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Microsoft Ads is an advertising platform network that lets you reach millions of customers through its connected ads network such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and more.

With Microsoft Ads, you can create ads that are personalized and relevant to your customers, so they’re more likely to click and buy.

Deal Alert: No microsoft ads promo code required. Use the Microsoft advertising promotional offers link to earn the bonus.

Microsoft Ads Promo Code
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The best part? You can get started with the Microsoft ads $100 coupon so you can test the platform for its effectiveness for your business.

Does Microsoft Ads Promo Code Really Work?

If you’re wondering whether Microsoft Ads promo codes really work, the answer is yes! 

While Promo codes cannot be applied to existing campaigns, they can be used only when creating new accounts. The code will provide you with a fixed amount of free advertising credit to use on your new campaign, which can help balance your costs and make your ad spend more efficient.

In order to get the Microsoft promotional offer, you need to use the promotional link to create a new account and promo code will be applied automatically. 

If you already have a Microsoft account, you will not be able to find a promo code to enter into your account in order to receive the bonus.

I strongly advised you to wait for a few weeks before setting up a campaign, and so most likely microsoft will send you the personalized ads credit code which you can use to get started with ads campaign.

Or, you can use different email and phone numbers to create a new account with the promotional link to get started immediately.

Note: the amount will only be added when you have spent $25 dollars on your ads campaign. 

Here is 4 Stats on Why Microsoft Ads Network Worth Trying

1. How many unique desktop searches does Microsoft Search Network get each month?

How many unique desktop searches does Microsoft Search Network get each month

Microsoft Search Network is the second largest search engine in the world, behind only Google. In December 2021, Microsoft announced that it had 118 million unique searches per month. That number has likely grown since then, as Microsoft continues to invest in its search capabilities. 

The company has made a number of major improvements to its search engine over the past year, including adding support for more than 60 languages and expanding its index to include more than 20 billion web pages. As a result of these efforts, Microsoft Search Network is now used by millions of people around the world every day.

2. Number of  desktop search not reach by Google

Number of  desktop search not reach by Google

While Google may be the dominant player in the search engine market, a new study has found that there are still 47 million desktop search users who are not being reached by the company. The study, conducted by ComScore, looked at data from over 100 million US internet users and found that Google is only reaching 83 percent of the desktop search market. 

This means that there are still a significant number of people using other search engines, such as Bing or Yahoo. While this may not seem like a huge number, it represents a significant opportunity for Google to grow its market share.

3. Number of desktop search queries on the Microsoft Search Network per month

Number of desktop search queries on the Microsoft Search Network per month

The Microsoft Search Network is a powerhouse when it comes to search engines. According to recent statistics, it receives 7.2 billion desktop search queries per month. 

That number is sure to increase as more and more people become familiar with the Microsoft Search Network and its capabilities. 

The Microsoft Search Network offers a number of advantages over other search engines, including a more user-friendly interface and more accurate results. In addition, the Microsoft Search Network is constantly expanding its reach, making it one of the most comprehensive search engines available

4.The US Desktop Search Market Share

The US Desktop Search Market Share

Microsoft has 37.5% of the desktop search market share in the United States, according to a report by comScore. This is a significant increase from the company’s 32.9% share in the same period last year. The report also found that Microsoft’s Bing search engine has gained ground in the US market, with a 9.3% share of searches conducted in the country. 

Microsoft’s increased search market share is excellent news for the corporation because it allows the company to make more income through advertising and other means. Microsoft is also likely to use its growing search market share to drive users to its other products and services, such as Office 365 and Azure.

Final Words

With the free Microsoft Ads promo code, you can get $100 ads credit when you spend $25 dollars on your ads campaign. 

This is an excellent method to begin started with Microsoft Advertising since with this promotional credit, you can thoroughly test the platform to see whether it can benefit your business.

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth it or not, give it a shot—you have nothing to lose except $25 dollars.


Are Microsoft ads free?

No, Microsoft ads are not free. However, new customers can get $100 in free credit when they spend $25 on their ads campaign. 

This offer is a great way to get started with Microsoft ads and can help you save money on your marketing budget. To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for a new account and enter your billing information. 

Once you’ve spent $25 on your ads, you’ll automatically receive a credit for $100. This credit can be used to cover the cost of future campaigns or to offset any charges that you incur while using Microsoft ads. 

So if you’re looking for a way to save on your marketing costs, be sure to take advantage of this great offer from Microsoft.

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