accessories for college on amazon then it is highly recommended to sign up for amazon student prime trails for 6 months. The benefits amazon prime members have is amazing and as student prime members you will have extra benefits that you would have spent tons of money to get those benefits.

If you are planning to open up for amazon prime account then make sure to use the above link and get the advantage of amazon offer so you can save tons of money and so you can use those money for other purposes. 


Is Amazon Prime free for school students?

Unfortunately, amazon prime is not free for high school students because amazon requires .edu extension email to qualify for an account. So as a high school student, you will not have access to an edu email address that you can use to pass the amazon student verification process.

If you need the amazon account badly, then you can ask for any college student to help you to set up amazon student prime account so both of you can use the account for 6 months free and after that you can keep the membership at half of the cost of regular amazon prime membership. 

Is the 6-month Amazon Prime Student Trial free?

Yes. As a new amazon prime student account, you are able to get a free trial for 6 months which is amazing for students because it helps students to easily order anything without having to worry about shipping cost. Also it allows students to get the item in 2 days which is sometimes needed for students to get things before the deadline. 

What’s the difference between prime student and regular prime?

The main differences are actually two. As amazon student prime, you are able to get access to amazon prime membership for 6 months free and as far as the regular prime, anyone can get 30 days free trials who never used the trials before. Secondly, after the trials end for student accounts, you are able to renew the membership at half of regular price as long as your college student. And as for regular prime, you must pay $119 for yearly plan or $12.99 for monthly plan. 

Can you cancel Amazon Prime Student after free trial?

Yes. As amazon prime student, you are able to cancel the prime membership once you have completed the amazon student trails. You have an option to cancel the membership during the 6 months period but your amazon membership will be active for a 6 months period and after that amazon will automatically cancel the membership and turn to a regular amazon account. 

Does Amazon check if you are a student?

So once you have signed up with a .edu email address for amazon 6 months free prime membership, amazon will send you verification email to your .edu email address and once you log into your email account and link on the verification link, then amazon automatically marked as verified student account.

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