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What is Adzooma

If you are paying too much for your PPC campaigns? Don’t have time to deal with complicated ad platforms? 

Not seeing the ROI you want from your PPC campaign? You’re not alone. 

With Adzooma,  it is ready to fill the need for an easy-to-use and affordable solution for small and mid-sized businesses who don’t have the time or budget for expensive consultants but still need convenient access to actionable data.

You can automate your digital marketing campaigns (like Pay Per Click) so that you can focus on growing your business and getting leads. You are able to create & manage digital marketing campaigns in seconds.

Adzooma makes managing a PPC campaign easy so you can focus on other core parts of your business. 

Once you sign up for accounts then you will discover the power of a fully-automated platform that scales with you and is always working for you.

Latest Adzooma coupon code 

It is a hard fact that Adzooma does not offer any coupon code or promo code. Because recently Adzooma offered special promotions where Adzooma members were able to access the account free for lifetime. 

And that’s all you need. 

But, paid subscriptions exist within the platform if you want to scale your business to a very advanced level. 

But as a beginner, you don’t need these features yet. 

Later on, you might want to sign up for this Adzooma Plus Plan because you can even make your digital marketing more effective. 

Later in the post, I will discuss both plans in detail.

Why Adzooma

You might ask, you even need Adzooma and what can I do with it and what is the possible outcome if I add this tool in my marketing campaign. 

Adzooma is a simple all in one tool that is needed in order to successfully advertise online. 

It is the simplest way to manage your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads all in one place. It is an official marketing partner for Google, Microsoft and Facebook. 

Start a new campaign in minutes with the simple online campaign builder. Once the campaigns are up and going, you may analyze your outcomes to ensure you’re getting the greatest results possible.

It is all about trials and errors. With the help of these tools, you can see the score of each ads campaign and provide suggestions on how to improve it for maximum result. 

Adzooma Features

There are tons of features that will make your digital campaign very high level. I will mention only features that are standout and important for your campaign. 

  • Create, Manage, and Optimize Paid Ads -Managing, optimizing, and growing your advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Microsoft is easy with this tool.
  • Automation Tools -Less time spent on advertisements. This platform automates campaign management.
  • SEO Made Simple – it will provide tips and guides to get better results with your SEO campaign. 
  • PPC Performance Report – It will provide very important data of your campaign with a score to help you to improve the campaign 
  • Review Management – This is a pro plan feature and it is only required if you want to fully manage every aspect of your marketing efforts.
  • Listing Management – It is also another pro plan feature that will help to monitor the business information such as business name, phone number, address over the many platforms.
  • Google Analytics Integration- You are able to add your google analytics traffic data to get the bigger picture of what is happening to your marketing efforts.
  • Playbooks and Courses – there are many amazing knowledge based marketing courses to improve your knowledge and skill to run the digital marketing campaign more effectively. 

Essentials Plan

With the special offer, you can get this account for free lifetime. 

Here are some of the notable features that I find useful for you to know.

  • Monitor and track the effectiveness of your Facebook, Google  and Microsoft advertising campaigns all in one place with an easy -to-use dashboard.
  • Discover better optimization strategies that lead to better marketing results.
  • Automated rules can make tedious tasks as simple as a mouse click.
  • Campaign performance reports to better understand your budget spending 

Adzooma Discount Code

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Final Words

Digital advertising has really taken over the world of marketing. If you’re trying to target an audience and make a name for yourself, what better way than to use the internet? With Adzooma, it can be simple and easy. And with this package, you get everything you need to get started with your campaign right away.

Our recommendation is to try out Adzooma. We like the overall experience and found that the process was simple. If you are able to take advantage of this FREE Lifetime Account offer, we recommend signing up right away because Adzooma allows you to manage all of your digital marketing initiatives in one convenient location. It’s definitely worth a look!


How much does Adzooma cost?

There are two plans with Adzooma. The essentials plan which is completely free and offers all the necessary tools that are required to run a successful ads campaign. 

The pro plan is only required if you want to optimize all the other aspects of an online marketing campaign such as listing management, review management, seo marketing, update marketing knowledge through video courses and many more. 

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