Today we will be discussing the different types of Alabama PEO Companies—what they offer, their services, and how they can potentially help your business.

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Alabama PEO Companies

PEO Companies in Alabama

Here is a list of PEO companies in Alabama.

1.Rocket City HR Consulting

Rocket City HR Consulting is a woman and veteran owned business founded in 2012 that provides holistic HR solutions for the full employee life cycle. 

With a 5.0 customer rating on GBP, Rocket City HR Consulting has demonstrated its capability to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and those looking for strategic and operational HR support. 

This organization’s comprehensive portfolio of services includes everything from recruiting new workers to managing them within the company to offering effective counseling during employee termination procedures.

Rocket City HR Consulting stands ready to make everyone’s job just a bit easier by providing phone support at 256-272-9555.

Address: 3776 Sullivan St Suite G, Madison, AL 35758, United States

Website: Visit

2.Human Resource Management, Inc.

Human Resource Management, Inc. is a full-service Human Resources advisory and administrative services provider founded in 2001. 

Its team of highly qualified consultants specialize in comprehensive, worry-free Human Resources management solutions. 

They serve companies who outsource their human resource needs, enterprises in need of administrative assistance, and consultants looking to provide HR outsourcing services.

Human Resource Management, Inc. can easily be contacted via phone at 205-977-3908 should you need Human Resources assistance immediately.

Address: 1950 Stonegate Drive Suite 300 Birmingham, AL 35242

Website: Visit

3.Source Pointe HR

Source Pointe HR is a company that was founded in 2003 and offers world-class HR and payroll management solutions. Source Pointe HR focuses on providing local reliability while offering digital onboarding and other online tools. 

Source Pointe HR is the perfect choice for businesses with 5 or more employees who are looking to outsource their HR and Payroll Management. 

Source Pointe HR works hard to ensure that all employees are fairly compensated, have access to the greatest benefits, and have assistance in the event of a disagreement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Source Pointe HR’s services, call us at 251-230-9025 today.

Address: 1101 HILLCREST RD, 201 MOBILE,AL 36695

Website: Visit

4.Charter HR

Charter HR was founded in 2011 and provides an invaluable service by helping companies with their human resources, payroll, and risk management. 

This allows businesses to focus on what they do best since Charter HR handles the hassle and strain of administrative expenses associated with a company’s human resource department.

Moreover, Charter HR helps employers and employees access benefits and services that could not be offered by individual employers. 

And thanks to its services, companies can now prioritize running their businesses effectively and allowing Charter HR specialists to take over compliance issues. 

Charter HR is the perfect partner for any business interested in outsourcing their human resources then contact them today at 256-234-6234.

Address: P.O. Box 759 Alexander City, Alabama 35011

Website: Visit

5.Galactic, Inc.

Galactic Inc was founded in 2001 as a leader in the HR and Payroll industry. It provides customized services to fit businesses’ needs such as payroll, benefits administration, workers compensation, and even Covid-19 related resources. 

Galactic Inc S goal is to free up your time so that you can focus on what matters most – your core business. 

With Galactic Inc’s expertise, businesses can have more time for product or service improvement and client satisfaction. 

To get started with Galactic Inc, give them a call at (205) 322-2220.

Address: 400 Vestavia Pkwy, Suite 402 Birmingham, AL. 35216

Website: Visit

6.Source Pointe

Source Pointe is an HR services provider established in 2003 with a 3.7 customer rating in GBP. Source Pointe has decades of combined experience and expertise, and provides customized solutions to meet all your business’ HR needs. 

Source Pointe works as a partner within your team to ensure comprehensive and tailored services for their clients. 

Its services are beneficial for businesses who opt to outsource their HR, partnership with an external HR team, or request innovative solutions to all their HR requirements. 

Source Pointe’s goal is to provide satisfaction and success for its customers and build lasting relationships with them. If you would like more information on Source Pointe, don’t hesitate to give them a call at (888) 868-1557.

Address: 2000B Southbridge Parkway, Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35209

Website: Visit

7.Coastal Human Resource Group

Coastal Human Resource Group is an ideal choice for companies who want to outsource their HR functions. 

Established in 2008, Coastal HRG has a 4.4 customer rating and provides a full-service human resources department for small and medium sized businesses. 

With immediate turn-around processing time and a web-based timekeeping solution, Coastal HRG can help businesses reduce overhead costs and improve their compliance screening process. 

If you’re interested in what Coastal HRG can do for your business, contact them directly at 251-478-7444 to request a quote.

Address: 4377 Downtowner Loop S, Mobile, AL 36609

Website: Visit


BMSS, LLC was founded in 1991 and has received a 4.2 customer rating in the GBP. BMSS is the perfect Canadian tax software for accountants and tax professionals, making it easy to prepare personal, corporate, trust and estate taxes. 

BMSS is user-friendly with a wide range of features that’s optimal for business owners wanting to recession-proof their businesses, individuals following COVID-19’s effects on business, or BMSS employees seeking to learn more about the company’s culture and values. 

To apply now call BMSS at 205-982-5500.

Address: 3500 Colonnade Parkway Suite 150 Birmingham, AL 35243

Website: Visit

9.Lyons HR

Lyons HR is an established business that has provided professional services to businesses since 1995. 

Lyons HR offers a variety of services including payroll, employee benefits, and risk management to help make sure businesses are set up for successful operations. 

Lyons HR has 10 operation centers throughout the United States and prides itself on its 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating. 

Lyons HR also provides personal solutions such as time clock systems and sales portals for individuals, as well as information about PEO services. 

To learn more about Lyons HR’s offerings or to request a quote, simply contact their friendly staff at 888-212-3687.

Address: 201 S. Court Street, Suite 700 Florence, AL 35630Website: Visit

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