If you would like to get 1000 points as a sign up bonus for 7-11 App then use the 7-11 referral code rqclkb to earn the maximum of 1000 points to redeem selected products from the 7 eleven store.

Disclaimer: If you use the code mention above and receive 1000 points, then referer will also receive 1000 points

7-11 invite code
7-11 referral code

Note: These 1000 points are only for new users that never used their phone number to open an account. 

How 7-11 Referral Code Works?

In order to qualify for 1000 points towards the next redeem offer then you need to download the app and use your phone number or email verify account. And enter the referral code during the sign up process.

Note: This code is only for new users who never open a 7 eleven account with the same phone number and email address. If you have opened several or duplicate accounts in order to obtain a referral incentive, your account is at danger of being blocked.

How is 7-11 Point Works?

Basically, you need minimum of 500 points to redeem a offer from the app. It increment by 500 points and it goes up to 4000 points.

500 Points Rewards

These are the rewards you can redeem when you have reach 500 points.

  • Small Coffee
  • Mini Donut or Mini Pecan Pie
  • Pillsbury Cookie
  • Keebler Cracker
  • Andy Capp’s Fries
  • 1 Trident, Trident White or Dentyne Gum
  • 1 Buffalo Chicken Roller
  • 1 Banana

1000 Point Rewards

  • Any one 7-eleven Fresh Fudge Brownie or Fresh Baked Cookies, up to 1.99 Retail
  • Any Ring Donut
  • Fresh Hot Pizza Slice
  • Breakfast Sandwich up to $2.99
  • Brisk 1L
  • Big Gulp Drink
  • Medium Cold Brew Coffee
  • Medium Slurpee Drink
  • Any 7-Select Beverage up to 20oz (Excludes Cold Pressed Juice)
  • Redeem for 1 Med 7-eleven Hot Beverage
  • 7-Select Bag of Single Serve Chips 1.25oz-2.5oz ( Excludes Go Smart Variety )
  • 7-Select Pure Water 1L
  • Mini Tacos

2000 Points Rewards

  • Chicken Sandwich or Cheeseburger
  • 8 Boneless Wings
  • Gatorade 28oz or bolt24
  • 7 Select Cold Pressed Juice
  • 7 Select Energy Shots
  • Pepsi cola tm Family 20 oz
  • Hershey share size candies
  • Nachos
  • Frito Lay Single Serve Chips
  • Dr Pepper, 7U, Sunkist, Canada Dry or A&W 20 oz bottles

3000 Points Rewards

  • Any Red Bull up to 20 oz.
  • Monster Energy Drinks 24 oz.
  • Reign 16z
  • Acqua Panna

4000 Points Rewards

  • Any Fresh Salad Entrée
  • Fresh Hot Whole Pizza
  • 5 Bone in Wings
  • 7 Select & Jack Link’s Bag Jerky 2.85- 3.25oz

Benefit of Using 7 Eleven App

There are some good benefits of using the 7 eleven app. First of all if you love coffee and purchase coffee from 7 eleven everyday then good news is that every 7th coffee is free only if you use the 7 rewards code scan before your purchase the product. The qr code is on the front page of the app so it is easy to find. 

Almost every purchase from 7-11 earns you points that can be redeemed for coffee and other wonderful things that I covered previously in the essay.

Another benefit is that 7 eleven has a referral program which allows you to earn 1000 points per every new referral which is amazing. You are able to earn lots of points by just telling your friends and family to sign up for 7 eleven rewards app and use your code in the process to get you 1000 points and 1000 points for your friends which win for both of them.


Where is my 7 eleven referral code?

Your 7 eleven referral code in the front page of the app, to find the code just scroll down the page and you will find a section called “how to earn points” and click on the text to refer your friends. 

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